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  1. there are several things that you should consider: 1) r u befriending her because u want to come across someone who is not racist by befriending an Indian? 2) have you ever given her a chance to consider what your opinions are regarding what to eat, what movies to watch and where to go? 3) she uses you for her assignment, but aren't you using her for amusement because she is more fun than your other Chinese friends?
  2. Darling, Your problem is not about who tam who. It's power manipulation. By making him tam u, he will be someone who is inferior and thus need to abide to u. Seriously, if all u want is a bf who tams u, go look for one who is willing to tam. By the way, it's unfair to expect him to change when u don't want to change too.
  3. I don't know about some people, but life is neither pre-determined nor 'fated'. In fact, the one thing that everyone can sure about is that life is unpredictable so we ought to expect the unexpected. But that is what makes life exciting and worth while living because u'll never know what u'll encounter. Just as how u've never expected to be in a relationship with this guy 10 years ago, u also won't know what will happen in the next 10 years. So the best you can do is to live in the present and savor what you have. After all, the secret to happiness is appreciating what you have.
  4. there seemed to be some trust issues between the two of u and both of u seem to stress each other out. are you thinking about a long term relationship with this girl?
  5. maybe he is into electronic games but u didn't know? try to dig out some info from ur friends. maybe u could join in the sports that he likes playing? if u're always nervous around him, starting out as friends help diffuse the tension. alternatively, u can hang out with him with a lot of people that u're comfortable with so that u'll feel less awkward
  6. u can also get it from the guardian that's at warisan square. u'll have to look for it a while because it's usually put at the very bottom. can't remember the bottom of which section though.
  7. If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, you should be careful about eating supplements with vitamin A because if the dosage is too high, it may cause birth defects.
  8. Hey bebybret, From what you wrote, it seems like you're severly exhausted. Are you sleeping enough and eating well? I can't really remember but exhaustion has several levels and yours seem to be dangerous. I would recommend that you should see a doctor because it sounds serious when you mentioned that you get blank, dizziness and wanting to faint. There could be some serious underlying issues.
  9. Recently I was in Watsons and I was confused with the difference between the eye roll on from the Light range and the Aqua Defense range. So I checked the ingredients list and they're the same! Garnier pretty much just changed the packaging and re-market it as a 'different' product. I'm using the eye roll from the Nutritionist range which I bought from Australia and again, its the same ingredients! I wonder how many of Garnier products are repackaged and re-marketed as a different product.
  10. Hello Scruffy, Have you ever considered Portugese Water Dog? Although no breed of dogs can be considered hypoallergenic, the Portugese Water Dog has the least amount of shedding compared to other breeds. It is medium in size and it can swim! But I don't know if you can get that breed in Malaysia though. For more info, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Water_Dog
  11. I don't know. How does it feel to love two person at the same time? How does that person even end up like that?
  12. Hey Camerons, I can't exactly say that I understand what you're feeling but I can sort of relate to that. My relationship failed even before he started because he told me that he didn't want a long distance relationship initially. He ended up taking me up for a ride and when time's up he dumped me. I can't even say he dumped me because the relationship basically not even official. For me, I know that my logic tells me that these sort of guys are not worth it but I can't help crying because I really missed him. To me, regardless of his imperfections and mistakes, I would take him back. I think back about all those sweet times and I just can't help but to wonder if something could have happened if I had done something different. Nevertheless, it didn't change the fact that he left me. The fact that he is selfish. The fact that he has some major issues that he needs to deal with himself.The fact that he doesn't care about me. The fact that he doesn't respect me. The fact that he's just not in love with me and all that he's been doing is leeching off me. And I think for everyone, there's a certain threshold to how much you can handle. But think of this alternative. A future in which you have a partner who respects, cherish, honor and love you. Although there's no guarantee that he won't make you cry, but what makes him different is that he'll be there to wipe the tears for you and he'll be the shoulder for you to cry on. The best reason to move on is for you to get one step closer to that guy and if you don't thinking about your ex, you won't be able to notice him. Just try to occupy yourself with activities. It really helps to distract you from thinking about him. Take your time. Don't force it. And before you even know it, you're SO OVER him.
  13. Hey stupidguy, You're not stupid just because you've made a mistake. I agree with what other MYB members say. The best reason to move on is because your Miss Right could be just right in front of you and you might never notice her because you're too busy thinking about your selfish ex!
  14. Hey Camerons, I just want to congratulate for having so much courage to break-up with him because it's never easy since you are so attached to him. I want to congratulate you for the self-respect that allows you to be honest to yourself about the relationship. Honestly, I think it takes a lot to walk away from a failed relationship. I realize out of all the feelings that a human could ever feel, feeling sorry for oneself is the worst because when we start feeling sorry for ourselves, we allow ourselves to fall back into the pit, making it harder to crawl out of it. Like, crying and feeling sorry because the relationship fails is neither going to bring him back to you nor make him feel sorry for you. Now that the worst is over, there is really nothing to be afraid of. "You try. You try. You fail. But the true failure is when you stop trying" - The Magic Ball from the movie The Haunted Mansion (I know it's a bit funny to get a quote from there but I just think there words couldn't be any truer). All the best
  15. I think it's the whole package. Not just know how to dance but how he presents himself. I read somewhere about guys who dance well have good body rhythm so when they have sex... it's err... better?
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