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  3. It is an good idea. Please link me at : My Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/coffeeteanmefashion My Blog : http://coffeeteanmefashion.blogspot.com And please teach me how to link you all back coz i really dun know how to use this....
  4. QUOTE (Ellyana @ Jun 5 2009, 04:56 PM) there's something to share when comes to the topic of top grade imi stuff from korea, i saw an article before saying that actually most of the imi stuff are from china even the top grade n export to korea, as every one should know china is the country which produce very big quantity of branded stuff, they have many years of experience in imitating branded stuff, those that buying imi stuff "from korea" at higher price are actually paying for the importation fee from china to korea n from korea to own country only... i don't know whether this is true , but posibility is high what do u guys think ? I personally feel that whether genuine or fake, brand or no brand as ong as we like it and suit the dreesing. Some ppl go for replica coz once the trend n fashion change i wont waste too much of their money. Coz i use to buy only genuine bag, but after sometime i will just keep them in the cupboard. I also use to think and see those very poor quality replica but untill a day my cousin show me all her top quality replica bags (she sell replica bags) its totally change my thought especially i experience personally that the retail shop cant even know that it is imitate. It might sound funny but it is true. So,now i will mix around with genuine & replica. But for those model that i really really love it. I will still buy genuine one. It help me to save a lot lol..haha... Just my 2 cents opinion ...
  5. Hi SnoopChic, Sorry that we dun sell bag hanger wor. I will let i know if i come across to know where can get it. Hi Nicole, Thanks for yr sharing. I agree with u that some really look unlike. Even for myself, at first i also dun hv faith in that. But you will surprise that some really look the same even the outlet cant differentiate but the price also expensive la. That is why there hv grade for the bag. I believe that some ppl who really love the bag but dun hv extra money to buy it. So they can buy a replica one first to sactify themselve. Actually, some of my customers really with status but they still buy replica for their collection, and some MM they just buy the replica as their Anywhere, try product before they go for the original. (As woman easy to regret on wat they hv bought..haha) So i feel it is really hard to say ler. It is just my little opinion to share ..
  6. Dear all MM, I would like to thanks again for all yr support by given many ideas and suggestion to me. Thanks all sifu ya And i would also like to thanks for all the customers from this forum, thanks for yr repeating order that make me even more confident in the bags that i sell ler.....haha Now, i had just post my bags pictures into my facebook account. Coz it is more easy to upload the picture there. Once again, thanks for the support and have a wonderful day.
  7. Hi Stronger06, Sorry for the late reply coz i din chk this account for a long time chor. Sorry ya. The large monogram canvass neverfull is RM 500, middle one is RM 480.
  8. Hi babes, At first, i would like to say thanks on behalf of my cousin coz many babes ask me to buy bags from her I never think of so many babes will ask me to buy de ....so, now i become very busy to send the bag Secondly, i would like to ask for opinion from u gals , coz i really dun know how to do ler. I thought of...if i can start this bss as a middleman to earn extra income. Mark up of Rm 20-30 each bag. What do you gals think ? It seem like i m very calculative ...(so sad) If many of you support then i might go for it...or continue with now coz last month my cousin present me a quite expensive watch as an appreciation. This make me so happy. How how how......???
  9. Hi gals, at first i no dare to take replica bag as well. But after get one from my cousin. Now, i really feel worth it coz it look the same with less money... hehe For online order i also not dare to try especially the oversea online order, coz i heard from many of my friends that the quality is not as good as they advertise. So i prefer something that i can see & feel first.
  10. Hi 8su4, Ok. No problem la. I will help to ask my cousin then.
  11. For me, i will choose someone that love me more than i love him. Then i can always enjoy more love from him. (But if I totally no love with the guy but he love me, then i will not accept it wo)
  12. Hi you can try online store if you want.. There have XXL, XXXL.
  13. Hi Angielicious, Sorry for my late reply coz i just check my mail today. I m ok if you want me to help you to buy from my cousin. U need to give the model you want and i check with her about the price & shipment. But be sincere that i m not earning from this transaction. So you got to collect it from me at Subang wo. (Hope u dont mind) Everyone, Thanks for the comment ya I am appreciate the idea that you all given to me. Thank you .
  14. Ooo. Thanks for the opinion from Epileatheral & Koshka. As Koshka said my cousin also sell it to many rich housewife likes Datin/Puan Sri . Because they want to have almost all LV model those some they go for Replica. But you said it cost RM 1k i will expensive wo .. Coz my cousin only selling at RM 350-400 for top replica quality, maybe it is the special price for me . Anywhere really thanks for the advise ya... THANKS THANKS THANKS.
  15. Hi all babes, I am new here. Would like to ask for the opinon for all "sifu" here (especially the LV additor). I love LV very much, but recently my cousin tell me that there are Replica LV in the market. My cousin said that the AAA grade look 99% the same, else AA grade look 50-60% alike. When she show me the bag, i was shock coz it really look the same. Even it is made with leather too (I had compared it with my Ori LV bag). She told me that i can have some Ori & some replica so that i can have more LV bag lo. It will just cost RM350-400 wo! How ah? What you girls think of it ? Please advise me ya. Thanks thanks thanks aaaaa lot.
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