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  1. i norm watched the audition part only, cos after that itll be the same. yea,castro shud be out long long time ago, imo he doesnt know how to sing, ok mayb ony 1 or 2 genre. and i wonder y is he still in the competition, michael johns shud be in his place. no comments on david archeletta..something lidat and cook. and yea,its more to popularity show now not talent show. hope archeleta wins.
  2. hi all, can u all recommend places for couples to go to so that they can gaze the star,cuddle wif each other n kiss all they want without ppl looking n throwing a disgusting face. looking for places around klang valley. *scrap the hotel or bushes ideas,not interested.* thanks rgds
  3. girls,is it normal to be 'leaking' for 1 or 2 days aft having sex? wat i meant by 'leaking' is whereby the 'lubricator' flows out. my fren is quite worried bout this n none of us have experience to gif her advises.
  4. withdrawal technique.i think 1 drop of the sperm is enuf to make u pregnant.u shud haf insist tat he wears a condom. sry,not here to make u stress out even more.u shud go for a pregnancy test,if want more accurate result u shud go to clinics. abortion is not d way out n thr is definitely complications following to tat.since ur still young,ur fallopion tube is still not mature,and an abortion may make it even more weaker.in future thr is 50-50 chance tat u would be able to hold a foetus for 9 months. [*just my 2 cents*] imo,evrything can be settle if two parties r willing to.does ur bf knows bout it?how was his reaction to it?some ppl tend to 'runaway' fm d responsibilities,i hope ur bf is not 1 of em.u're lucky enuf tat ur parents is supportive bout this.n fm this experience u can actually teach all of ur frens bout the heavy responsibilities+worries tat they haf to carry in case 'accidents' happen. u nvr get period symptoms?i nvr too last time,but now i haf,big appetite,slighty firm breast(not larger)+alil pain,a wee bit of leg cramps.almost like d symptoms u're experiencing. wish u all d best girl n hope the result comes out negative so tat u can enjoy ur life more til ure ready to settle down.
  5. mayb u're rite.my parents afraid tat im not able to handle a critical situation since im quite a penakut.i duno wana term it penakut or shy?hmm..but do u think im able to actually gain my parents trust on my frens when they dont even like to see me hanging ard wif em?they r quite tough for me to handle..for em,dont like is dont like,no is no.no matter how hard i try to convince em,its still a no.hmm..
  6. the girls ask d guys y they smoke,they guys then will ask the girls back,y do u shop? smoking is a pleasure for d guys while shopping is a pleasure for d girls,the only difference is shopping doesnt endanger ur life,but smoking does.but both brings danger to the wallet/purse. i dont like standing or sitting beside someone who smokes,gifs me d headache. sometimes when i c my bf smoking,i fil like wana grab the cigar,d lighter,d whole box of it n toss it into d dustbin.he knows i dont like to c him smoking,so he'll go far far away to take a puff then swallow 1 box of mint while walking towards me n then manja2 wif me.buek~ buay tahan. when he puffs beside me,the smoke always come to me,no idea y.then i'll make angry face,point,n then say 'u watch out ar!' then he'll pandai2 siam la.
  7. this is rili freaky n also uncomfy.r u the first gf he had?its normal to be like this at the beginning n itll cool off eventually. if u wan mayb u test him or something.like when he msg u,u dont reply immediately,mayb after 1hr or so only u reply. see how he react to tat.if he cals u n scold u or something,then be prepared to discuss this matter to him.
  8. lol..funny,but not so (fun)ny. cheers~!
  9. haha..weird person..how weird r u? lack of social kinda make me a quiet person n i nvr let out my feelings to evryone. my face expression is just 1 whether im sad,happy,angry watsoever oso the same face. all of u rili comforts me,thanks,but i still hate the fact tat im not free to go in n out. but that probly helps me to disiplin myself n also saves me lots n lots of kaching kaching.
  10. i nvr reject him nor accept him..yet.im still considering,n i think im falling for him. im very touched wif his sincerity.he says he'll wait for me. he'll confess his feelings to me once in a blue moon,when the feeling is over-flowing. n yup we only go out just the 2 of us,no frens allowed xD best is u kip it cool,dont ask her all d time n freak her out.
  11. no big argument happen b4.she's d daring type unlike me very kuai or shud i say penakut. i agree if my parents do tis cos they dont want me to be like my sis in future,but i think letting me loose once in a blue moon is alrite rite?
  12. im a girl,but i dont like shopping.i ony shop once a yr,for cny. my bf says tis saves him lotsa money n also time being wif me,tho he find it weird,tat me,a girl,nvr shops. i dont look into boutique,ill just walk pass it.i only go to shopping malls for movies,bowling n cuci mata.
  13. is my parents being unfair or too protective or its just me being sensitive? i haf an elder sis,26,n she treats d house like a motel,going in n out whenevr she wants. at some point she didnt even come back home without informing my parents. she always hangout at duno whr till 2/3 am n my parents just let her be,they're cool wif it. but if im d 1 doing it,my parents,especially me dad will lecture me for 2/3 days,saying im too young n i duno how to take care of myself n still immature to judge the ppl i met.im 22 turning 23 this yr. my sis haf been doin this since she was 21.till now i've nvr been to midnite movies,hanging out till 2/3 am n even goin for trips wif my frens,i feel left out.sometimes i fil tat they dont trust me n my frens. each time i bring up tis topic,my parents will change it,so ive since stopped popping it up. ive tried talking to em in a good manner,at d rite time but they dont bother. any1 of u haf this kinda problem or use to haf this prob? wat can i do to gain my parents trust? do u think its rude to yell at em telling me wat i want so they realise wat i want? it is an advantage being d eldest?
  14. this guy have been tackling me for 5 months,he's stilll waiting since im not ready yet n cos i dont need a guy yet. dont gif up dude,cos i belif u still haf chance.if she doesnt want u,she probly haf avoided u.its more sincere n does not make u look despo.
  15. before this,i used to wash my hair evryday.then seeing my hair so dry, i started to wash it evry 2 days.now tat i rebonded my hair,i wash it evry 3 days, well depends on how much i sweat,n how lazy i am.can reach up to 4 days once too. i duno how d top of my head smells on d 3rd day,but its oily n itchy at d corners. but 1 thing for sure,ill make sure my hair is washed prior to my date. xD
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