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  1. hello thr all. i have taken jintelli slimming product b4 and it helped me slim down. currently gained weight again and looking for it. i couldnt get my formal supplier.. anyone could help.?? pls pm me or reply here. thanks! its a product from JOHOR
  2. I have been on duromine for one month. I did not lose any weight but gained a couple of pounds instead!! Should I continue duromine..? I am currently a 41kg 151cm. Hope to hear from u guys soon!!
  3. Yea..where to get the product? the cost?
  4. Gah.. I was busy this few days. hi Domicutie! yupp, i read on the booklet that it has anti yo-yo effect. I gained 3-4kgs, before new year till now.., sigh!really hope i cant get rid of those KGs. Im taking both Tiramisu and Veggie Soup..
  5. Hi Aisumomo! thanks for all the good advices..~ As for smoking, yes, im a smoker. Most of the days when Im not on a diet I smoke Dunhill. But when Im on one, I smoke Dunhill Menthol Light and eat mint Mentos. I heard ppl say its menthol that helps. But i don really like menthol. Some more Menthol LIGHT!! Make me smoke more only.. Days ago I was 41, now im 40kg But i wasnt on a diet. I dunno why mua weight went down. Guys, big surprise for y'all. I am a person who doesn eat "normal meals". I mean eg. chicken rice, beehoon soup etc. I munch on carrots, broccoli, vegs and fruits raw. My big big prob is that I really darn love pastries!! I substituted biscuits with munchy stuffs like carrots, apples. But bread.. everytime my mum makes a wholemeal dried fruit loaf.. OMG.. I think I know my prob now. I binge on food. And everytime I take bread, i will just weigh heavier the next day. Sigh.. Now im taking Xlim Tummy. 2 capsules after lunch. Just started yesterday. + Xenical I hope it helps.. Maybe i'd start a diet journal here, so u guys can help me monitor alittle my food intake?? Breakfast - 1 pineapple cake, 1/2 carrot Lunch - 1/2 carrot, 2 piece wholemeal bread, 1 sausage, 1 pineapple cake Tea - "kuan lou" noodle (noodle+sesame oil+olive oil+garlic+veg), 1/2 grapefruit Dinner - 1/2 green apple
  6. Dunhill.. Trying to quit but.. herher.. maybe not enough determination!!!
  7. Double in size???? Oh dear. I have heard about the other side effects. But DOUBLE in size??? Darn.. Im eating well and exercising, dears. but aint there any supplement that can help to make me slim faster? How am i to lose 5-6kgs before next month's recital?
  8. Oh.. i bet the doc wouldnt give me. Any other places to get this thing? or maybe is there anything else that can help me slim fast? Im doing exercise like hell now. But i know i wont get trim up in time.
  9. hello all, i know of a collagen drink. its from Natural Venture Marketing. its called biocell collagen II. Its really effective! i tried it for months.. noticed that my skin becomes smoother.. helps in slimming too if u mix up a sachet and drink 30min before going to bed.
  10. hi pinkbabee! do we need a doctor to prescribe? or can we just get it at any pharmacy?
  11. hi, anyone know where we can buy duromine? it does take effect in slimming doesnt it? i need to slim down real fast. i have a recital coming up next month at sydney. im currently 41kg. i used to be only 35. i need to be 35 again =.=" hope to hear from u guys soon. am curious, i heard many ppl say duromine is effective for intensive slimming,
  12. hey domicutie. i decided to start after cny. haha. i know i'd gain weight. just the first day and i feel bloated already. do u know of any other better pills or meal replacement. shape cla slim is like eating broth for a few days. meaning non solid food. but once u start eating normally again, u might gain weight again,
  13. well..i've bought the twopack at promo price. im gonna start it tomorrow. do u know if its okay to just take the meal replacement without eating anything else?? i wan to lose another 5kg, LOL..to make myself 35kg. im short and it sucks to be even jus a bit plump.