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  1. I am having problem with this site n i don know who to ask . As i am new here n i couldnt find a topic where we can ask question so i guess i'll post my question here . I recently wanted to view a topic call "breast size" but couldnt get in as it required "forum password" . What should I do ? Or how am i supposed to get the password ? Thanks .
  2. Thanks everyone for the reply. Yeah i didnt want to resort to surgery either . Anyway i think i'll try Bio oil. Lots of ppl seems to recommend it. Anyway I have a more pressing question. As me n my friends recently lost a lot of weights . our breast size is sinking too . Now i think we are only at around A. Has anyone tried any breast enchantment pills or anything that really makes the breast grow larger . Thanks .
  3. Most women that are pregnant before or have experienced extreme weight lose might have stretch marks on their body,arm or everywhere . My question here is does anyone know of any cure for it? Have anyone tried any cream,injections or surgery that works in removing stretch marks? Please share. Thanks.
  4. Hmm . I just finds out about this forum and i think it is really interesting . On my opinions about vitamin c, I do believe it works as I have seen with my own eyes a few aunties in their 50s taking the injection n they looks like they are in their 20s. You might find it hard to believe but in pg there's alot of this aunties. As for the side effect it is true that not all vitamin c cause kidney problem . You have to take the right one and find the right doctor to examine it for u before asking him to inject it for u . Mummy vague , you mention that ur the supplier , do you think my friends could order it from u ?
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