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  1. Tint one better or no tint better?
  2. I suggest you to use Monrose Gentle Exfoliant, my whiteheads reduced at least 40% after just one usage! Impressive product.
  3. No guts!
  4. I suggest you to give a go to Monrose purifying lotion, it works wonder on my pimples, very effective lotion.
  5. I suggest you to give a go to Monrose purifying lotion, it works wonder on my pimples, very effective lotion.
  6. Oohh....those pictures is just so tempting....although CNY had already over..but i still miss it..
  7. [quote name='❤ MeL_B ❤' timestamp='1299415227' post='593709'] Hi dearies~may i know where can i get the Monrose sebum controller and how much does it cost? does it help in minimizing pores? i have been suffering from blackheads & pores problem for ages and desperately need a solution to it. will it be more effective if used together with the products under its range? if so, what are the recommended products? i would need advice on the steps of application too whether it's to be applied after cleansing, toner or moisturiser. thanks a lot~~ [/quote] Buy online. RM129. it claimed that it refines open pores. I dun hv much of this problem, so not sure. :rolleyes:But my cousin claimed that it is good on that.
  8. I had this problem last time....itchy till cannot sleep..when i consult saloon advice, they will 99% recommend me to use those shampoo which meant for oily control one to prevent hair loss and oily scalp..same goes to the tonic water..condiiton will be worst each time. Till someone recommend me Keratase shampoo, all problem were solved. No more itchy scalp in just overnight..I m using this "Oily roots and sensitive length" , it is fine for me..i m using their tonic water too.
  9. I m alright with MLM...not many bad experience with them..
  10. I m so envy to see girls wearing high sexy..but i m not used to wearing and feel like myself walk like a penguin when i wear higher than 3 inches.
  11. [b]You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Shy [/b] When a guy gets to know you, he finds a great catch Problem is... you're too shy for most guys to get to know. From meeting someone to dating, you usually have your guard up. And while you're just holding back, it makes you seem like you've got something to hide. Hmm..i think not right for me leh..haha..
  12. I prefer ppl tell me i m cute last time, but i prefer said i m elegant now..
  13. OOoooo, i love Coach! most affordable and beautiful they have.
  14. I like Tom Cruise..just like the way he smile..
  15. My fren just went for this nose job...but so sad he got allergy to it, so he went to remove it..