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  1. well i am using Thunder to dl series and movies... to me, it is worth downloading because i dont hv AOD at home and i dl all m y TVB series from the net
  2. Not clear as water le... I would say cleanliness is ok lo, if you expect can see thru wan till can see the fish swiming inside the water then kenot lo
  3. yeaa... i am using Chanel Homme Sports Allure! Many of my lady friends like it too...
  4. Hmm... as far as i know there is no crystal clear beach in penang la. kekeke...
  5. I would say Facebook is more interesting. I am mostly using Facebook now althouch i also have Friedster account.
  6. What is the most effective way to quit smoking? Any workable solution to quit?
  7. Huahhh.... I am also not sure that area! hehehe...
  8. Help needed... I tried to resize my pictures many times to 100 x 100 pixel, but unable to get the minimum size that i need (20kb) to upload as Avatar. Is there any particular way to resize the pic to get less than 20kb? use wat software?
  9. Hmm.. long time din go Glo d in penang. Hehe.. but now in KL so kenot go
  10. I would say trimming is better. You will feel more comfortable leaving 2 - 3mm of the hair around. If you shave, after a while the hair grows back, you will feel uncomfortable when wearing your panty or underwear..
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