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  1. [quote name='colorxie' timestamp='1343615092' post='611069'] you are a boots lover! [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]yup!!! [/color]
  2. [quote name='snowball' timestamp='1343541213' post='611041'] Hi babes, I'm going to Redang soon but still haven't pack my luggage yet. I need sunblock(for face and body) that can withstand the condition in beach, eg sea water, sand(???), strong sun light, etc. Can quick recommendation for me? I don't have time to do my research yet, thanks ya. [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]Have u heard of Sunplay SPF 130? Waterproof, high UCA/UVB protection.Can use on both face & body[/color] [color=#ff00ff]U can get it from Watson/ Guardian.Reapply every 2 hours.But remember to double cleanse yur face though at the end of the day[/color]
  3. [quote name='Kookie Monsta' timestamp='1342886114' post='610756'] Hello, I need serious HELP. Well I have dark spots on my arm and one time when I was bored I started picking it and puss started coming out. I thought it was a good idea because maybe the spots would come out but instead they became scars and they are so terrible! I went to a skin specialist and she said everything would be fine, but no effing way, the thing got worst day by day. I need something that can heal scars and remove them. I was planning on doing those chemical peels but I don't know if it's for my condition because those are usually for acne scars. And everytime I try to research about there is no sufficient information about it. I just need help on these scars! [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]Maybe u can try bio oil?Though bio-oil is not suitable if the skin on your arm show fresh wounds[/color]
  4. [quote name='colorxie' timestamp='1343616320' post='611082'] Do you like Velvet? Do you wear?? [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]I do have a velvet qi pao[/color]
  5. d3vil doll

    Maxi Dress

    [quote name='shero' timestamp='1340329427' post='609502'] [color=#ee82ee]Hi girls, do you like maxi dress?[/color] [color=#ee82ee]how tall are you ? can show pic of you with your maxi dress?[/color] [color=#ee82ee]thanks![/color] [img]http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd420/shero80/maxi.jpg?t=1340329357[/img] [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]U can actually dress up a maxi dress by pairing it with pumps/stilettos/boots with a small bejeweled clutch[/color] [color=#ff00ff]or simply dress it down with pairing it with wedges/espadarillas.and team it with a structed bag to keep your look chic[/color] [color=#ff00ff]or if u want to go casual then try pairing it with a straw hat, flip fliops, sun shades and a large straw beach bag!better yet, go bare footed on the beach !!That is to feel the sensation of fine white sands on both feet=awesome![/color]
  6. d3vil doll

    Maxi Dress

    [quote name='Beautex' timestamp='1340615404' post='609622'] i feel maxi dress make me look fat..do you think the same [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]Well try pairing maxi dress with sky scrapper super high heels!then u will look strecth out, that is to balanced out your body porpotion which is to elongate your torso[/color]
  7. [color=#ff00ff]If i'm travelling with travel agents my first thing to do is to check whther that agencies is reputable & legit.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]but if i travel on my own, then i will conduct research on their climate,hygiene,culture,political stablity of that country, place of interest etc [/color]
  8. [color=#ff00ff]haha.no way lor for me..[/color] [color=#ff00ff]to me, no underwear = no class.Dont tell me someone is so financially troubled until [i][b][u]could not [/u][/b][/i]afford a pair of underwear?[/color] [color=#ff00ff]But i Suppose if you are in Hollywood then, I guess its the 'in' thing there, made famous by stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]Flasing yor ******* is equalavent to prehistoric ages.Having said that I dont think prehistoric mankind did wear some undies.Even in the bible itself, it is written that God made tunic out of animal skin as covering for both Adam and Elves.No mention of underwear there if I'm not mistaken[/color]
  9. [quote name='annieloser' timestamp='1341220975' post='609926'] I am already a mother of two ,so you know,I’m not young anymore,but am I not so attractive as before?no more sexy?no more beauty?and recently we have more quarrels,we even fight over a trifle,all these things make me feel my husband loves me no more,my friend told me that I should wear more make-up,and sexy clothes to make him come around,she recommended me to buy this teddy lingerie,here is the picture [url="http://www.wholesale-orders.com/goods.php?id=11810"]http://www.wholesale...ds.php?id=11810[/url] But i think this dress is too exaggerating,this is just not my style,and what I do is not worthy ,I don’t think he will change his mind,and I will surely be old one day,what do you think? I know I still love him ,and I also don’t want my children have a broken family,What should I do? [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]I trust that you have already know what to do.Its just that u need some assurance or affirmation from others.Never self doubt.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]And no even if a woman is way past her youth, she still can be attractive.Depends on your innerself (mentality) and also on your outer self(physical looks)[/color] [color=#ff00ff]And yea, the first way for others to love you is that for you to start loving & treasure yourself first [/color] [color=#ff00ff]More over, have u actually tried to find some quiet time and try to talk with your husband?[/color]
  10. [quote name='CooCoo' timestamp='1343619059' post='611098'] I think not everyone suitable, for babes who is short, less than 160 like me, long hair till waist will make me look even shorter! [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]I actually have done that before..Though for that kind of hair style its high maintainence.Got to visit the hair saloon at least 4 times in a month for shampoo, blow dry, treatment and also for trim to avoid split ends [/color]
  11. [quote name='shero' timestamp='1336485766' post='608152'] What body lotion you are using at the moment?I use Vaseline & Nivea, because they are good and affordable! [/quote] [color=#ff00ff]and oh at the moment I love L'Occitane Almond body lotion!Lightly scented and skin feel so soft after using especially if you combine it with Almond Shower Oil[/color]
  12. [color=#ff00ff]Sometimes some of these factors highlighred below could also contribute to acne problem :[/color] [color=#ff00ff]i) dirty pillow case.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]ii) unsuitable use of make up/skin care products[/color] [color=#ff00ff]iii) not cleaning skin throughly after using make up[/color] [color=#ff00ff]iv) medication[/color] [color=#ff00ff]v) allergies[/color]
  13. [color=#ff00ff]I value my own privacy as well as his peivacy.So we dont share password [/color]
  14. [color=#ff00ff]This bring backs my old memories.I once used to have a malay bf.The thing is he doesnt look like one..And me, I dont have the typical chinese girl look.So whenever we go, people will be looking at us.He is good looking so the girls will drool over him.Where as for me,the buaya guys will stare.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]We were madly in love.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]Its something like Taylor's Swift- Love Story [/color] [color=#ff00ff]But his parents being so narrow minded and traditional,they object to our relationship. And worst still force him to marry a girl he doesnt like.[/color] [color=#ff00ff]After for about 1 week, my tears finally dried up.I choose to let him go because i love him [/color] [color=#ff00ff]Now hes only a painting in my mind-by Tommy Page[/color]
  15. d3vil doll

    Baju Kebaya

    [color=#ff00ff][size=5]Any of you babes love baju kebaya? [/size][/color] [color=#ff00ff][size=5]As for myself I love owning and wearing them.[/size][/color] [color=#ff00ff][size=5]What about u?[/size][/color]
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