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  1. You talk about ur bf beijng childish. You yourself being fickle you dont take into account? How o9ld are you btw?
  2. [quote name='bonefarker' timestamp='1306715074' post='596220'] single room For only RM 200 !!!!!! Exclude water, and electric bill and 4Mb Streamyx if any1 interested plz message me~ PM me or contact me by 0126223212/0162729100 =D [/quote] Hi, is it in sec 17 pj?
  3. [color="#353535"][font="Verdana, sans-serif"] [b]Description[/b] Small room furnished with mattress and computer table for RM280 (inclusive of utilities) to let for short-term stay from now till late February 2010 (2 months +). Washing machine, Fridge, TV and other amenities available. Rental is 1 month rent + 1 month deposit, utilities included. Cultured and civilized housemates. Pls call or sms 012 2536322, Nicky. [b]Extras[/b] [list][*]Cooking is allowed.[*]Washing machine is available.[/list] [b]Preference[/b] Female [b]Rental[/b] RM 280 [/font][/color]
  4. Furnished middle room to let (female) in Sri Putramas 1 Condo, jalan Kuching (near jalan Duta roundabout). 2+1 ( 2 months deposit + 1 month rent ). Room is fully furnished and unit is equip with ammenities such as fridge, washing machine and water heater. Preference will be given towards working professionals. Parking can be discussed further should you need one. Please call 012 253 6322.
  5. Fully furnished middle room to let for females in Sri Putramas 1 Condo, Off Jalan Kuching, K.L. Amenities include; washing machine, fridge, water heater (bathroom). Room is fully furnished, just bring clothes. Price is inclusive of utilities. 2 months deposit + 1 month rent. Prefer professionals or students. Room is available from the 1st of September 2009. Pls call Nicky 012 253 6322 for further info.
  6. rylmngrl

    Nudist beach!

    Ima nudist too ... 1)When I shower 2)Take a dump 3)Brush my teeth
  7. I western union 500 quid for my gf (at the time) to come all the way from Szchechin, Poland to visit me in Longdong. It was worth every penny ...
  8. You make me laugh with this post...in all earnesty dear Yeah, guys will drop hints when they wanna cheat on their girlfriend, e.g; " Daemn...I dont feel like doing the macarena with you tonight dear. I miss tight fitting punani's " WE ARE DIRECT & STRAIGHTFORWARD..THAT IS SPOT ON!!! Just wish me good luck in my undertaking guys
  9. You must be a needle in a haystack... I hope you find that perfect guy as you've describe..
  10. peddling "you want bizness luv?"
  11. Like a bucket fanny crack whore....
  12. Go to Perhentian Islands...that's if you're Asian. Why? Coz the locals won't bat an eye lid at Asians...they are too busy looking at the Caucasian tourists. How ironic it is for an island off the east coast of Malaysia which is known for their strict religious adherence to be anglosaxonised - cultured and nonchalant. PM for "live" availability of chalet + rates
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