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  1. Hope you will have your own stand, do not let him drag your emotion down as important for you to take good care of your baby. Is a good idea to stay with your mom for short period at least some one can help you on your daily activities. Beside that, no parents would harm their own daughter marriage, you that they care about you. Your husband is really selfish as they don't care about your feeling, every husband n wife shoud know that if they not ngam with their in law, that will cause more harm to their partner because they face to face their parents. No matter what, they are still your parents even you are married to you husband. Do keep in mind, never ever let your husband to control you, is better to go back to work else you don't have financial independent. One more thing I really don't agree with your husband is that, when you give money to your parents, he shall not stop you. Some more both already retired, as a son or daughter is our part to give them some pocket money. Good husband will never question you about this. Simpleone, be cheerful and more open minded...never blam yourself for what is happeing now. There is always a solution for you. Cheers. Take care.
  2. From what you wrote, I can say that your husband really really very selfish. I agreee with flyboy he lack of social skill and if he really can change because of you then this mirrage still can be save. If he remain same, then no point you spend your whole life with KAYU who never know how to love, care and even protect you... Even he is educated, for me he is worse then someone who don't have education. Sorry to say that. Financially, he damm selfish...Tell him that, what is the different you and others people. Wife cannot know about his financial? To be frank, this is the first time I heard husband never reveal his saving to his wife and he is damm childish from the point you wrote: He told me that, he never want to know my financial just that I told him muself, so not he got the right not to tell me about his savings... Now he doesn't like my mom…Asking me to tell them not to come to visit us and he is not welcoming them anymore…If my parents come to visit us, he will show his unwelcome face to them... He is so selfish until let you father sleep at living room, never see husband ask wife to pay for their holidays, said want to support you financially now asking you to terminate your insurance. He never respect your parents, as he dare to show his unwelcome face to them. JUST ask yourself a question, do you think that living with this guy will make you more happy or make you suffer. For me there is no different, he will never suceed as a HUSBAND. He can even blam you for not protecting him, very true that he is SINGLE CHILD, never know he is wrong, this type of people is better stay alone and don't get marry...Sorry for a bit hash, I really feel very angry with this type of guy... I can't find any good thing about him..emmm maybe he never drink and smoke and care for the baby only...Others then that, He worse then a friend...I do suggest you to talk to him about his attitude problem, hope you can change him...else no point continue this journey with him, I know is hard with your baby now. I believe you family will fully support you no matter what your decision...Stay strong and be more open. Every problem there is a solution, either your will gain or sacrified... Cheeers...
  3. Do not simply believe what people said to us...Think again, our luck no depending on others...
  4. Usually is 3 months if no one bantah...haha senyap senyap go register...Wah need to change IC address to KL ar...both of us from JB, staying in Selangor...Where to ger KL address to register? Lol why come out all this rules...
  5. PinkyGal


    If you are going in group, then my advise will be cap, the price quite reasonable as you need to travel half an hour from airport to Ao Nang...there are bus statation at Ao Nang beach, you may check from there...I never check the pricing as we go in group... The amount of spending depends on individual, during low session all the tour package will be given discount. Example phi phi island tour, RM100 per pax (one day trip), 4 island (RM80)...food there can be very cheap or expensive, if taking normal food by the road side RM7 will be enough, restaurant RM20 perpax (places where got a lot Ang Moh)... be alert, go survey around first before making any booking, this will help you save a lot... There a lot good restaurant at Ao Nang beach, go look for seafood...very nice place where they server with fresh seafood. Taking tuk tuk around Ao Nang beach RM2 perpax...
  6. PinkyGal


    I'm staying at Krabi La Playa Resort in Ao nang...there are plenty of resort at Ao Nang, just google about Krabi Hotel, then you will find a lot informations...from pricing list to location of the hotel...If you going for a Romantic tour, better go for Resort such as La Playa, Vogue Resort, Orchird Resort... As I know, April will be under peak period at Krabi, the hotel will be more expensive and my advise to you is better book now... From what I heard from the local there, many ang moh will come...very very pack session during April... You can refer this site for more info: http://www.krabi-hotels.com/
  7. No way for 2nd wife... I WILL ASK HIM BACK "WILL YOU ALLOW ME TO TAKE SECOND HUSBAND" see what he say.... Have to be fair to both parties...
  8. PinkyGal


    Ao Nang is the most happening beach at Krabi..you can find many ang moh there...Ripley beach"sleeping beach" that what they people say...haha. Ao Nang you can get anything there, don't worry if you forget to bring your colgate, you can get all the stuff there...
  9. PinkyGal


    Hi, I just came back from Krabi last week ...Nice place to relax... Here are few tips for you: - 1- When reach Krabi airport, do not order the cap from the agent inside the airport, you can get cheaper cap outside, about RM20 different. 2- Do not making any tour booking through your Hotel, just walk to Ao Nang beach, plenty of agent for you to choose..can bargain somemore... 3- Much go places like Phi Phi Island, 4 Island, Elephant ride... Places like crystal pool, we need to travel about 1 1/2 hour long... 4- One of the best thai Restaurant, Ruen Mai at town area..must go 5- if you can ride motorbike, just rent one...RM25 perday... 6- thing that you buy at Krabi, make sure they bargain at least 40% off... 7- massage very cheap 8- Hotel better stay near the beach, more happening... Happy Holidays...
  10. normal day doesn't makeup...just some foundation only as my bf doesn't like heavy makeup...He feel i'm naturally gorgous! During period, then will makeup just to cover my pale face...
  11. I feel quite nervous for the first time... everyone is waiting for me, just like princess... First time paiseh, doesn't eat much...
  12. Wow...all the wonderfull tricks. Ladies alert !!! haha....
  13. I vote for Fauxhawk - i.e. David Beckham
  14. hi, I never belive in taking pills or mlm product because I believe they will cause harm to our body...If you really want to lose weight then, then I'll prefer our traditional way...be extra carefull when you choose your food...do not take oily food such as our malaysian like fried mee, fried rice and all the oily stuff...Drink more water and daily exercise...exercise does not mean just a normal jogging, try to jog and run..push to the limit...then only can trigger all your fattt...if we always maintain the same speed, then how are we going to kill all the fat? That why some people say exercise doesn't help much, because they always maintain the same performance... last advise, do not take supper like go mamak or maggie mee....just take oat!!! Hope this will help...
  15. not all man can wear pink shirt...depend to his skin tone...try b4 buy...else sometimes look weird...hahaha
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