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  1. Dear Guys & Gals.. i'm a 21 yrs old who are currently working rite now.. I'm in a 5yrs relationship with my bf but the problem was i getting very fed up & i reli cant tolerance with his bad attitude anymore. I cant said i'm perfect but i realize we really cant tolerance with each others anymore. Sum time when i went out with my family , friends or collegues i've 2 report to him from time 2 time. Sum time if i didnt ans his phone 4 more than 5 times he'll mad & scolded me. He always guess i went out with guys or with my male collegues & he doesnt really like it. The result i have to lie him just to get more friend & when he knew abt it he'll scold & yell at me said how i hurt him & lie him. Everytime when v argue he'll take this topic 2 talk & it reli make me heart broken & hurt. When i suggested 4 a brake up he'll said he'll go & suicide if i reli do so.. Almost everytime he will use tat 2 let me stay with him & make me regret 4ever if i reli do so. His hmtown was in other state & he currently live at here 2 studies. Basically no body will watch over him if he really do anything stupid. B cos of this i was force 2gather wit him. I felt very suffer cos i dun now when he'll went crazy & scolded argue wit me 4 no reason. Everyday i like living in a hell.. i cried myself slept everyday.. prying tat i can turn back to 5 yrs ago so i can choose not 2 noe this guys. Everytime when i received his call & sms it wud made me scare n tension. Everytime when he mention abt suicide i'll very very very stress tat myself tot of suicide oso. Pls Pls Pls help me teach me how to do so i reli can get out of this hell & not live in d darkness anymore. He juz dun wan brake up wit me.. he said he cant live without me.. but i reli felt stress with him.
  2. babybb

    Education Loan

    Hi all.. I'm applying ptptn loan through online rite now & i'm stuck at "Butiran Khusus" that part.. below there is a "butiran bank".. i'm not sure it refer to college bank detail or mine personal bank detail that college ask me to open. Kindly assist me ya.. Thanks a Lot..
  3. Hi..everyone.. it's me again.. I'm sure some member if u reply my post before then u would noe who am i.. The 1 that always got problem in relationship.. yes tats me.. Please do forgive me for the poor english & grammar mistake as my story would be quite long. My bf of 4yrs wanna brake up with me cos i lie him. I'm not cheating on him or do anything wrong toward him. Ok here my story.. i'm working in a very small company with just an admin clerk (ME) & a service techinian (MY COLLUEGE).. My HQ is base at s'pore so my boss is not around always. All the time just me & my colluege. My bf knew about it he is quite a jealous type but i can guarantee i hv nth with my colluege. He always ask me about my colluege making sure he doesnt moleste me or taking advantage on me. He always call me from time to time just to check what i'm doing in the office.. what my colluege doing in the office.. This made me felt sad as he was not trusted me. One day i was working OT in my office until 7pm. He called me & ask me "wut am i doing at the office at such a late hour?" So i was just honestly told him that i was working OT at the office & he ask me is my colluege work togather with me & i said NO. He dint believe me.. He kept on saying that i cheat him.. i betray him.. That is not true. He said to me that "1gal & 1guy at the office alone just chatting so simple?? U tink i'll so stupid to believe what you hv said??" I kept on saying i have nothing with my colleuege & we dont even have lunch togather before but he dont believe me. He said if i telling him the true then he will stop the arguiement & forgive me so i took a risk & i lie him pretend that i got flirt with my colluege to stop the arguement & settle everything. He do forgive me after that but half an hour later he called me suggested for a break up.. he told me i lie him so many things that he already lost trust on me & he say sum thing that reli hurt me alot. He said he didnt believe that i was just flirt with my colluege so simple. There must be another more than that. He just like saying me i was like a hooker or sum thing the fact is i dun even flirt wit my colluege its jus a lie to get ok back with my bf..i noe its my fault for lying him that i got but if i not do so he woulnt believe me. Now he didnt even bother to reply my msg or call.. After 4yrs togather he said he edi give up on me. i hurt him so much. Guys & Gals wut shud i do?? Its my fault i noe i shoulnt took the risk. Guys & gals a little updated at here: I can't stand his attitude anymore & i cant seem to see any future with this guys. This guy is torturing me with those kind of sms said i dare to do it but not dare to admit it & when i suggested for a brake up he said now he wont brake up with me coz he wanna torture me until i crazy.. He'll send sms disturb me..call my hse to disturb me.. I so scare.. everytime when i received a sms my heart beat very fast.. i scare was him.. He said he juz wanna noe the true .. if he noe den he'll stop disturb me but as long as no true den he will continue like tat.. he said he wanna win I'm not sure wut he mean by the meaning of "win" but it made me very scare.. he not my bf.. my previous bf wont like tat 1.. he like changing to another ppl..
  4. Hello Babes... Erm.. Did any1 know where i can search or find Majolica prices at Japan?? My sis is going to Japan soon so i tot wanna ask her to help me buy some Majolica Stuff at there but i need to know the prices at yen so that i can convert & know the differences at m'sia. If not much differences then i better buy it at m'sia lo.. Thank You.
  5. Hi babes all, From the title above i have mention my hair is super duper dry & damaged.. Yes and it's due to coloring.. perming.. rebonding.. that i did almost every half a years. I very seldom do treatment but i do use hair conditioner & oil at home yet it couldn't fix my problem. Now i have to tide up my hair where ever i go cos it's super dry & make me look ugly & messy Now CNY is around the corner so i planning to straighten my hair back & cut those split & damage hair that's mean cut it short. Currently my hair was perm. So i was wondering with my hair condition rite now is it ok if i go & make rebonding?? Will my hair able to stand the heat & also absorb those straightening cream?? Nid your babes advise lolz... Thank ya...
  6. OMG.. Its so cute !!! Where i can buy those??
  7. Recently i have an argument with my bf over some issue. The issue is he dislike i treat my family member more nicer than him. I admit i love my family very much.. i care for them so much.. & i treat them very nice. But the fact is i treat my bf the same way i treat my family but my bf doesnt felt that way. He said i willing to sacrificed all the thing to my family but not him. I admit some time i was like kinda selfish.. some time even some family gathering i din even inform him that's make him felt uncomfortable until now. I just knew my parents is getting old & my responsibility is to spend much time as possible with them. I mean me & my bf still young we got such a long journey to begin but my parents wasnt & i dont see y he has to be jealous with.. I sacrificed my time.. my $$$.. my love.. my care.. to him & yet he still though i didn't even care about him.. & love him as much as he love me. I try my very best to do everything just to become a good gf for him.. a good daughter to my parents.. & every time when we argue he sure bring up this to topic to talk. He said he doesn't like i stick with my family too much.. & when i went out with my family i'll completely forget about him. That is not true.. I sms with him every where that i go even with my family or friends. Guy & gal is it a crime for me to love & care for my family?? Guys out there do you mind if your gf spend more time with her family?? or it's my wrong?? I felt so tired i have to care for my family feeling and at the same time i have to care for his feeling as well.. he always said that i treat him not good enuf.. that is not true.. i care him much also. They is my family..They born me.. They raise me up.. They work like hell to earn $$$ give me better life & education.. what the heck does he want me to do?? Just care & love him?? Don't wan care my family at all?? Guys & gals please do advise me what to do?? my mind is totally blank.. Thank you.
  8. I got bf also but sometime i really prefer to be single.. Single got more freedom & eventually more happier.. If i were given the chance to turn back the time i wont accept my bf also & remind single..
  9. Hi there dalila.. well if you don't want to regret later i advise you to take action dear... i know for a gal to take action is not easy coz i felt it b4 & it's kinda hard but at last i was regret why i never have the courage to took the 1st move. Erm.. maybe you can find one day to walk pass him & pretend to say "erm.. excuse me.. u look familiar to me.. did we meet b4?? or you are my skool??" Then if he is friendly enuf to chit chat with you then BINGO!!! Try get his email..msn..phone or whatever that can keep you both contact. Haha.. oh well i'm not sure it's works anot plus i never try it b4.. it's just one of my friends old tricks to knew her admirer. Well.. they didn't get togather but at least she got a new friends
  10. Well.. dun woli too much.. the more u woli the late ur period will come.. I mean i havent come my period for 4 month & when i went to see a doctor she told me its because some hormon & stress problem so make my period late come.. beside i very seldom drink water, eat fruits & vege so tats y lo.. I sure u're not pregnant dun woli too much.. beside delayed period & sore breasts i sure if u're pregnant the symptoms will not just tat.. how abt another symptoms such as morning sickness.. vomiting.. etc.. if doesnt hv den i tink u're not pregnant.
  11. In fact i dun have any frenz.. i used to have a lot until i meet my bf of 4yrs.. oh well.. i used to go out shopping hanging around with my gal friend.. not guy its a gal.. he was very angry until there is like end of the world.. he said he dun like my frenz ask me do not ever go out with her.. Well b cos of this i dun hv any frenz left.. Thx to him.. When i got free time i'll go out wit him if not den i'll stay at home doing nth.. he'll always call me checking me around see i got lie him o going around without informing him. So guy out there please if from the 1st day u realize u like tis gal & ask her to becoming ur gf.. please do treat her nice.. do love her.. do trust her.. dun make her sad o cry..
  12. Hi.. there christine.. Haha.. well i decided to call u christine ya.. Welcome to Myb.. If u free u can always chat at the Myb mamak place where there u can make friend & even chat with those friendly & funny ppl like me .. Haha.. I often online during working hour lolz.. C ya...
  13. Well.. to be honest i hate rich people.. My uncle was very rich but dun hv any Datuk or Tan Sri title la but he so darn sombong i hate him so much.. He nvr respect my mum as his sister everytime call my mum "oi" "wei" oli.. well if people dont noe him still tot he had no education or no schooling b4 as a simple manners he oso dun noe.. My grandma send all her sons i mean my uncle to overseas studies but daughthers like my mum & aunty nvr had the chance although their studies is not bad.. tats y my uncle become ego & sombong lanci after he back from london after getting his wat so called master degree with not knowing a simple manners also. He got all the rich ppl attitude with all the complaining & scolding for a very small matters.. look down on poor ppl.. Nvr done anything as part of charity oso.. Every weekend come to my hse just to show off how rich he was.. where he & his stupid wife been b4.. bla..bla..bla.. our family time is being ruin by him every weekend like tis. honestly i hate him so much.. recently my mum told me he was change but in my eyes he wud nvr change until he die tats y i nvr nvr respect him as my uncle.
  14. Nick:bb Age:20 Location:KL 1. A lotsa lotsa MONEY!!!! 2. A body shape like Adriana Lima!!! 3. A bungalow with a swimming pool!!! 4. A lotsa branded beg & designer clothes!!! 5. A trips to Japan!!! 6. Famous like Paris Hilton!!! 7. Pretty look like Chantal Jones!!! 8. A good & perfect boyfriend!!! 9. Smart & intelligent 10.A Sport Car!!!
  15. Hi, All.. Erm actuallt same problem here i have a lotsa acne at my back.. I felt shame when i wear swimsuit or strapless top.. It's been few yrs so some edi leave scar tat look very ugly. Wanna ask is this salt cure my back acne scar as well??
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