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  1. Played for a week then uninstalled haha
  2. [color=blue]hey there welcome on board ;) [/color]
  3. [color=blue]i've been to krabi, and it's boring. There's nothing to do there. There's jelly fish that will sting you too so becareful[/color]
  4. [color=blue]Hey there, welcome on board :D [/color]
  5. elle


    Hi there, it seems that apart from skinnies and leggings, there's also jeggings. It's a combination of jeans and leggings. It's thicker than leggings yet it's not as thick as jeans. Anyone bought this?
  6. haha yeah I'm enjoying life. Need to earn some money to keep enjoying. How's married life? :D In Singapore now?
  7. [color=blue]I have this fear of the shoes may not fit, but I finally did buy one online with all the measurements. Even with that, I wasn't sure which one to go for. Since that the difference of size, according to the measurement was just 1CM, I bought the bigger one and Thank God it fits. :D [/color]
  8. [color=blue]I used to like, but not anymore ... it's getting more expensive and the taste is just not right anymore. Ah, and the selections of drink is mainly coffee. So, I rather go for Paparich or any other cafes that has more selections of drinks other than just coffee[/color]
  9. [color=blue]hi nice to meet you too, welcome on board :) [/color]
  10. [color=blue]helle hello welcome :D [/color]
  11. [color=blue]oops I'm going in Feb [/color]
  12. [color=blue]hi there welcome :D [/color]
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