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    there is no more heatwave in KL.. what a sad case
  2. I owned one set of 10 on 1 philips too... the result was okok, cant create a big volume curl. i just bought a 38mm curl tong, it can create such a big curl, or a volume effect. i bought in kl chearas and its rm190. the price is quite reasonable .
  3. yea i used to fall to their traps but not now. cause im so close with my hairdresser nowadays. still remember last time, when i 1st time enter to the salon, the junior stylist (shampoo girl) said i need top up 5 bucks to use their wella xp shampoo coz i have little sensitive on my hair scalp. after washing and blow dry, its cost me about rm35. now, sometimes i accompany my friend to do hair, my hairdresser offer me wash and blow dry just RM9.90.even i was treat by wella xp shampoo, but he just charge me for rm9.90.how nice... i just color my hair last week, this is the 3rd time i colored my hair for this year.my hair end is so damaged, but he dint charge me more for the better treatment. and he gave me a free fringe cut, omg!! i love it... sometimes we need to communicate with hairdresser, some are really good but some may not.its depend on their practical skill too..i will stay back with this hairdresser, coz he is understood what i want...
  4. apparently, my curly hair used to be very hectic!! the stylist did a very bad job, i was perm my hair at dec 2007..its touching one year.despite the curl was not nice, but my hair is still very curly, perhaps my hais is thick and heavy. i have many styling products too...i hate stiff curl, so if u use gel type, remember apply some curl cream. snips bonza (rm88)- this cream is fabulous, and the texture is like a cheese melt, hehe, hence can hold your curl nicely without weighted your hair. snips O2 cream (rm68)- this cream can hydrates your hair, if u have a very very dye hair, use this instead of snips bonza. but the weakness of O2 cream is it doesnt have strong hold effect to keep your curl lasting. kerastase oreo curl cream(rm67++)- wao this is my favourite!! the smell, the texture!! the cream type products makes my hair so soft and make my curl roundness... and the smell makes my hair like dream always..this is the only product you don't need any others product to enhance the effect. after u apply cream type styling product, in order to enhance your curl roundness, u can apply some sculpting lotion, mosse.if sculpting will make ur hairs look stiff, then u may try someting called curl activator.its give u more natural curl. this is my step after each wash, hope really helps !! yea
  5. mayb the styling products are not strong enough, a better holding level styling porduct can hold ur hair curl roundness at least 2 days.after u apply the curly cream, add some sculpting lotion to enhance the curl.=)
  6. you can try H2o(water) perm or digital perm.those create more soft and natural perm. and u need to tell them u looking for big natural curl.i think it almost close want u wanted. good luck =)
  7. oh yah the microfibre bra was start from 99..buy 1 free 1.. i was cheated by them.. when i took 2 microfibre bra..the price was RM129.. omg...its not big difference with 3 for Rm189
  8. i bought MAC from mid valley, pavilion and sunway pyramid.. i prefer sunway pyramid.. pavilion's SA is a little bit cool.. but overall wasnt too bad.. hehe started became MAC's fan.. recent am bought a limited orange color bronzing pressed powder(rm80), i choose darker color coz i prefer tan skin.. wal its really make my skin color so tan.. hahaha coolzzz!!
  9. my hair is in light brown color and i like the tone so much... like japenese girl favourite color.. hehe ..
  10. yea definately cheaper than saloon... normally will get up to 20% discount...
  11. last year i was did one rebonding and highlight and color my hair 5th times... but my hair wasn't so dry, coz i using loreal professional vitamino color shampoo and loreal professional intense repais treatment, and some other brand conditioner.. and my hair still look shinny and silky... this year, i colored my hair for second time. and what killed my hair was the stupid perm!! omg.. my hair get more damaged.. when i dint style my hair after wash, my hair like dry grasses... i was so sad.. so what i can do? i just do treatment everyday, but its make me grow dandruff.. but now i try the kerastase products, just for 2 weeks times, the effect it real good.. i feel better after each use... Kerastase Resistance range is a very good range...u should check it out.. good luck
  12. i useed to rebon my hair 4th times in 3 years, and i suceed to keep my hair nicely.. thanks so much to loreal professional liss extreme... its nice to maintain ur stragith hair, and i do use some clay mask twice a week, and its really works!! but now i carry curly hair. so swap to another range alrd =)
  13. sincai0344


    dear all, hehe seems there is many kerastase fans out there, recently i been fell in love with kerastase products, my ever first kerastase hair products was elasto curl cream in orange color tube(rm60).. but it was way back to 2006.. and by now the elasto curl was upgraded to oleo curl(rm75).. well.. i still prefer the old version smell.. i can sniff the hair for whole day.. now im using their hair shampoo. conditioner, mask, treatment and oleo relax serum.. dont remember the exact name, i will update the details later perhaps my hair were extremely dry, so i dint feel the significant result, but my hair get softer and smoother after each use even without the conditioner!!! hopefully its really works!!! oh yea, any one know how much for the purple bottle croma reflect colored enhanced milk 125ml??? i would like to try this.. the hairstylist said my hair color so dull so the milk can rebuild the shinning effect like a mirror relection.. wao and for u guys information!! grab all ur favourite items right now before the price increase in July!!! omg!! :ph34r:
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