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  1. im usin lady cup is something like tampon/pad. but is more environment friendly ,cost saving plus free from chemical. after using for half year my period pain had gone and my period date is fix. any lady cup user?
  2. <P>went to GQ yest, a gal named&nbsp;tomato help me with the pedi. she's super nice. she&nbsp;tries al the color i like on my toes and&nbsp;let me decide and give me comments which one suite me best. the price for pedi is around&nbsp;rm29. no harm trying =) o btw their having promo pedi n mani for rm39.90</P>
  3. chinita

    thai language

    [quote name='kimmingchong' date='25 April 2010 - 12:33 AM' timestamp='1272126825' post='582112'] hi, you looking to learn to read as well? [/quote] if can both.
  4. chinita

    Concealor for eyes

    u can try rmk concealer brush it works well. but you need to aplly alil loose after that to avoid fine lines. =)
  5. extra virgin olive oil are great for removing make up. just use cotton pad and gently remove the unwanted area.
  6. i was told it was rm75 yest. black. there are actually lots of colors some with shimmering effects. u can have a look at isetan, gardens
  7. chinita

    worthy leggings?

    thanks. how about the thickness? hmm any suggestion to buy legging? thanks
  8. Leggings are common these days. But i always wander what the difference in terms of quality, design and style from pasar malam and boutique? I so wanted to get a leggings. bt wat stop me is where i can get the best and comfy leggings? is it pasar malam or those branded shop like mng , top shop n etc? or boutique? Please feel free to drop your opinions towards leggings from pasar malam and those from branded shop like mng , and top shop. Sometimes price doesnt matter but what matters is quality. Please do advise if there are differences. i need to get 1 b4 chny but dunno where to invest in. thanks
  9. chinita

    Club Quattro

    they don really check. because im not 21. no dance floor. music repeating
  10. u can try using cotton ball instead of cotton pad. i felt it will control d toner usage
  11. hi all please view http://sandytansl.blogspot.com/2009/01/clothes.html ready stock clothes available =) *anyone have an idea how to upload clothes pics to sell at here?? thank you!
  12. chinita

    ready stock!

    HI all, please visit my blog for affordablable and ready stock clothes! http://sandytansl.blogspot.com/2009/01/clothes.html if can please teach me how to post the pictures here for selling purpose thank you
  13. last fri i saw it at jusco midvalley tempting to buy seems less than rm20 but dunno which version. i saw the colour version temps me but the price bout 200plus have to reconsider cz tot wanna buy 2
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