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  1. Thanks Niko for the perspective. I guess maturity and financial stability plays an important part.
  2. Hi babes, Have you ever dated a younger guy? What's your perspective on dating younger guys and how big is the age gap? I've dated guys 2 years younger, guys my age and guys 10 years or 12 years older. In the end, I still preferred the younger one. Recently, I had a crush on a guy 4 years younger but it didn't work out. Now, I'm into someone's that 8 years younger. Do you think it's socially acceptable to date a guy 8 years younger? Especially I'm turning 30 in 2 years?
  3. I think if both of you are okay with it and the height difference is not much, then it's alright. But if you are two heads taller than him then you should reconsider this. I know this is thinking too far into the future, but...you want to look good in wedding photos right? Hehehe. I bet you would love to wear heels during your ceremony and if you're the type that care about what others think, then you might prefer to wear flats during your wedding.
  4. Hi fellow babes! What do you think about making the first move when it comes to dating? Do you think girls should wait for the guy to initiate something or do modern girls just go for it? In the past, I've done some chasing and had been chased before. Somehow I prefer it when I am chased but most of the Asian guys are really shy (except if they have some kind of ulterior motive). What are your thoughts on this? Should I at least show some interest? Perhaps start with a smile and small talk and develop the friendship first?
  5. Hi babes, Do you know where to get organic, chemical-free perfumes in Malaysia? Thanks in Advance!
  6. Hi girls, How are you doing? I'm looking for a product that will help reduce pimples and also double up as a UV protection cream. Is there such a product? I thought a BB cream would do the trick but the Etude SA told me BB creams doesn't help reduce pimples. Ironic isn't it, since BB stands for Blemish Balm?
  7. Hey guys. I finally achieve my yearly weight goal through exercise, diet and USANA health supplements. I'm now 56kgs, 9kgs shed since January 2008. I stopped cycling because of knee problems. I continued with other aerobics exercises, about 3 hours a day, 4 times a week. I cut down on fat, sugar and carbohydrate intake but increased fruits and vege. About a month ago I started taking USANA supplements...there are so many vitamins to swallow each meal..about 14 but I think it is all worth it because I feel lighter and healthier. I recommend you to try USANA, diet and exercise if you want to lose weight. Not only will you achieve your desired results but you will be healthier too.
  8. Hey babes, Do you know where to bling up a handphone with swarovski crystals? Gmask used to do it but they dont have any more outlets in Malaysia. Your help is much appreciated.
  9. Ever heard of the new L'Occitane Amande Delightful Shape cream and L'Occitane Delicious Tummy cream? Does it work? I thought of trying it out but I want to know opinions about it first.
  10. I'm sure I won't go wrong if I'm following the instructor in the class. My eating habits are like this: Breakfast: Hardly eat breakfast cos I wake up around 12pm so its lunch time already XD;; Lunch: Noodles, fried or soup. Sometimes dishes without rice such as meat, vege, fish, tofu. Dinner: No carbs at all. Dishes or soup. I eat carbs once in awhile when I have no choice. Snacks: Chocolate bar once awhile. Ice-cream about once a month. I don't eat sweets. Drinks: I stopped taking sugary drinks for a month already. Sometimes I replace water with one pot of green tea.
  11. Hi, I'm a 24-year-old girl. I'm 5 feet 7 and my weight is around 64-64kgs. About 2 years ago I only weigh 52kgs. After I started personal training, I gained 15kgs due to the fact that weigh training makes me hungry. I stopped weight training and started a low carb diet + spinning classes 4 times a week. During that time I lost 8kgs. From last year till now, I have gained 5kgs. I really want to go back to my 52kgs. Right now my fitness regime is 2 spinning classes on Monday (45minsx2), BodyCombat class and spinning class on Tuesday (1hr 45 mins), Cardio Dance, Bodycombat and Step class on Wed (3 hours) and Aerobics + Spinning on Thursday (1 hr 45 mins). I think I do enough exercise per week but I still maintain my same weight. I drink about 10 glasses of water a day. I try to eat balanced meals but sometimes I snack on an occasional chocolate bar or cake. What is the problem?
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