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  1. Has been a while im MIA.. Now im back !! Last week at Pck & Grab IV Day out with my babes @ Ikea Fren's house BBQ
  2. Mummy 3 is ok ok only. It can be better with such a good plot. Aint ya think so ? Zohan is very funny. Just to 18sx where it makes the movie a bit cheap. I wonder how can tis movie rate as U ???
  3. OMG. i want to know how old are u too ? Changing bf every month ? Well, i cant remember which is who if i hv 16 bfs
  4. Joukowski, all the pics are awesome. Definitely a memorable nite for both of u!
  5. Hm... im only use liquid eye liner. Coz otherwise it will smudge. Juz like my mascare.. coz my eyes become oily after not long. Any solutions ?
  6. U did a really great job! It helps alot
  7. Well, i gotta said i love NUYOU. Its chinese version of FEMALE if im not mistaken. It has a lot article but i love their articles too. Its RM 8 but quite thick oh... love it
  8. THanks alot for ur kindness juz done my home catering. Hehe..
  9. Im gonna have house warming soon so i would like to ask do u guys hv any nice food catering services contact ? Or any recommend ? It would be around 130 invited guests and hope not more than RM50 per pax. Thanks
  10. I blog too
  11. Adrinaly, u look hot~ Family Potrait The Apartment @ The Curve Kissing the birthday gal
  12. nurie your bag looks delicious.. haha
  13. Weee~ its me again. Went to Malacca during Deepavali i think i look like private vcd seller Malacca not Titiwangsa Fren kena tipu to pose like tat. HAhaha... i look like an auntie !!!
  14. Hehe... coz kept long hair for few years ady n looking for some changes So decided to cut it to short. I feel tat i look like an auntie in short hair. Haha