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  1. granted when they grown up i wish to go fly kite
  2. i am sure there are many try google it. Good luck with your pole dance !
  3. Our public toilets are a disgrace ! Msian are not civil minded. Imagine you are in an "emergency" situation rushing into the loo and to find that there are no toilet paper no water and no toilet seat ! What a disaster ! The worse is you have to pay somemore !
  4. are you talking about Belly Dancing ?
  5. i used to go there for Roti John, but i think they closed down quite sometime already (years) if not mistaken.
  6. every month they will send you your statement they will indicate your points, thats if you having current account i not sure about saving account. Maybe you can check thru ATM or something ? The points you can be redeem anytime, but i always wait for maybank treat points fair held every year in mid valley mall there u can redeem on the spot.
  7. i only love certain types of money i.e USD, Pounds, Euro, and SGD Most ppl love money why have this thread ?
  8. if he can lied to her about his age/background surely he got more skeletons hiding in the closet, ask your friend to becareful !
  9. childish and insecure guy, if you think he can change for the better no harm giving him a chance.
  10. Anyone have this msian habit ? Where is the best mamak for you ? I normally go to DSH bestari, ntg great but i just like the service there and also ppl watching
  11. coz some japanese man find used lingerie stimulating, they even have vending machines selling used panties !
  12. they stole them and export to japan
  13. I think there is a boob reduction surgery can be done if u think you need a smaller size, but dunno safe or not...la I think too big a size is a torture and doesnt look sexy at all IMO, C is the prefect cup to me.
  14. why wait when you can enjoy what you want, why wear those "shackles" if he is not planning anything for your future after 4 years chances are he will not, so gal wake up and think again for yourself, youth wouldnt last long better start planning for yourself gal !