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  1. i agree with whoever that says you should just get them done yourself. save your own money and do it. get a part time job and save. don't count on your family for everything. get some back bone. your family should be there to give you moral support but you should not expect them to always give you what you want.
  2. you know what? who cares what other people think? there will always be people who cannot accept and there will be people who can. if you find someone who loves you for who you are, your fetish shouldn't really hinder anything. it's just who you are. just go out, look in fetish forums and try to meet people who have the same fetish as you and if you want, ask them how they deal. you are never alone in this world. there are all kinds of people with all kinds of interests. you just have to find them. do your own research. it's your life.
  3. Heeeyy!! I'm doing alright.... been busy and MIA for quite awhile... I think almost 2 years.... How about you? Anything new? I have not been back to M'sia for almost 8 years.... darn... i'll need a tourguide next time when I go back.... I'll definitely let you guys when I'm going to M'sia.
  4. Fours years later, I still enjoy reading when I eat New recommendations would be: By Stephanie Meyers Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn By Sue grafton S is for Silence If u enjoy reading naughty books once in awhile, The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy is pretty fun.... by Anne Rice. By Emily Griffin Something Blue Somthing Borrowed Baby Proof
  5. please continue in this thread : http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/Do-Lon...ork-t17052.html thanks
  6. i would like to be able to be fluent in Korean Mandarin French and being greedy, i'd love to learn an accent as well. i'd like to be able to speak english in a british/scottish/irish accent i think it sounds really pleasing to the ears.
  7. Continue posts here Great job girls!! Keep those FOTDs coming
  8. nope.. it's just a mini version of the regular size stuff... deluxe means slightly bigger than regular samples....
  9. actually it's buy one of the 3 step and get "deluxe samples" of the other two for free. but if you buy all three of the 3 step, you will receive a clinique tote bag and "deluxe samples" of all three 3step.
  10. It's just her lips.. she has very thin top lip. So shots from bottom up make her lipps look bigger but pictures from the top down or front don't do much for her top lip.
  11. Hmmm.. I don't know if it's out in M'sia yet... I don't know if it'll be out in M'sia but if there isn't then there should be something similar (probably named different only)
  12. Hey berry berry Thanks babe! That pose is one of those generic beauty shot poses though Hey I'm still in Canada now. Thanks for the compliment. We're probably coming back to visit some time next year.. no concrete plans yet though. Maybe if I'm in M'sia for your wedding I could do your makeup Thanks babe
  13. They're both products that help with skin regeneration.. which means it helps with skin renewal. It will probably help with diminishing scars since it increases the metabolism of the skin. However, the results will take a long time...it's a slow process as they're not made specifically for scars. For targeted dark spots, age spots, acne scars, sun spots..... a better product would be Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector http://www.clinique.com/templates/products...CT_ID=PROD12867
  14. erm... i would only recommend zero gravity if you have visible wrinkles and sagginess of the skin. if you are still young and supple, go with superdefense as offers prevention and slows down aging. it also has antioxidants that help protect and repair the skin so it basically also helps reduce fine lines and reduce loss of collagen.
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