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  1. Not sure if the girls needed an escort. But you definitely need an English Teacher.
  2. When you say nothing at all... is kinda funny if u translate to chinese language... try Hokkien for example... "Lu si mai kong weh kah hor..." Hahaha.. it's like.. saying, "you better keep your mouth shut"
  3. [quote name='DorisYip' date='09 August 2010 - 02:10 PM' timestamp='1281334241' post='587385'] Is it u wear all the shoes that u buy??? [/quote] Most of them.. coz' all of them has got a specific function. I haven't been cycling for some time, so my cycling shoes haven't been worn for some time. Then, I run frequently.. so, I need to cycle my running shoes so that the cushioning doesn't gets exhausted. So, I wear most of them.. except for that Nike Air.. haha.. it's really just a mere fashion shoes and there's nothing good about it. I've just bought another pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 11. Wonderful shoes..
  4. Sorry to say this.. but dun be stupid! No matter how much u love him, you shouldn't do this. Well, if he really wants to film it.. make sure your face is covered.. somehow..
  5. Hey guys, Anyone familiar with PD? Can anyone recommend me a Beach Appartment in PD? Need to accomodate about 10 person.. and of course.. situated at the beach. Hope someone can help me out here..
  6. That Ghost thingy about this is just an old folklore. Lucid Dreaming is the condition when your mind is aware that you're dreaming. Something like what shown in the movie Inception.
  7. Err.. dunno why, I don't get turned on that much by the farking part. But I get very turned on when they are fingering the girl tru her panties..then the panties gets wet.. hahah :$
  8. Haha.. Jia Wen, I wouldn't recommend First Love. I think, one important thing is the meaning of the songs. When choosing your songs, don't just choose coz' it's nice. Spend sometime to go tru the lyrics. Else, I think Hum Ga Ling from LMF is nice too.
  9. I'm a shoe freak. Especially sports shoes. Personally, I think Nike is trendy.. but in terms of performance, it's not that good. Not so comfortable, cushioning isn't really good, and not durable. I'll still stick to Asics though it's more expensive.
  10. Shoes shoes... I love shoes. Just bought 2 over the weekend. These are my, still in good condition shoes.. 1 Nike Air (sucks.. didn't like it) 1 Adidas Superstar 2 1 Timberland boots 1 Timberland Casual 1 Hi-Tec offroad shoe 1 Asics Onitsuka Tigers 1 Rockport Tan leather shoe 1 Kenneth Cole Reaction black leather shoe 1 Dr. Martens 1 Shimano Offroad Cycling shoes 1 Shiman Road Cycling shoes 1 Saucony Running shoes 1 Fleet Badminton Shoes 1 Adidas offroad shoe 1 Crocs (if you call that a shoe)
  11. Well.. u got to seriously talk to him. If he's about 27.. it's time that he should think of these stuffs. Starting a family is no joke. DOes he have alot of credit card debts? Look for balance transfer.. I think the best deal is Public bank, offering one time off 5% interest. Go for that.. and stop using credit cards. Settle the debt in 2 years time. Then start saving.
  12. Hi guys, Where is a good place for a date.. say from 8am to 3pm. What would you do? Where's a private place to have a nice date? In JB, I would go to a karaoke, so that we have some private time together. Don't get me wrong, no sex. Tot of redbox, but their staffs kept coming in, and it's very irritating. Any other Karaoke other than RedBox?
  13. I'm 30 this year. I've dated 8 girls in my life. But the ones I truly loves.. I guess.. it's just a couple of them. Don't mean to sound like a bastard. But at a point of my life, I've been having alot of relationship that doesn't last. Then when I'm 25, I stopped having any relationships, and I've been single till recently, I'm with someone I truly loves. I realized one thing recently. Saying "I love you" to someone u truly love.. why is it so difficult, when I know I really mean it. I thought it would be so easy, but when I meet her, and wanted to say it to her, my heart races, and feels so heavy.. and so nervous. At the end, I blurted it out awkwardly. Then I compared to the times, when I said "I Love you" just to please someone, and not truly meant it.. I realized that it was much easier. Is it because truth is harder to tell than lies? The funniest thing is, she's having the same problem like I do. Any explanation to this phenomena?
  14. Watched Harry Potter. Well, honestly not nice.. but ..well.. this is an important episode, and it is essential for them to do it to ensure the continuity. Anyone notice Snape and Dumbledore's discussion before Dumbledore and Potter go to the cave?.. Snape was saying something like what Dumbledore asking for is too much. Watched Talentime yesterday. So glad they showed it on cinema again. It was a very very good movie. So heartbreaking and so touching.
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