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  1. Joshua here, i think im being inactive for a year since i started my own business and got no time to enjoy my daily life anymore, but now after i sold out my business and venture to another kind of working enviroments, i get to know this company, and let me explain more on our group before i proceed to my needs. OTS Group / ~Opportunity To Succeed~ this agency is one of the licensed under Hong Leong Assurance an HL Group. being a member of the malaysia faster growing agency, we offer quality service n training before we send our agents to the markets. as an agency under HLA , we produce a number of MDRT's(Million Dollar Round Tables). so the purpose of im posting here is because i would like to look for some business partners, to join along with me and earn money together. timing is very flexible, there is choices of being a part-time, or a full-time agents. for my side agency, there is some meetings are required to attend, its more to a sharing of experience, updates and training. Attractive Comission is given, and im looking forward for any1 who interested. just give me a call for more information ^^ 017-617 4794 ~Joshua Chong~
  2. LOL, Zhat me la Now ?
  3. Of Course Tim!!!! Do i Seems like a guy who change a gf every month ?
  4. If for Needs, i balance myself by pampering abit through Foods(for my craving needs) Perfumes(For my Mind Needs) Do Houseworks(For family Needs) Sing In Toilet till Family complain noisy(For Imagination Needs) Talk Crap about each Girl who cross my eyes when im with others(For Amazing Needs) For Partner ? i Balance Her Needs with Money While She Balance my Needs with Imagination, but not action....sad case
  5. hey snowie, although she not tat nice in how she treated me, afterall she is my choice of wife u see, i give chances and tolerance till one day, she gonna change, and im the luckiest man i the world lol... i see her just like a butterfly, ts just she haven broke out from the cocoon and flashes her wings but yeah, she called me yesterday, saying sorry, love me always, and tell me she will behave better after knowing what im so pissed off, angry, worried about. and telling me she went off for a meeting in seremban, tats y she never answer me the whole day. at least this is better den heard your gf been flirting outside with other guys after arguement cause they can get back the feeling they lost and make the broken heart happier
  6. Hi Guys, hey i know i am lost from this forum quite long time, gonna take my time again to scroll over all those post afterward.... anyway, my story again...haha I spoil my relationship LOL, from last december i started to handle a business which my dad newly invested, and due to the differences between mindset(of course it will happen when youngsters partnering with 2 40+ y/o man) between me and my partner, so the works makes me hardly have time, have attention toward my gf. i told her before, about all this would happen, and she says she can tahan, so bad luck, she gotta face what my friend face before, the only thing is, i not as Ego as my friend, as well not as tough as him, cause he had 3 different girl before he success, but i, 1 girl also cannot lose, hehehe... so ytd we actually talk about it la, i comment on her, why she always never bother about me...(i think its a normal attention a person wants when im working hard whole day) its like im the one doing all the calling, all the asking, and all the questioning...she never talks anymore, she wont find things to talk about, she have alot of banned stuff where we cant talk, dirty things, sweet things, works(we always argue when its this matter....)so slowly im getting bored, why my girl never spark up the relationship... when its comes to my part, im like always being called when she need me to shop, run her works, do thing she needs, drive her anywhere she wants, wakes her up like alarm clock, or send her anywhere she likes, never to forget mention, she always told me 1 plan, and add up alot after she gets to my car( plus she is always late, takes alot time and she never tot im a business man where i need to do alot of my own work too....) Did i forget to mention about money usage ? yeah, im suck....i actually calculated how much i could spend to her and list down what i bought, where i borrow her, and others, i know its a bad habit as a bf to always kira kira about where i use the money when its on her part... but i cant get off when i need to do this all on my business part rite ? so we actually argue, i told her, you know where i always spend my money on, and she fight me back with, do you think you actually spend alot on me? bla bla bla, and there goes the fight... its already more than a year we are together, nowadays, i felt doing all what i always does is a daily works,expect calling for 20+ times, and get her to pick up, reply me, im busy/watching drama/doing my job/with some1 else/sleepy/not convinience, then shut my line, or expect her to call me randomly in everyday, waitin her to tell me, please reload for me, urgent..../can you drive me here there ?(cant say no else she will compare me or ask, do you love me ? its a method of manja before comes to main topic, so i wont say no....) ....think, when your gf already acting like this, do you think this gf is still a gf ? or she is a random girl like using me ? intimacy ? aih, no need see already, its been more den 4 to 5 month i never mention a word about SEX on her, cause each time i say i want, she will say no/i dun 1/ period/ no mood/ after marriage/ etc nowadays ah, yo better go drink beer instead of thinking, should i ask my girl for it ? sparks ? she felt there is no more sparks, say that im not like other guys, her friend bf can do all sorts of stuff she wants, but i cant, other ppl can give no matter how long, but i couldnt even just a week not meeting each other.... Emotion ? she say i gone very impatient, i always rush her on everything, and dun even give her time( she never tot tat an hour i takes from my work, means i take no care on my cash flow for the whole, if i spend my time for her, its already means, i can get not more den 5 hour sleep, i gotta rush all my errand b4 going to find her, i gotta spend more den 30 minutes drive to her, back, and another 30 minutes drive to work, cause she is on south, im on center, and my workplace at north, i still haven mention about time i gotta wait her bottom of her apartment, and from her home to ground floor, from her house to place we wanna go, from the place later till i fetch her home, and etc....haihhh.....) Conclusion ? today is the first day she never bother me after our arguements....even close her phone, and never bother my call or sms(she used to be like this, all the times...) Today is a day where i thinks, should i actually let her go after everything, afterall i need a person who can love me more, and understand my situation...( she knows im very busy in work, still she wants me to do all her things, accompany her and handle all her shit!, but when i comment, she angry and say she do herself instead, its like you call a mad cow dun get mad...useless) Today is where i actually open myself again, thinking that, no matter how good the tree i got, maybe some more normal trees which could make me felt, more comfortable...and letting her go away too makes me more free, and less thing to worried...) Today also the day i think, i pay so much, is this and investment for my lesson ? i even get insurance from her and etc etc, so isit means i should quit from giving her this all afterward, or i shouldnt being such a loser guy( i dun mind paying, afterall its insurance stuff, but wont i felt very kinky when i meet her to pass her my payment, like, you bitch, still wan i pay after breakup, felt like "How much you spend on your EX ?, maybe till im 55, cause im still paying her monthly for everything i take under her,,,,) LOL , i want my life back, like how its was before my relationship starts! tat time felt more free, i can club, drink, went out , date any1 i wants, chase which ever girl i wants, and amaze them anyway i can think off, and think back, if its not because my current gf, i might change my car to a beemer or a nice coupe already, cause i spend so much money on her, and time on her, instead if i use it finely on my business, it wont be so hectic like now...haih..... OK, i finish my rant, thx for reading... its always happier to rant out huh ? instead of keeping in mind and think, y im such an idiot... Joshua Chong [ i drive my truck, i spend my bucks, i manage my own starbucks, eventhough its not tat Class....]
  7. Hi Guys again, aww how long i havent been here already, miss elle n tim tough, u guys still around ma ? rmb the last post where i rant about my partners till i get real much comments ? THx u guys and gals anyway, i get better after dat, just felt looking for some1 to shout out everything and get relaxed, now its felt better, i talked to her about it, and she too listens and well, weather to practice or realize, its up to her, afterall her mind is not mine, i cant control how she gotta thinks. How Are us now, you should wondering rite ? We are still on, im still treating her the same, just plus abit of moves advise from u all. told her what i doesnt likes, what i actually pissed off in, and learning how to take each incident easy, recently she went off to clubbing with some other girls, MOS, thats where they goes, she told me about her friend, whom so rich to spend 1.2k ++ to treat all 8ladies n 2 gents for clubbing there, non smoking area near pool with 3 chivas n 2 dunno wat drinks... then she issued me about how generous her friend are, and how rich, bla bla bla, as if her friend really such huge spending power girl, but what i can think, she just rant what she couldnt did, so its fine, let her be and i will just listen, good rite ? ( i once went to Maison with rm12k cash in all my pockets with almost 40ppl, 30girl 10 guys, we all club just after the prom night is over, being partnering with the Prom King and Queen, sure spend like water of course, buying about 20 bottle of chivas, henessy and even take our own remy martin, JD, chivas 18 n 24, martell which hidden in every1 car boots , not forget to mention, its our last prom b4 graduate, n we all are hospitality students ) listening her ranting on all her dissapointment, and whatever regarding work and everything, well borrowing an ear is better den borrowing her and advise, at least listen get scold less then replying her mouth to mouth , afterall she's like a mad bull attached with a rocket, whatever she thinks in mind just rush, whatever small matter is worthless in her eyes, even when she told me her idea on my business that im working on now... i even learned on how to take everthing easy and not important, so i can less worry and trust her instead of being such a daddy cum bf cum income supplier cum gas bag.however, i still keep it a secret about im going out with some other girl-friend cause, she can go out with guys but i cant out with girls else she will rage and the fight gonna last for 2 or 3 days, and ending always i have to lose even im winning . never tot of cheating would felt this good, so i enjoy my breakfast always when im not bothered by her, afterall cheating to go out with some friends for a lunch never meant damaging as much as cheatin with her love ? ok guys, i rant myself again, its like happy sad case for me, but just wanted to share, cause keeping a thing in mind is damaging, eventough its a goodness.
  8. [quote name='d3vil doll' date='13 March 2010 - 04:49 AM' timestamp='1268426974' post='580000'] [color="#ff00ff"]Then I shall look forward to u treating her like how the bf treating me without ub!tching about her further in myb [img][/img] Like how the bf used to say'' No darling,I pamper u cos I feel so good doing that!'' ----How sweet is that? [/color] [/quote] well, instead of bitching her, p prefer to say getting better way to educate her, i cant get help much from all my friend as they all says, no enjoy ditch, what advise i get from there anyway ?
  9. [quote name='d3vil doll' date='13 March 2010 - 03:39 AM' timestamp='1268422758' post='579993'] [color="#ff00ff"]YSL,this girl clearly leeching on u and also manipulate u.To her ur like a disposable trash which were worse than the grime on the soles of her feet I bet that u dont have to spent that much if u were to hire some gorgeous Russian girls to have a session of bedroom drama [img][/img] Sure u can pamper her,but at the extent where it doesnt hurt ur wallet and that u didnt give up ur own wants to trade for her selfish wants. Just like my scenario,I'm blessed with having someone to pay for all my bills,overseas holiday trip in 6 star suite,blings dangling on my body,a new house,being cheauffeur in posh cars,pampering SPA session every week,high maintainence lifestyle :my crazy shooping for designer goods etc--all willingly and voluntarily paid for by the rich lad Just tell this b!tch to get a Datuk Seri or a billionaire tycoon or members from the royal family,filthy rich Arab Syeikh(I strongly doubt she can fish one by herself )Even if she does gets one,I'm sure she would be a mistress not a gf to them.Worst still if they just wants her to be their one night stand .These people can afford to treat her. But then again when I thinks about ur situation,turns out it has one main issue:Why u want to spend on her in the first place when u know ur tight and then u want to b!tch on it later o.O Tell u what,just ditch that b!tch who gt no respect for u ,needless to mention about love p/S: Is this the same girl u talk a bout from ur previous post,last year 2009? [/color] [/quote] yesh, still her, going strong till now, looking forward for coming june 1st and its our first aniversary
  10. well, cant complain too much lor, she is over worried toward me too, as im actually looks playboy and she is really protective, i means, toward her feeling, me, and she always wants my attention all the time, while same time she would think about getting prettier and more prettier cause she wants me amazed by nobody but her alone, thats why she is doing so hard and much to make sure my heart are to her i guess .... lilboy, dun say she is a golddigger la, she just turn to be like this recently, like wants my attention all the time, she makes sure she called me, wants my care and always ask me before she is getting something, eventough she very degil kind girl tat always want means want, but somehow, she is really caring la for what i wants, cause we only see each other about once or twice a week. cherylim, dun say she as cheap as that, as what i concern from all her friends she is a very conservation girl plus she would never even let other people touches her, she is very protective toward herself to everything, but only me could have a very close intimacy with her. as for buying her things, mostly is because she wanna get pretty, thats all, she love cosmetics, perfumes, skincares and very worry that i even mention some other girl looks better, u know, she would even jelous toward older lady whom i say looks good at her thirties ....but she really caring, and i trust we had it on love, not with paid sex... memories, well, i trying to teach her how to use her money in better method, not wasting too much on alot of things, cause each time she went out with me, she must be really really presentable, she dun let me see one of her friend, worrying her friend would spannar me from her as her friend is a one leg two boats sailor, even skilled till can make the guys wont fight but only sacrafice for her T_T....and yeah, she is working part time, she mad about money, so always work work work is professional time, and others is manja time with me ... angeliclynn, well, you could never say my gf lazy, she works real hard, events, road shows, part time, real much, she is even a very pro runner in marathon too, sporty and very educated, well behave toward elders, can communicate with my parents well, my brother likes her, my parents too, all my mom friends even says, is this a lady your son choosed ? He have a good eye, this is a fine lady, they said, but so far, my gf only behave like little girl for me la, cause she very naughty but listen only to me, others....a scold is reflected with a fight between mouth...she might been abit materialistic now, but who knows in later ? well, as i said, i wan some solutions to teach her, in better way, less hurting word like, dear u are wasting too much money tat i earn hardly, or saying her, can u dun buy those craps ? i dun hope im gonna lost her anyway, guess she might thinks so, so far, im starting to save money for my wedding preparation, my new house, new car plus some extra insurance to take on... im the one who makes it forever, all i need not breakup but a solution to change her to much matured and understanding
  11. Hi guys, Its been a long time i never online again here, most probably cause my working and dating time arent really enuf for me to use , and hi to new members i havent get to know yet ok, lets start what i suppose to i had a gf whom we already together for about 9 month, we break-up 3 times before, mainly because i said so, -1st time because she wasnt really the one for me, due to her bad behavior and princess like attitude...(she begged me first time for loving me real much) -2nd time still because her attitude, plus after a guy whom very punctual being dragged along to a her slow and unsteady lifestyle, nobody would tried to continue it...(but she begged me back to her side, as i am really caring her very much) -3rd time is because im going to help my dad business soon, and expected im going to have no time for her, but she still begged me to back to her, saying she can endure everything just to be with me, but after together, i just notice she is looking for other guy, and going out with them, love sms them while i stupidly reload for her, until i realize, but she stopped everything about 1/2mth before i caught her in her undeleted sms ?) well, now we are very loving each other, i guess due to how i treat her, cause i usually very caring and treating her real good, patience toward everything she done and mistakes she did, or even when she crapped out or misunderstand, but angry on me until i gotta surrender to her or ask for forgiveness till she is happy back. but from what i told u guys, my gf is very materialistic person, she would -ask me to buy alot of stuff because she wanna get pretty, and due to she worry i get attracted to others rather den her in future -buy stuff recklessly, asking me always but end up with (not agree = she will say, i pay myself, no need use ur money) or (agree = then i claim from u der lor ) -never introduce me to any1 she know, reason because not stable, not convinced on me, not convinience, or whatever reason, somehow she love to boost me toward her friends, cause mau muka mah.... -never give up no matter wat, very gila money girl, lets see, if u wanna be pretty, work and earn, save and pamper urself, is normal rite ? she is, if cannot afford, work more and make sure can buy, even if buying it means u gotta be eating bread a month or work 2 jobs a day for a month. this kind of mindset really, work till die or what also , i want buy, if can buy to get pretty die also can tat mind....haizzzz. so how can i change my girls bad attitude ? she already can choose sleep more den me, choose money more den me(even ask me money in everything), choose to do her thing when dating with me, choose to work what i hate the most, MLM and Insurance agent, which job required to be single, available, and let other guys seems so interested with u until would buy wat u tell them, then earn their money for yourself, even if its sacrafice your time, your bf or your energy. she even keep saying tat got other guy can love her more, care her more, and whatever better tat u should always think your bf is the best, plus she say this all just to motivate me to do more, what ? only expect expect and expect, cant even let me breath abit and take a rest ? treat her lack attention is wrong, treat her without gift also wrong, treat her not long enuf also wrong, and treat her not good enuf also wrong, how ? from last december onward, im actually had a very much changes in my life, i help out my dad business, and change to drive a better family car, gotta pay 2.5k per month loan to bank, and not getting salary from dec mth till now, gotta buy alot stuff like skin care, collagen, whitening stuff, dresses, gifts and suprises to my gf, eat no need say cheepest also bar b q plaza family set, petrol money gotta spend alot as im travel to work place or to her house also same distance, 25km++ per trip(pergi balik already 50km liao) the car summore is pumping ron 97 petrol, 2,05 per litre....die la... i from last time, skincare freak, perfume freak, and nice metroguy become until gotta go pharmacy use cleanser to care face enuf d, not buying any other things d, and got no time to sayang back myself d, still, my gf complain me not good enuf for her.... howww......teach me howwwwww!!!!! please..... recently just argue cause she bought a rejected perfume from friend, i sure lecture her, then argue again, now she sleeping, and i gotta fork out money of course, lose in war again friday is our dating day, but she plan to use tat time to go get her skincare tat we waited for the stocks and bring her go tarc, so its means, no need date la, i only got time free from morning till 3pm also still need do her thing till i work time, haih.... this gf really take everything from me, all i get is sometimes excersize on the bed, plus some bonus on kissing.....
  12. [quote name='dr.alv' date='04 January 2010 - 10:22 AM' timestamp='1262571759' post='577459'] hi,u need to state ur place 1st b4 others try to help u.dr.alv [/quote] haha sorry forget the location. KL area please
  13. as per title, i need to find any specialist clinic which offer services of helping us to inject the vitamin to our body ? cause my gf had purchase a set of vitamin injection but need to find doctor who provide such service to inject into her body, so if any1 got some jalan to get this kind of doctor n services, could tell me ? its best of got address or place or contact, so i can do more for my gf thx for advance ya ? Joshua
  14. ts, a six year relationship wont break if she value the time u both spend together, its a clear sign that she already changing her heart to someone else. but somehow im partially like you too, not humor,not sensative enuf, treating each female very kind and lovely, talkative to everyone which makes her jelous, and alot more not sensative enuf stuff, but somehow i got good sense in talking and making peace, so thats benefit, and mind you, i never treated my gf to eat roti cause no money, cause i die die also must let her enjoy her meal n food, instead i'm the 1 suffer also nvm:) but my gf always love to pick my fault in talking, or when she is with new girl or i know new girl, lazy and demanding alot, always want more in return but less in giving out, and some more. so u guess its actually round circle of commitment. my advise is, Never getting too hard on her to win her back, once a girl heart change, they might hesitate, but most probably they found a new n suitable place to lay their heart, cause previous one not good enuf.even if u win her back, there is already a thorn there, unless u both are really understandin each other much enuf till she really cant get used to other guy. never compete or imitate the guy who she might love, u know ?this is a total wrong wrong thing in life, you are you, not somebody else, for a girl, u fake yourself and make yourself becoming some1 else, where is your originality ?where is your usual advantages ? man value ur existance here, not cause one girl must become her another mr right. if u really understand what im saying, its good, cause with your heart like that now, you'll just will listen blindly to what we say, especially who says is louder, clearer, and much more read and understand, not let us decide for u. its your life, you decide! Get Me ? Thats my comment TATA Joshua Chong
  15. noticed tat sunway pyramid got a shop at highest floor new wing, near the entrance to asian avenue there written BEAUTY CREDIT OPENING SOON, maybe they really comes to msia liao