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  1. well, i found that the sale this time is rather dissappointing. not too many "bargains" and the size are limited especially for the shoes and sandal. i was at zara pavilion and people were swarming the place but the range of discount aren't to die for. although, i did manage to get a couple of tops from the place. last sale, i splurge at zara but not this time.
  2. i think the reason why dkny watches are more expensive than fossil, guess coz its considered as designer watch. i don't think that dkny is in the same league as fossil or guess but if you want to compare you can compare to tommy hilfiger, or calvin klein coz these brands along with dkny are actual fashion designers who came out with their own watches collection. personally, i lorve my dkny "steel" watch, my black leather emporio armani watch and my white leather tommy hilfiger. so far i've received the most compliments for my tommy watch coz of the design plus at least based on cleo white watches is in. i definitely would wanna own jlo watches coz they are juz soo funky looking and the designs signifies jlo's style : feminine, classy and funky at the same time.
  3. hi aster, i tried the cool matte foundation. it works great on me. juz dat u need to apply with foundation brush. its similar with maybelline one. but i can't use the maybelline coz got no color for my skin type. i like cream foundation coz its easier to apply than liquid and for my combination skin (i've got oily t-zone but normal on my cheek) and i've got to say that this is the best so far. usually for those skin that's prone to zits/acne, cream or stick foundation is not recommended but i found that after 3 weeks of using rimmel my skin hasn't break out yet. i was curious about the product because it was rated quite good and that's superb for oily/combination skin. juz dat for those who have tan/dark skin color, you might not find the color choice as superb as mac. by the way, i've been using revlon cream foundation and also bobbi brown but i'm sticking with rimmel from now on. one more thing, i don't have to use concealer for my undereye anymore because the foundation has good coverage. plus it's light on my skin. but one defect is it has no spf so you need to wear it separately. anyways, my rating would be 4.5stars....
  4. hey dya, i can so totally relate to your obsession. i guess the magnet of really, really cute bags just overwhelm us at times. as of now, i am totally crazy over marc jacob stuff. i mean what he did for lv is just genius. i ain't a lv fan though, coz i prefer chanel but as of now I'm eyeing myself the faridah bag (the pink patent leather one) by marc by marc jacob. did u purchase the bag yet?
  5. ur rite, shan shan. marc by marc jacobs is the "cheaper" one. i lurve the stam bag. my fren told me that so far she didn't see the marc by marc jacob one in paris. i wonder if they only carry in certain store only
  6. really? that's just really coold to know. I'm gagaing over the pink stam bag, and the faridah bag from the fall/winter collection (the ones with marc jacobs name all over it) I'm not too keen with logos all over the bag but somehow that particular bag is just dang cute. where did you buy your bag? Marc Jacobs is American right? So it should be cheaper to buy it in US or in Paris?
  7. Helloooooo...... Anyone own a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag? Is it worth it? I was looking through the official website and I'm liking what I see. But am not sure if it's worth the splurge. Please share your thoughts.
  8. Hey everyone, For those who are frequent travellers especially those who are always on the lookout for great shopping, please share your experience with regards to shopping in Paris. My friend kept bragging about shopping experience there and I'm getting a bit annoyed by it. Anyways, for those who have travelled to the place, please share with us who has never been there. Definitely focus more on the shopping part i.e what to look for while shopping in Paris (my friend asked me whether I want to kirim her barang or not but am not sure on what to kirim but was thinking on handbags) Please share.
  9. actually there's even a nearer outlet la... its in alamanda putrajaya. i find the selection is more than the maju junction ones. but i don't buy esprit in malaysia la coz too expensive either i kirim with my frens or buy em at bandung outlets coz most esprit stuff are made in indonesia lor anyways those were my high school times la
  10. yep joanyee, she wears 'em 24/7 which i think is hilarious even her mother in law was speechless and her hubbie couldn't say anything
  11. Thanx designervintage, i just checked out your blog but not too many stuff la. I tried out the place in Isetan KLCC (forgot the name but its at the shoe dept), I went to see them with my brown soft leather bag and there was oil stain on it (my dear little brother ate satay near my new bag) and now got a couple of oil spots. anyways, I show the bag to the dude there and he told me that it can't be cleaned. he said that soft leather bag is harder to clean, is that true? can the MyBagSpa place do spot cleaning involving oil stain too?
  12. gosh, i wanna try la senza too but the stores here don't have my size la. even if have, it doesn't fit that well and make my bossom look humongous Y'all picks of the bras are soo cute. so envy
  13. hi, i mailed to your hotmail address i think last week la but no replies. can you please check that mail? its thanx
  14. gosh, i was thinking the same thing too... coz I'm soo tempted to buy things online nowadays especially with all the shopping sprees going on but I still prefer the old fashion way of shopping as I'm kinesthetic by nature, so I need to feel the leather, to look at myself wearing it and then I can decidela.. So for those bagaholics that always buy those really, really adorable bags please share the info especially for us that don't travel too much nowadays. well, mojoza what I can see is that American brands are sooo freakin' expensive here especially those Nine West and Naturalizer shoes coz in the states, you can buy 'em up to 80% off at the Factory Outlets so I never buy American brands here in Malaysia coz I just kirim with my friends jer. but I'm totally clueless about European brandsla
  15. babyrin, its the kohl one. she's been using it forever. she said that they are soo black that even when she tries to wash them off, it still doesn't come off. she wears them 24/7 even when she was in labor... plue-chan, hmm I work at KLCC, wonder if it's there am gonna check it out after this la.