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  1. it's long long story here....hope that u all don't mind to read it... story begin: 6 months ago, a girl called michelle have join my bf company...she is a fat lady age at 22, not really a cute girl... few months ago, she quit the job, because my bf also quitting the job n turn to direct selling....so she told my bf she also going to join my bf to do direct selling...my bf of coz very happy, coz she got alot friends out there, den my bf network will be big...because of this reason my bf have to work with her...go here n there although where they going i'm also always there...1st time i saw her...she act those pity face in front of my bf....n keep n staring at me from the hair to the toe...wtf??keep on saying how av guy kacao her la...tackle her la...(imposible thing) den keep on throw out some words which i can't stand....eg: yer...don't like tat la....simply always act cute infront of my bf the worst thing is...one day, they plan to go find a prospect at penang, on the 6th of January which is Sunday, so my bf decide to bring me go as well...after she heard tat my bf bringing me go, she quickly change the appointment to another date which is 9th of January (Wednesday)...because she knew i'm working in the weekdays....den nvm...i don't mind anyway...after some conversation in the car, she also realise that our anniversary is on the 8th January (Tuesday)...so she change again to tat day...(i damm angry)...so i asked y keep on changing...if can change den dun go on tues go another day lo...she give the reason is the person now ony free on that day...so my bf force to go that day...n we can't celebrate our anniversary that day.... after this thing over, i was not to happy with it...but i keep in my heart.... the next appointment come again....she plan to go on last saturday....den my bf was so happy that he can bring me go...aftertat, my mistake i have said it out....she knew already, so she change the appointment to thursday, due to the reason she need to go for a doctor....okie...so after i saw her tricks...i purposely said infront of her...u all going thursday, i can take leave n follow,(but actually i can't take leave), so she jus keep quite lo...den i was thinking maybe i tink too much, she doesn't mean that... the thing happen!!Wednesday morning, arounf 10, my bf called me n tell me she wan to change the appointment to wed, need to go now...WTF... is she purposely dun wan me to join them or wat?? on the spot i msg her to scold her n tell her my tricks to her....den she was unhappy n forward the msg i send to my bf...(actually i have already forward the msg i send to her to my bf earlier on) den she keep on dragging the time till very late, so my bf can't come find me during the nite....after they come back at nite my bf called me n said that michelle told him tat whenever she there i can't appear, n whenever i appear she will not appear....wat is that mean?? are she the gf of my bf ar??wat did she tink?? therefore i called her n scolded her betul betul...den now i tink she hate me alot la...haha things happen already 2 weeks ago... last few days, she sent a msg to my bf n asked him to fetch her back to her hometown ipoh tuesday before the CNY...walao, she really think she is my bf beloved o??unfortunately, my bf have rejected her... i remember my bf told me a thing is...the girl ask her did ur gf following us to penang?? my bf answer : of coz i will bring her go, but too bad she can't go, because she is working that day...the girl said again: oh like tat, i thought she will follow us go, because avtime u go out she sure will stick beside u, dun let u go away from her....my bf answer....i wan her to go whenever i wan to go...is that a problem??i seldom bring her out to shopping, or any entertainment, now i going to outstation , this is the chance i can bring her for a walk, is that a problem?? after that she keep quiet ony... end of the story... teach me, how to get away this stupid girl!!help me....
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