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  1. babycoco


    They're cute. Those stuffs remind me when I was a kid ... I bought a denim once from mickey when I was back to KL last month... It is quite a reasonable price for its brand and the quality. Don't really remember the price but it was for a friend's b'day..
  2. Open relationships are acceptable to me if both sides are mutually understanding each others needs and knowing that there shouldn't be any sort of expectation. Getting into a open relationship has also given the meaning that both parties are not into any commitment on each other and therefore whatever consequences that happen between that relationship will be self-responsible. Does this sound right?
  3. did you do anything that made her think you were cheating on her before ( like in the past) ? I think she needs the "trust" talk and obviously like everyone say she is insecure. However, you have to let her understand that relationship are created on the base of trusting each other and the mutual feelings. If one cannot trust the other then there's no point keeping the relationship going on because it will always be a break up ending. Probably you'll also have to let her know that its stressing you out and if she threatens you with death when you really can't take it no more then you just need to inform her parents( if she was even serious - as many girls threaten their bf so they wouldn't get dump), that is if her parents are staying with her. If not, just let her housemates keep an eye on her.
  4. hehee i chew the whole straw into zig zag shape or till whoever who is around me start scoldign me then i'll stop
  5. Welcome aboard my dear... Feel free to mingle around and join in the discussions in different threads. xo Coco
  6. eh.. this thing sounds kinda fun.. how much did u guys pay for it??
  7. hmm sounds fun eh.. what time is it ar.. where ar?? @.@ i am kinda blur.. hehehe.. i think i might come as i think i have some time before i leave on sunday.
  8. Oooh that's embarassing... I don't know what do you define as worse arguments but I sure do know about Lame arguments
  9. Hey Sha A warm welcome from all of us here... Hope you enjoy your visits here... Feel free to join in all the forum topics... xoxo Coco
  10. You don't have blueberry waffle here!! They're like AWESOME!!!~
  11. Oh yeah gal.. that happens all the time because the company doesn't think that they can afford to pay the person with that degree the reasonable amount and dind't want them to work and then when they find better opportunity and leave the company leaving them in a mess. Mostly this happens because of the living standard and education standard that are around the area. It happens so very often that people don't talk much about that no more.
  12. Hi Chris... A big warm welcome to our forum... Hope you enjoy your visits here xoxo Coco
  13. You gotta be kidding me.. Probably some fella's who are friendster addicts open it!!! Its gotta be cool Who knows the location.. Share it man.. Come on~
  14. babycoco

    nanaca crash

    awesome awesome game.. hehee.. I beat fred!!! hahaha.. Its a recommended game for all .... It is flash though .. so you should wait a lil while for it to load.
  15. It is not very surprising where this lil girls would wanna have the "lil perfect body" since at such a young age as media had often portrays to the viewers that what the "perfect body" is like and not every lil girl will be able to resist this msg. I was previously doing a course on this matter for couselling and you would never realize in such a small town that I am currently in there's so many of the lil girls who actually are aneroxia and they try every way to put avoid food they could even put those food in their socks to pretend they finished it. It is a really sad case but then it happens.
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