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  1. i saw at some pharmacy, avene are selling small trial packs and inside have 1 small bottle of cleanser, 1 toner, 1 emulsion, 1 moisturiser. the trial pack cost rm28-rm30.... but don't know whether to buy or not because with that amount of money can buy a bigger bottle of sunblock, moisturiser, etc and last longer too
  2. i bought the small sunplay sunblock the pink colour bottle just to try actually my hands were itchy and got offer too.... wah a little bit can apply on the whole face and neck too... after that my face look like the chinese opera singer too fair .... the sunblock doesn't have the typical sunblock smell, easy to apply, not sticky means doesn't clog pores
  3. i love banana boat sunwear faces oil-free daily sun block lotion spf 30. it is suitable for all types of skin, easy to apply, doesn't clog pores, and not oily at all
  4. my brother got married without telling my family and moved to overseas....when his wife came back to kl to renew visa and my brother was at overseas, his wife had to tell my mother they got married and didn't tell her. my advice...dump that coward
  5. Hi gals, have you ever buy handbags/purse/tote/any bags from Vincci, Nose, Padini, Seed, Voir, MNG, La Primavera? I noticed usually the handbags look the same but price also affordable but not sure about the quality. care to share your experience? thanks
  6. i saw in oprah magazine that if you want to wear colourful tights it is prefer to match the same colour with shoes...meaning if you wear dark purple tights, match it with purple shoes. is this true? usually i see girls wear black tights with black shoes make the legs look slimming but black colour is so boring and doesn't stand out and plain only
  7. hi girls, i love to wear tights wherever i go and i usually wear it with dresses. however whenever i wear colourful tights like dark purple, dark maroon, dark blue or other colours i usually get weird stares from everybody and it makes me uncomfortable. have you gals experience this before? thanks
  8. ok thanks angeline i really appreciate it
  9. hi Angeline, how much is the eyelash tonic and how much is the content? thanks
  10. i wonder why kopitiams in kl and pj don't have "pa por peng"(in hokkien)?? I don't know what's the translation for mandarin and cantonese
  11. i really don't understand what is the hype is all about rimmel and mm cosmetics...... i tried the rimmel lip gloss and it is so so only....nothing special... just like any other lip gloss brand..... but overall rimmel is cheaper compare to mm
  12. i got this from guy's perspective not mine ahh so don't blame me this is the original post:- http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/812702 Stereotyping Chinese girls from different states of Malaysia. Different Chinese girls from different part of the country are known to have stereotypes accorded to them by observant men. Today we shall examine the various stereotypes given to Chinese girls from different states, with a twist of my own opinion and perception. You are free to disagree, and to contribute so we can make this an informative albeit shallow startup list for men in general. 1. Johor women In my years in Johor, I think I am the best to comment on Johor women in general. This is where you can find totally overweight girls, strewn just about every corner of the street. It is the FAT women's capital of Malaysia. Generally from my observations, the girls here don't watch their weight. They eat, and eat, and eat, and eat until they are obese just like the Michelin Man. Because most are forced to find work in Singapore, their income level are pretty decent because of the exchange rates, and are able to spend a lot of money on food especially. It is definitely an Ah Lian capital. Recently of course, things have started to improve and you can see less and less fat chicks compared to a few years ago. Beware of Johor women, they're very lazy when it comes to exercising and watching their diet. 2. KL women (Including Selangor, Shah alam etc) This is the Babylonian city of Malaysia. It is where all the sins and happenings occur here. KL women are pretentiously beautiful, and also pretty pretentious in nature. No marnee no talk, that's the thinking of KL women. You got no money, f*** off. You got no car ? f*** off. Don't even be her friend if you ain't got anything worthy that can keep up with the Jones. KL women are beautiful, only because they're so full of thick make up, and wear 'masks' all the time. Their closest competitor is from our neighboring country, Singapore. There is also a high percentage of lesbians and bisexual women in KL's population. This is the best place to get 3-somes or girl on girl action. Debauchery is the culture of this city. Casual sex, f***buddies, you name it, KL is where all the action is. Parties, sodomies, brokeback mountain clubbers.. you name it, they have it here. 3. Ipoh women This is the haven for us men. This is where the most beautiful Chinese women can be found. Women from this state tend to be famous for beauty pageants, becoming movie stars, pop singers and etc. They're basically beautiful kampung women but you will find less and less qualities that we men seek in an Ipoh wife nowadays because the state is so near to KL, and the lure and temptation of materialism is too hard to resist, that Ipoh is losing their best cheebais to the satanic capital KL, eventually making them no different from KL girls. Ipoh girls tend to be pretty vain but we cannot blame them as they rightly deserved to be so, because they're too BEAUTIFUL, losing out only to Mainland women from China. 4. Penang women. The Chao Ah Lian capital of Malaysia. This capital is so highly infiltrated by gangsters and triads, and also where most vicious gangs are located. The culture breeds into the population and women here grow up to be Chao Ah Lians trying too hard to match their male counterpart the Chao Ah Bengs so they would not be bullied in the relationship. Penang women are equally as beautiful as their Ipoh counterpart, but loses only by their lack of femininess so that makes them overall less beautiful than Ipoh women. They're less feminine because of their Chao Ah Lian wannabe Chao Ah Beng genes embedded in their dna for survival's sake, resulting in pretty crude, and manly behaviour. They even start their kids young, so don't be surprised to see Penang girls introducing alcohol to their kids to toughen them up. They're also a darn fierce bunch of women but once you break their ice (or their hymen) they will purr like a pussycat on the bed and forever be your slave. *ROTFLMAO* 5. Perlis women. I've been to Perlis and my observations about Perlis women are that they make good housewives in general, except that they may not get along with their in-laws. They're probably taught by their parents on how to prevent themselves from being bullied by their in-laws, and also how to make sure their husbands obey them. Perlis women are very good at influencing and controlling their men. Most men become henpecked or suffer after marriage to a Perlis Chinese girl. Perlis women are somewhat materialistic though not as bad as KL girls. I based this on my observation of my cousin's Perlis wife. Hahahaha. 6. East Malaysian women. (Sabah and Sarawak) Here is also where you can find beautiful Chinese girls, but the biggest problem is they're relatively unstable in nature. East Malaysia seems to be riddled with people who has some sort of mental issues, related to bipolar disorder or something. Chinese women here tend to be suicidal almost all the time. Depression is the name of the game. They're beautiful, but they're highly emotional and prone to suicidal thoughts. Based on the blogosphere's sampling, you would have thought that 90 percent of people from Sabah and Sarawak are fruitcakes one way or another. The other issue with women from these area is they're notorious for the use of black magic to get the men they want. Once you kena their voodoo, your d*** is forever under their control. 7. Terengganu women Having dated women from this state before, I can conclude that they're very good and attentive in bed, except that they may appear a bit too tanned for some people's liking. If you want Chinese girls that looked like Malay girls, this is the place for those who have the fetish for rendangs but don't want to potong and masuk Melayu. Chinese girls here look almost like their Malay girl counterparts and they're not afraid to try new things in bed. The only problem is they are also less intelligent than women from other states. This is where you probably can find kampung-like Chinese wife, but also not very smart in nature because they're more gullible than other women from other states.
  13. Nose shoes used to be in good quality but lately it has deteriorated and became like Vincci shoes...so hard in the inside and will get callous if you wear for a long time....Nose shoes are cheaper compare to Vincci shoes but seldom have sale....some of the Vincci shoes are slippery at the bottom, when you wear and walk your feet will go foward/front....
  14. I noticed the SAs at cosmetic counters are usually very friendly to rich people like tai-tai and datin and they love to show their sour face to average shoppers.
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