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  1. hi babes.. I've been dating with my bf for almost one year. It's kinda LDR where he was in the overseas for that whole year and I'm here in Malaysia. Well, lots of things happened within this year that makes me feel SO SO SO insecure in this relationship. There were too many things happened that I didn't know how to explain. =( But, in short, we know each other when I was there and I came back after that while he continue staying in the overseas. Before I come back to Malaysia, he promised that he will never cheat me and ask me to believe in him. First time he came back for holiday, I found out he is flirting with other girls. He even went out to date with another girl without telling me anything! When I found out, I say I can't accept this. Well, not everyone can accept the bf date with other girls, right? And none of his friend know that he has a gf! (He never plan to tell his friends about us). Then, he promised that he will change and this will be the last time. Second time he came back, we fight again.. again, because of hiding things from me and flirting. Apologize again and say this will be the last time, again. Third time/forth time he came back, still flirting, with the same girl and another girl that I didn't know last time. I do really feel disappointing. Not all because of flirting, but because of he didn't do what he promised and he didn't care about what I want and what I've told him! I was so sad and mentioned about breaking up. This time, he say he will change FOR REAL, and give him one more LAST last chance! So now I travel all the way over there and I found out that, he is still flirting. Even after all the things happened within this year, that hurts me so much! All the while, he keep asking me to believe in him but destroy the trust again and again and again...... Few days before I come back to Msia, I realized that he did actually delete some conversation with other girls. He did that because he know that I will be sensitive again and unhappy if i know the girl keep finding him. But I really feel insecure and can't believe in him anymore. Everytime I think about how he promised me that will be the last time, I'll feel so insecure because his "last time" was never ended! =(( I have become a gf that keep suspecting this and that.. I know this will make my bf feel so annoyed but I really can't control my mind.. I hate myself making both of us so suffer right now. I can't believe him at all but I love him so much.. Babes. Please teach me what to do? I know I should stop behaving like this.! :""""""(
  2. Hi babes, I'm currenlty in UK and would like to get some comestics before I fly back to Malaysia. Any ideas which brand is worth to buy over here? As in any good/nice brand that can't find in Malaysia or cheaper than MAlaysia. Thanks for every informationsss!!!
  3. [size="4"][Not available] Anyone is finding room in [color="#800080"]Metroview condo[/color] in Setapak? There is a medium room (RM425) is available, [/size][size="4"][color="#800080"][b]URGENT[/b][/color] - Block A, which is nearer to the entrance of condo - Master room have 4 guys but small room is 2 girls, so don't worry, toilet only share between girls. =) - Cooking is available - Has swimming pool, gymnasium, mini market, parking lot - Water filter, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, thermo pot etc are provided. - upgrading to 4MB streamyx - Non-smoker, clean housemate, [b][size="5"]chinese female student[/size] [/b]wanted. [b] - [/b]Room available start from [color="#800080"]15 May 2010[/color] [/size][size="4"] [size="5"][u] [/u][/size][b] [/b] [/size]
  4. - Small room or medium room (medium room is preferable) - Move in on the end of this month or May - [size="5"][b]URGENT[/b][/size] - Female, non-smoker - Prefer if can cook and will be staying alone Please contact me asap or leave me a message here if there are any rooms available. Thanks! =)
  5. Is the quality of the scented oil depends on the price or brand? Which brand would you all recommend? Thanks
  6. I jz used normal moisturizer and for my sunblock i used biore. I think it quite sui to control oil. Worth to try it..
  7. Yah I used to ask my friend help me to buy some cosmestic there too. I think if I go by myself, I have to prepare a bag, just to put the cosmestic I buy there.
  8. This is nice. I had been busy for few weeks and never log in. And this is so SO nice for me. Good job, I love it so much. Nice and cute.. Hehe..
  9. 真的有很多杂志!!蛮好用的..谢咯 =) 可是有一点慢,可能是我家网络不好意思
  10. YAh i hope what happened between u n ur gf will happen on me too. But the prob is.. haih.. jz pray to hope that everything will b ok~~
  11. A disgruntled coworker beats you to death with a bag full of loose change.
  12. A disgruntled coworker beats you to death with a bag full of loose change.
  13. Currently drinking OSK green tea. Not bad and its quite nice, affordable and healthy!!
  14. Hmmm he is english educated since baby.. heh. His parents never speak either canto or mandarin to him or his siblings. But after together with me, he actually got try to learn also. But its a bit hard for him also. That's y he feel stupid and wat wat wat (keep complain =.=) Maybe when I talk to my fren will make him feel lik " why I'm so stupid can't learn mandarin properly? " I think la, he is quite ego sometimes. So many times we will argue about this, but actually now start to decrease d. I think after a long time, he should b can understand la. I means he can can talk mandarin. If really like that then everything will be perfect d lor. I speak to him in mandarin as well. HughieRmx, let me ask u.. Let say when she ask u something in mandarin, and u totally dun understand it, what is your reaction? Ask her or?? Let me tell u my bf, he will answer me without asking what am I asking. If he continue like that, do u think he can learn properly?
  15. 会啊!营养不足会导致咪咪缩水,所以最好不要乱节食哦..
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