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  1. i choose pretty face come 1st then personality!!! Most guy get attracted by pretty face 1st!!
  2. move out.. i can understand how u feel as i was had the same problem with my ex-bf mother.. becos of this.. v broken up!!
  3. he would appreciate you if you learn this because of him!!
  4. i wont.. just scare the material is not good.
  5. yes.. got siu keong over there... and if there is promotion going on, u may need to call 1 week before to book the table, moreover, it's always no body answer the call, v hard to get in to the line.
  6. I bought Kose Lotion, facial wash, scrub.. it's cheap. some more they said the price in the market will increase soon.
  7. i use the KOSE 1.. very good!
  8. i think the only possible reason for him to marry 2nd wife is i DIE. else... NO WAY... i think i will chop his head
  9. i'm using Laneige loose powder and Kate liquite foundation.. find there are not bad.. espeacially the loose powder.. very good!
  10. sandra.siaoli


    now this products alr available in Malaysia. I just bought their loose powder.. very good and the sleeping mask.. very good too!! hightly recoomended for the sleeping mask!!
  11. sandra.siaoli


    hi Cynnz, M using there sleeping mask too.. find it's very good... but then m not using the 1 with powder, i'm using the old version, which is w/out powder.. still very good.
  12. he deserve it... he wants freedom, and now he has... so, just leave him be! Bad relationshio wont destroy a person. just take it as a lesson and learn it!
  13. i don't make up in normal day. just do it if i have any function or dinner need to attend.
  14. i'm shopaholic too... spend a lot on clothes every month.. think most of the gal are like that..
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