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  1. Brand new Envie De Neuf EGF Clearlight Night Essence (6ml x 10btls) to let go at special price. There are 10 small bottles (6ml) in a box. I am selling for RM 350 a box. My friend bought this for me in Taiwan but she bought too much for me and I am not able to finish it. Expiry date is 2016.   PM me or email me lee_yuki2000@yahoo.com if you are intestered.   Description   Put this anti-aging treatment to work while you sleep. EGF Clearlight Night Essence is a concentrated serum designed to exfoliate and brighten the skin while boosting collagen production. You'll actually wake up looking younger. Its secret is its unique formula, which includes a blend of 5 botanical extracts with naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids for improving wrinkles and smoothing skin texture. It also contains EGF, which restores damaged skin cells to their former youthful glory, GHK, a tripeptide that prevents aging and reduces lines, and alpha-arbutin, a skin-brightening agent that gradually lightens hyperpigmentation.   Features & Benefits Lightens Hyperpigmentation Boosts the production of Collagen Prevents against the signs of aging Reduces Lines and Wrinkles Smoothes skin texture For more info, you can go to http://www.enviedeneuf.com.tw/, http://shop.enviedeneuf.com/Clearlight-Night-Essence-p/egf-parent.htm, http://enviedeneuf.com.sg/products.html#targeted
  2. I just bought the posture undergarment. It looks something like the one in the url but it is up to the hip. Besides correcting the posture, it helps you to maintain your body figures. I bought it from a friend. My friend told me that this undergarment is design by doctor to help to correct the body posture and maintain body figure. Anyone is interested, you can PM me for her contact.
  3. I know there is brand that is from shoulder to hip. It is 3 piece. bra, waist which is from shoulder to tip and girdle. If you want with sleeve also got. That is a seperate one. Recently i did survery and i tried a few brand. Elken, lightness and lumimi. Elken - the material is so so only. They have 2 type. One is old version another one is new version. I tried on the old version, the material is so so only as compared to the other 2 brand. I didnt have the chance to try the new one. Lightness - The material is quite good. The waist snipper is from shoulder to hip. This is actually what i want. Cause i am hunch back and i need to get a good posture. I think this one is quite good because they claim that it made of the latest technology (infrared, crystal something and etc) and a few certification like FDA approve and some certification i forgot. The material they use are from Uk and the technology is from JAPAN. Actually my friend is selling it. She also told me that this corset it invented by the doctor. She also told me that if really want to buy the body shaping its better to buy from the company who is specialise selling only the body shaping. Lumimi - This brand is quite famous. The quality als quite good. The material and technology also from japan. ANother friend of mine also selling it. I feel everything is fine but they dont have the waist snipper from shoulder to hip. The one they have is body suit and is it like panty hose is strechable with no supporting wire. I think it is more effective with supporting wire. They have another with supporting wire but it is from lower bust onwards.
  4. I have combination skin and if the skin care is too oily for me i will give to my mum or sis. They have dry skin so they will have not problem using it.
  5. I would like to buy a set of Foundation/Slimming Lingeries to shape up my body and also better posture. I am not very fat but there are some fats at stomach, tights and arms. I also slouch when i walk. I heard the foundation lingeries could shape up the body, lift up the sagging breast and butt and firm the stomach and tights. I had c-section a year ago. Just wonder if there is any side effects. Please share your experince on Brand Price Where to buy Is it effective Any Side Effect Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. Thanks. Anyone know when the sales end?
  7. where can i find burberry boutique?
  8. yukl

    Good Cleansing Oil

    Where can i get MUJI cleaning oil in s'pore? Which shopping mall? thanks.
  9. same here. when i use artistry product, i will have breakout. Its not suitable for my skin
  10. I vote for LV then gucci. When i went to paris, all the LV boutiques are full of asian. Most of them are chinese. When i come out of the boutique, those ppl who pass by asked me is it there is sales. Why so many people in the boutique. The SA is so busy and some dont even have time to entertain you. Some of the China ppl asked me to help them to buy for them becauase they can only buy 2-3 LV using one passport. I heard that if you buy LV in China its very very expensive. Therefore when they go to europe, its like so cheap to them. If you buy in europe, you can detax it. They will give you 12% of the price you buy before you leave the last destination of europe.
  11. If affordable i will advise to go to private hospital because you can choose the doctor you like. If government hospital, it is depends on your luck. Sometimes you will get good doctor but sometimes you dont. Maybe the doctor is not experience. I have heard alot of relatives and friends who go to government hospital. Some have bad experience so i dare not go to government hospital. My gynae was Dr. Wong Chin Yuan from Sunway Medical Center. He is quite good and experience. There is another doctor in sunway who is very popular. He is Dr. Jason but i heard from ppl that the queue is very long in order to see him. Need to wait 1-2 hours to see him.
  12. yukl


    Hello MYB, Anyone know a good and reliable maid agency? I am looking for a permanent maid or daily basis where she comes in the morning at 8am and leave at 7pm. Any one of you got contact? I need a maid quite urgent. My indo maid just ran away yesterday. She stole RM 500 from us. The maid is so lazy and rude. SHe only do the things if u ask her to do. When she mop the floor, she does not rinse the mop with water. She uses one mop to mop the whole house one time only. All the things that she wash is not clean. Even the floor, when we ask her to sweep she said she already sweep. This is the second maid we are getting. I just wonder why all maid like to run away after 6 months working? The maid agency is not good. and their service is not good too. They dont want to take the responsibility and just blame everything to the maid. Please dont go to this agency in Taipan. To get more details, PM me. Anyone here hire a cambodian, filiphino maid? How are they? Share your experience. Thanks!
  13. yukl

    Concealor for eyes

    Can i apply the hydration eye cream as normal eye cream? Does it only for applying before the eye concealor?
  14. How much you did cool touch? What is the purpose of doing cool touch? You have done 2 times mosaic and you find no difference? what did the doctor said?
  15. yukl

    Concealor for eyes

    thanks! How much is bobbi brown tinted eye brightener? Which hydration eye cream u r using? bobbi brown also? how much? Currently i m using dermalogica intensive eye cream. I feel its too moisture and i scare later i got milia on my eye. want to switch to another brand
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