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  1. hi, i think everybody's skin is different. though it sounds risky, but still to try it out yourself is the best. would it be possible for u to visit Clinique counter to get skin analysis and to get some samples or trial pack to try out first before you purchase the full size item? do not be pressured or put off by hard selling sales girls. remember, it is your skin and your money. if they don't entertain you or give you satisfactory service, just leave. you can always go to another clinique counter. i hope this helps. good luck
  2. QUOTE (Eguy1314 @ Oct 6 2009, 10:26 PM) Thank you so much for you guys information. By the way, my skin is oily type , is that really suitable for oily skin? I had a super oily and sensitive skin. My skin is combination type. The Vichy Normaderm hydrating care is very light, definitely suitable for oily skin. If you live in KL/PJ, you can go to Guardian at Midvalley. It has sample/tester for you to try. As for the Mint Julep Masque, I don't find it drying for my skin, if I use it as a masque for 15 mins. In fact, my skin feels soft after that. I only leave it overnight on my pimples area and it seems to somehow shrink my pimples on my cheeks and chin. I don't experience skin peeling in these areas. However, on my nose, I do experience a little skin peeling off. Anyway, it doesn't really bug me much as I'm really thrilled that my big ugly pimples are shrinking and healing. To me, rm31 for such a big tube is really affordable yet effective. But again, maybe some people with dry or sensitive skin may find it drying. As you already mentioned that your skin is oily, thus I guessed that it won't be too drying for you. Unless your skin is super sensitive, it may cause other reaction. But if you never try, you never know how your skin will react to this. Anyway, this is my own experience. Different people may react differently Perhaps you can even google these products to see what others review on them.
  3. I used to have the same problem like you, just 4-5 months ago. Never ending pimples and scar on my cheeks and chin, for unknown reason. The normal tea tree pimple gel that used to work for my pimples are suddenly not effective anymore. Then, I started to use Vichy normaderm range (available at pharmacies like guarding, watson and caring). I didn't use the full range, just these: - Purifying Astringent Toner - Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care (moisturizer) - Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate You can read more here: http://www.123blemishfree.com.my I avoided other skincare and sunbloc At the same time, I also read that we need to take supplement to clean internally. Thus, I bought this from pharmacy again: Himalaya Purim. Here's what I got from internet: Purim tablets are useful when the following symptoms are displayed: * Acute and chronic dermatitis * Hyperpigmentation in chronic dermatitis * Cutaneous manifestations in worm infestations * Acne vulgaris and rosacea associated with acneiform pustulation I also avoided any coffea and tea, as I read caffeine can cause acne too. You can read up on this on internet. Lastly, I believed this HELP the MOST for me. I purchased this online: Queen Helene Masque, Mint Julep 8 oz (226.8 g) ~RM31 I bought this from http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/787212. He's very good and efficient. Of course, you can buy from others. This masque, I apply every night and leave it on till morning (just on affected areas). I apply it after my Vichy products. I only wash it off the next morning. On days that I don't go out from my house, I even apply it during day time. In my quest to quickly dry out my acnes. I got to know about this masque from a local blogger: http://www.lipglosseater.com/2009/04/produ...mint-julep.html It's convincing and inspiring! Like her, I noticed that the masque does help to dry out my acnes. Following this regime, I only start to see improvement to my skin after 3 weeks. That is, my skin stopped breaking out. So, *persistent* and *patience* is the keyword here. For now, my skin is back to normal. Thank god very much. Anyway, everybody's skin is different. What work for me, may not work for you. But after suffering from the acne myself, I truly understand your dilemma. I hope you will find your cure soon. Good luck!
  4. hi rachel, u sound like a really sweet girl. i know your pain, been thru that b4. i wish u luck and hope that someone better will come along and make u happier be positive
  5. hi kasumie, i'm not here to judge/blame/scold u. i just curious why u still want to stick with him? u yrself have stated that it won't end up good and predicted u will feel hurt. and you have to tolerate and compromise with him throughout the relationship. i wonder y do u want to waste your youth with him, when there are so many other eligible bachelors who can give u time and attention? becareful that his wife will find out and confront u at uni/college/workplace/home. wat if she slap u and scold u in public? is the shame worth it? will your guy protect u or side his wife? again.. u r still young.. i truly wish u all the happiness and love you deserve... be wise.. try go out to meet other decent single guys... keep your options open
  6. hi baby_vee, married men are BIG NO.. NO... short term pain is better than long term pain. learn from here that this is how he manage problems in relationship/marriage. would you like to be treated that way by him in future? that he seeks other women when he fight with you? if he is really unhappy with his wife, he should sort it out with his wife or get a proper divorce and not cheating behind her back. if he just want to have fling.. then, if you still get involved, be prepared for heartache later when he says BYE BYE to the fling.. u'll end up hurting more. married men who have affairs are mostly cheaters. imagine that you find out that your guy is actually two-timing you now. how do you feel? shock? pain? anger? betrayed? this is what his wife is experiencing as well.. and you might be experiencing in future by sticking with cheaters...... so RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.. HIDE IF YOU NEED TO.... from your description, you seem to be a nice and attractive girl. go out to meet other single guys. i'm sure they'll have more to offer you good luck to you and and i do wish you happiness
  7. Hi Nirmuda. Thanks for sharing your story. It's insightful. Stay beautiful and clear skin!
  8. I use Za CleanseMax Double Cleansing Gel. I use it to remove the makeup on my entire face. Removes waterproof mascara as well. It's gentle to use and doesn't sting my eyes while massaging the waterproof mascara off. Face felt soft after wiping it off with cotton pads. Of course, I still follow up with normal facial cleanser after that. Value for money. Now having promotion at RM19.80 for a 100g tube at Guardian
  9. Hi Myst, Thanks for the head up on Silk. My skin is usually not sensitive. I should stop using the flawless finish for a change and observe any improvement, just with the foundation on. Right now, I only have Cashmere... I have also ordered other Lumiere foundation formulations. Let's see if my skin is agreeable with them when I got the samples.... Do you find mineral foundation accentuate your fine lines or pores? This is my first mineral makeup encounter and while I like the staying power, coverage, light feel and natural look, I'm slightly dissapointed that it accentuates my fine lines and pores. However, I'm not giving up. In fact, I'm ordering other MMU brands to try as well I'll keep in mind abt Silk in their ingredients I love Lumiere Eye Shadow.. they are very pigmented and really lovely and lively colours Oh by the way, for the benefit of others, LovingMinerals's delivery is very fast! I once ordered on Friday late night, and I got my package delivered on Tuesday! Isn't that fast!?! Because I ordered above RM100, the delivery charge was FOC Cheers..
  10. Hi, just wanna share my experience with their products I just bought the EM flat top brush from them. It is really soft, as soft as my bobbi brown face brush! The quality is good. I've washed it a few times, only 1 hair dropped during the first wash! IMO, worth buying for its price and quality I have also tried their Lumiere Cashmere foundation too. I got the perfect match in Medium Golden, which is great! Like the coverage and oil control. However, i notice that it does accentuate my fine lines on the forehead and the pores on my cheeks "a little". The finishing powder in "Flawless" formula isn't helping to soften the lines and pores. I'm getting the face primer from the US Lumiere website and see if this would help to soften/conceal them! I also notice small bumps (very tiny bumps like millia seeds. it's not pimples either) appearing on my face. Not sure if it's just coincidence or it's due to the ingredients in Lumiere Cashmere formula??? Anyone experience this with Lumiere cashmere as well? Thanks.
  11. hi babes.. from my experience, boobs do grow and shrink as you gain or lose weight... and you'll never know what u'll miss until u've truly lost it! BACK THEN, when my boobs were larger at 34C for a 5ft 2in, 44 kg frame, though i get lots of non-pervert praises from friends and colleagues, i can't help but feeling people are noticing my boobs rather than my brain or personality. i always felt guys somehow felt girls with big boobs have smaller brain! however, i was happy that my hubby appreciates them very much .. at that time, though I loved the way my body looked under body hugging dresses/top, I also thought that my big boobs somehow made me look more plump! i have always wished that my boobs could be a cup/size smaller... i've also tried to were tighter bras in an attempt to make my boobs look smaller.. i did have problem finding fitting long-sleeve shirt for work. if the shirt fit my boobs, they don't fit my shoulder well, and vice versa..... NOW, after given birth and breastfeeding for 10 mths..... i've lost my post pregnancy weight and also my boob size! this is to my husband's dissapointment!.. hahaha.... now, i'm a 32C. though i thought this was my perfect size, i somehow felt less womanly now... :( and i now secretly wished that I could have my old boob size again... and i also admire those girls with big boobs (last time i admire those will smaller boobs)... see.. i'm crazy and can never be satisfied! anyway, i'm still thankful for my 32C and make peace with my body/boobs... some of you babes are right... just be proud of who you are and what u've got.. big or small.. and carry yourself with confidence... i think confident women oozes charm and attraction... for those with big boobs and facing backache.. maybe it's due to your bra fitting.. get the bra sales assistant to help you find the right bra! i've been there and resolved the problem with the right bra size and fitting
  12. hi babes..thanks for the good comments on Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++. Due to the good reviews, I was tempted to try it and finally bought a bottle. As claimed by many other users here, it really wasn't oily or sticky at all. I have combination skin and usually by midday, my face will be greasy (made worse in humid, non-aircond environment). Today, I applied an oil free moisturiser + Biore SPF 50 in the morning. Now at 4 pm, in a very humid environment (no air cond) (if you can recall, it hasn't rained for the past few days here in KL and the temp is really hot at 32 to 33 degrees), my face is still matte!! do i love this Biore?? ABSOLUTELY!! this is a very affordable solution to BYE-BYE to shiny face Just fyi, I have used Loreal UV Perfect SPF 50.. though I think it's a decent sunblock for its price, my face always get shiny by midday.
  13. Hi Teff, may I know what brand of eye pouch ampoules do you use? How much does it cost? thanks in advance yea..
  14. Hi babes. Would like to get suggestions for what to wear to a "Halloween" themed company dinner for a girl. Any idea where to buy/rent these Halloween costumes? I'm staying in Klang Valley. Many thanks in advance
  15. perhaps u both are not argumentative type? or u both love each other so much that u both willing to compromise on everything for the significant other? <== which is more like your case.. COMPROMISE some people believe, it's not how many fights u have, but it's how u fight. in your case, "what you choose to fight".. perhaps everything that happened for the past 1 year, everything is too trivial to start a fight? perhaps, there's really nothing to fight for now. maybe later, when there are other more serious issues, see if you both will have disagreements and how you both handle the difference of opinions. what kind of issues do couples fight? - acceptable time spend together, time spend apart - financial management - if u both dun have financial problem, perhaps this will never happen.... (eg, he wants to spend $$ to buy car, you want to spend $$ to holiday) - religion - principles in life (what you should do, what you shouldn't do, what's acceptable, what's not) - parents/siblings/relative matters (whose side to u take?? ) - domestic responsibilities (who does what around the house) - what to do during free time (he wants to go to the park for jogging and u desparately wanna go out shopping) - etc if you both are quite similar in nature.. same interests.. same background, etc.. then, there's nothing much to argue anyway.. i feel, you are lucky to find someone who is so compatible, really care free and so compromising.. so, enjoy the relationship. .and make sure you both are being honest with each other, so that there won't be any pend up feelings and end up having resentments