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  1. Err...seriously? Tat is kinda freaky...
  2. Ppl said that you have to go thru bf gf relationship 1st before you commit to sumthing more serious like marriage in order for you to know the other person. It is true in some cases, but do remember also that usually during this stage sometimes the other person is not showing his true colors yet. Arranged marriage is not bad idea actually, the most important thing is the couples must be compatible with each other.
  3. Stress is a known factor that can contribute to lower libido. Plus different ppl hav diff desire, so one thing that is normal to some ppl might not be normal to others. Personally I think once a week is quite okay.
  4. actually the first 4 pics (the orange ones...) is the honda civic model that are currently being sold in europe countries. personally i think the honda civic currently for asia market is better looking. the ones in the pics look somewat fat ass LOL
  5. wooaaa...quite a few ppl here have signed up with a gym eh? how much are guys paying for the membership? as for me, at the moment i am using the gym facilities at pusat kejiranan in putrajaya. they charge you per entry. just rm2 for a 2 hour session. i think that is a total bargain compared to joining a gym. why pay a lot of money are not going to the gym every single day.
  6. QUOTE (Analeigh_Ho @ Mar 12 2009, 05:02 AM) Hi People, Just wondering, which is better, going to the treadmill or elliptical trainer? I always fidn myself being able to burn more calories in a shorter time using elliptical trainer but is it really in term of quality, not as good as runnign on treadmill? If it is really better to run on treadmill, why am I able to burn more using elliptical trainer instead? Thanks! i think both treadmill and elliptical trainer have their own pro and cons. treadmill for example is more suited for someone who like running or jogging. however treadmill can be a nightmare for people with joints problems, such as older people or athletes with knee injury. on the other hand, elliptical trainer is the alternative for ppl with joint problems becoz it offers no impact exercises. plus the elliptical trainer will give you a upper and lower body workout, unlike the treadmill which focuses on the lower part of the body. i think between the two there is not much difference. i wud say that both of them will bring benefit to you exercises. but if you have a knee injury then you might be better off with the elliptical trainer.
  7. yupp, i agree that honda vtec and toyota vvt-i engines have established themselves as good performer and reliable. but as far as i know, no scientific comparison have been made between vtec, vvt-i and campro cps, so in my opinion i don't think we can simply said that campro cps is no good. and we have to remember, even the vtec and vvt-i once started somewhere at the bottom before they climbed to the top, so if campro cps is really at a bottom at the moment, i do hope that they will continue to improve coz at the end of the day we the customers will benefit from this. i have also heard about perodua planning to release their MPV somewhere this year. can't wait to see what perodua's response to exora, avanza and livina. may the customers wins!!!
  8. I'm sure everyone have noticed or at least heard about the new Proton Exora. I'm hoping to hear opinions from you guys regarding this car. I have been to the Proton showroom today to see the new Exora myself. There are two variants on offer, the 1.6 M-line and 1.6 H-line. The H-line is the higher end model and it is priced RM6000 extra compared to the M-line. For the RM6000 you will get a 8.5 inch LCD monitor DVD player, cruise control, leather seats, GPS, rear spoiler and front fog light. To be honest the only thing that is important to me is the cruise control. Both model offers airbag, ABS, 15 inch alloy rims, steering wheel with entertainment control and electronically controlled side mirrors as standard. First impression, the body look nice and personally I think it is comparable to the likes of Nissan Grand Livina and Toyota Wish. Many ppl said that it looks very similar to Mitsubishi Grandis, but in my opinion it does have some small similarities but not enough to say that it is a direct copy. In terms of space offered, I can say that the back row seat in Exora is more spacious compared to Livina. It should comfortably sit a medium sized adult. In Livina I think the back row seat is meant for small children only. This is mainly due to the 2.73m wheelbase for the Exora compared to 2.6m for Livina. The back and middle row seat in the Exora can also be folded flat should you wish to carry more luggage. I have also heard some opinions that the 1.6 Campo CPS in Exora will be underpower. I'm not sure about this, but looking at the figures from Livina, the Exora offers more max power. Exora offers 125hp while Livina (1.6cc variant) offers only 105hp. The torque is however the same at 150Nm. And since the kerb weight for the Exora is 200kg more compared to the Livina, I think Livina performs better when it comes to driving up a hill. But...when it comes to price, Exora is definitely a cheaper option since it is priced at RM75 998 (1.6 H-Line Auto Metallic) compared to RM88 600 for an auto Livina. That is RM12 600 in price difference! You can add another RM6000 to the price difference if you choose the M-line variant, and that brings the sum up to RM18 600! I wud say that is pretty impressive. The only thing left is the reliability and after sales service. Nissan, Toyota and Honda are well known for their reliability and after sales service. But I think Proton is on the rise at the moment, and I am really glad they are doing that, especially at these difficult times where you really need to be competitive or you'll lose out.
  9. QUOTE (wesley @ Apr 22 2009, 04:46 AM) i would like to join, well further contact me about the lastest update and information. Thanks hi wesley...thank you very much for your interest. at the moment i cudn't find anyone else who want to join. i think better if we can find at least another 2 so that we can play double. really appreciate it if you can find any of ur frens to join in as well. then regarding the booking, the courts are in high demand. coz they can be booked up to 3 mths in advance. would be better if we can plan ahead and book in advance as well. and by the way...i'm just a beginner at badminton. so do not feel intimidated with my enthusiasm. i'm really keen to play at the moment coz i need to exercise my body. it has been a while since last time my body got a good workout.
  10. hmm...regarding the power steering, I have never heard that small cars are not allowed to have power steering coz of stability issues. but do share if anyone here can confirm this. in my opinion it is more towards the selling price of the car itself. the steering wheel of small cars like kancil, kelisa, and viva is still manageable by the driver without power steering assistance. so some manufacturers are giving consumers the choice for opting a car with or without the power steering. of coz the one without the power steering option is cheaper than the other. this will make the car more affordable and increase their selling volumes. i hope i am not offending any female driver out there when i mentioned in my previous post that most female drivers want to drive an auto. of coz there are female drivers out there who loves manual as well. and the same goes with men, some loves auto, some loves manual. what i said is just my personal opinion based on female drivers among frens and families whom most of them prefer auto than manual, especially in congested traffic such in KL. in fact if your driving involves a lot of traffic jams, i think auto is better choice than manual. less wear and tear to the car (clutch) as well as less wear and tear to your body (knee)
  11. QUOTE (parrotsim @ Apr 15 2009, 09:06 AM) myvi is too soft and light weight,not a smart choice beetle also not looks young,sporty,fresh,colorful,oh my i love this car~~~mini cooper,many old ppl in east malaysia are driving this car~~hehe~ yupp...i think volkswagen beetle is also a nice choice for female drivers out there. the only problem is...whether you have enough money to own one or not. coz if i'm not mistaken it is more expensive than hondo city or heck maybe even honda civic! sadly to most of us here, the choices are limited to the likes of viva or myvi. but hey if you have the money then no one is going to stop you from splashing the cash
  12. QUOTE (seiryuayime @ Jan 19 2009, 01:46 PM) hey everyone, im getting a Viva soon! but i have no idea if its okay or not, is it more Jimat Minyak? or not? how bout the maintenance? cepat rosak x? actually i prefer Myvi better, but can only afford the Viva, so i hope u guys can give me ur personal experience and reviews tq! hi. at the moment i am also looking for a car for my wife. we have considered both viva and myvi since these two are the only option that are affordable to us. the must have feature for the car are automatic transmission, power steering, ABS and airbags. comparing between viva and myvi for these features, the difference in price is not that substantial, so we choose myvi over viva. i think both viva and myvi are fuel economical. between the two i wud say that viva cud be better at fuel consumption since you have either 850cc or 1000cc, compared to myvi with 1300cc. but then again it depends on your driving style as well, if you are the type who likes to slam the pedal like a racing driver then don't expect your fuel consumption to be low when using any type of car. regarding maintenance, i wud say not too bad? cepat rosak? hmmm...perhaps yes. not to degrade our locally produced car, but the build quality speaks for themselves. my sister's kancil starts to rosak sana sini right after the warranty expired, hehehe. so i wud expect pretty much the same thing for myvi and viva. i'm sure many ppl have been commenting on the reliability and quality of cars produced by proton and perodua, but then again cars from these manufacturers are the only affordable options. of coz at the end of the day you get what your paid for. conclusion is both viva and myvi are OK. but these are my 2 cents, so if there are any viva or myvi owners out there that wud like to comment please do so.
  13. mini cooper? you got to have quite a deep pocket to be able to own one of that. i think the most affordable option at the moment is either viva or myvi. most girls want to drive an auto, and power steering is a must as well. i think the price differences between the two is not that substantial, so if you have the extra money might as well go with myvi. at the moment i am looking to buy a car for my wife. she likes the myvi very much, and i have to say that i like it too. well...i guess everyone likes is it as well coz you can see so many myvi on the road.
  14. another update. i went to check both multi purpose hall at presint 8 & 16 today. the fees are the same...rm8 per hour per court. you have to come in person to the halls in order to make the booking because the fees need to be paid upon bookings. no online or phone bookings allowed. both hall got 3 courts available. the floor are 'parkir', so you can wear any kind of sport shoes, unlike some courts where you are only allowed to wear badminton shoes. the only problem that i noticed is that perhaps the lighting can be a lil bit 'silau', especially if you play at night. but then again this depends on individuals. all in all...the courts are good and the fees are reasonable. so...anyone interested?
  15. i see...too bad you are far away epileatheral. well...i am really keen to play coz it is already 3 months since the last time i played. ever since i injured my knee i have to forget football or hockey. badminton is the only sport left that i enjoy that doesn't put too much strain on my knee. come on guys...seriously no one from putrajaya or near to putrajaya? seri kembangan or sri serdang is not that far as well.