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  5. [quote name='yuri' date='19 March 2010 - 01:26 AM' timestamp='1268962016' post='580370'] From the way i see it (i;ve also been reading ur previous post), u mentioned that she is immature this and that bt i also see some immatureness in u..u knew that she is wasting ur money, u knew that she makes u run errands for her.. bt u let her walk all over u.. then u start bitching about it. C'on the road to happiness is not what and how much things u do FOR her and she gives u sex.. bt how much things u both work out together and being satisfied and happy over it.[/quote] [quote]and from ur 1st post, it seems that ur stating her as though she is darn shit, bitch, everything.. and then when ppl replied, ur defending her, oh no lah she's nt that bad .. she's good girl, she's nt cheap... what is this all about?.. i always tell my friends, if u are feeling unhappy about a relationship, ask urself [b]Do u still want to be with the person[/b]?.. if yes, then stop complaining and LIVE WITH IT.. because u CHOOSE that path.. and u choose to be walked over then be it.. [/quote] first of all, yuri, that was very well said, and i totally agree with the above quoted - except i think the correct word to describe yung is selfish, not immature. his posts are nothing about himself. all of them screamed ME ME ME! even though he's talking about his gf. in a relationship, you work and support each other as a team. you should not be calculative towards your partner ie. there shouldn't be a case of your money is your money, my money is my money. i'm sorry, but to me that's not how a relationship should be. i believe your very own parents aren't as calculative with one another too. if you have a problem with your gf being a spendthrift, talk to her and make her understand you're not a bank. coming on to a forum, and bitching about your girl isn't going to solve the matter other than having other members in the forum bitching about her too. then, the next best joke is you started defending her - a total 360 degrees turnaround. why is it after ppl criticized her that you begin to see her good points? trying to repaint the already smeared picture of her. it really sounds to me that all you can think of is yourself. you feel like you're the only one giving and not receiving in the relationship, but i'm sure if you take a closer look into it, you would realise how much your gf has given too. so, seriously, if you want to get this sorted, speak to her, and stop whining.
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  8. this is hilarious! check it out [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47NqM-qMlRA&feature=fvw[/media]
  9. im craving for wah tan hor now [img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_CdF_nh1tEpw/R7CncfDO3uI/AAAAAAAACLI/Wi_g2LazwlA/s400/cooking+and+baking+54+008-a.JPG[/img]
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