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  1. Hi, My foreign friends will be going to KL for a business trip and they'd like to know if Tom Ford shades are cheaper in KLIA or in a shopping mall in KL? How much are these shades usually? Thank you!
  2. Hahaha I also kena from an SA at Sephora last week. Not as bad as the ones in Topshop la but in general, SAs just ignore me. I think it must be because I am young and wear sneakers. What they don't know is, I AM a student but I also have no financial obligations so I do have a lot to spend. They always buat tak nampak and then when I go to the counter, they become really nice and give me plenty of samples... Another perspective: I was an SA in Malaysia when I was in college. Just part-time. SAs get paid very little (it was RM5 an hour back then) and some customers really do not understand what it's like to be treated terribly. Where I worked, everytime something got stolen, we would have to pay it. Once, during my shift, someone stole an RM500 necklace. Not only did I not earn ANYTHING that month (part-time mah) , I even had to pay the difference. Eversince then, I have kept my eyes WIDE OPEN which might have made some customers uncomfortable? Also, some customers will verbally abuse you because the original quotation is wrong (if at first you ask for say.. a gold necklace ..obviously I'll give you the price of a gold necklace. Now you want to tambah diamonds, obviously will cost more right). This lady and I once had a big fight. I found her very disagreeable and I later found out she was a manager at a certain shoe shop. I have actually heard of her before this incident because apparently she's always shouting at her SAs. News travel man... Then, there was this old couple who took 3 hours to pick one miniature jade animal. It's OK to take your time but when you have a project (work-related) to complete at the same time and my help is not really required, why do you have to constantly engage me? It was like she'd point at the animal , say "Rabbit" and MADE ME SAY IT TOO! So it was like "This is a lion. LION" and I'd have to repeat "LION" or she would be unhappy... Whey they FINALLY made their choice, they tried to get a bargain . When I said, that is not possible, they plonk some money (about RM20 short from the original price) and ran away. Guess who had to pay the difference? ME! The poor SA working for RM5 per hour because she didn't want to use Daddy's money! There was this really nice SA at the Benefit counter in Gardens.
  3. Sorry if this has been discussed. Cannot read 30 pages to find it la. What do you think about the Make Up For Ever's Smokey mascara? Is it better than Lancome mascaras? Does it smudge ? Thanks.
  4. meitje

    Mineral Makeup

    I use Bare Escentuals and I really like it. It's also much cheaper than normal make up because i) you only need a teeny tiny amount ii) it doesn't expire so you can keep it forever my pot of powder is over 2 years old and i still have enough for at least 1 year! i can't remember the price..i think around 25 euro which is around RM125?
  5. post deleted. wrong brand oops ^^
  6. haha well, i spent rm600 so she said she would give me this lip gloss pen with 2 colours. the other her glossiness is full-sized and came free with Glamour UK's (I think June or something) issue. ^^
  7. Sakura season is usually early-mid April..sometimes even end of march if it's a a warm winter. budget about 4000 yen per person per night for budget accomodation. Food can be cheap. You can get sets for around 1000 yen and if you don't want to spend so much, you can also go to Yoshinoya for gyudon (only 280 yen when I lived there) or buy sets for around 400 yen from the supermarket or konbini (Lawson's etc). Ramen cost around 600 yen at shops. It's probably cheaper to get a JR rail pass because if you travel with the shinkansen from say... Tokyo to Kyoto, it would cost you 30 000 yen! If you don't want to spend too much, you should concentrate on only one island (maybe just Honshu?).
  8. Oops, my curler is only 3 months old (I don't even use it everyday) and I was already thinking of changing the rubber for the 2nd time haha
  9. meitje

    Good toner?

    I live in Europe so La Mer is good (dry weather). After winter, I had like a layer of dry skin (not the kind you can exfoliate...) and no amount of moisturiser helped. Finally, I splashed on La Mer (123 euro for 30ml) and that horrible layer is gone. It's not a miraculous product. Not like your skin suddenly becomes perfect or what la but it is a good moisturiser. I probably won't buy another tub because it's not worth it. I'll probably buy SK-II or Dior next time. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll go to the shop and check out SK-II and Lancome (I don't think they have Kiehl's here)
  10. I recommend Lancome Virtuouse or L'extreme
  11. I have Lyin' Eyes, That Gal, Some Kind of Gorgeous (something like that la), Benetint, Get Bent and got some lip glosses for free. Lyin'Eyes is not bad and is especially good because it reflects light and makes you look brighter. It's a light concealer so if you have serious circles or dark pimple scars, it's better to use Boi-ing. I like That Girl and Benetint a lot but That Girl causes me to get pimples I use it anyway because I like it. Get Bent is OK but Lancome is better because there are mascaras there which not only curls your lashes but also lengthen them (Get Bent only voluminizes and curls). I don't use the foundation a lot because I don't like foundation. Entah why go and waste money to buy it.
  12. how much is the rubber for the shu uemura curlers? can just buy from the shu uemura counter right?
  13. meitje

    Good toner?

    I use Lush at the moment but lazy to travel 4 hours to the shop so I want more well-known brands. The facial foam I use now is by Clarins and my moisturiser is Creme de la Mer. What would be good? Hopefully not too expensive la. Clarins or whatever ok la but cannot afford la mer products anymore!
  14. meitje

    Tokidoki shop

    Thanks for your reply. How much was the t-shirt? It's about RM110 here
  15. meitje

    Tokidoki shop

    Or in Selangor, Bangkok or Singapore?? Whoops I mean Tokidoki shop selling clothes not only the bags
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