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    Spendaholic, Shopaholic, Sleepaholic, Chocoholic, Workaholic, Musicaholic... but not ALCOHOLIC! <br /><br />Coz i'm angelic.
  1. Totally agree with you! I was ABRSM graduated, but also took some Trinity lessons. Frankly speaking, I still prefer ABRSM! I like Chanllenge!
  2. Maksim's scores actually quite easy to be found at the websites, e.g. maksimmrvica.com I also have lots of them I don't have John William's, sounds like he is an American composer...?
  3. wow this is really helpful! Thanks ling-y!
  4. <br /><br /><br /> Yeah... For the thick one i'd rather buy the original book.
  5. I don't have neither Book 1 nor Book 2 Can I say, I want both? HAHA..!
  6. CNC in Selayang near Selayang Mall. I did the chemical peel 2 times, took Roccatane for 2 sessions, and had other facial treatments there. The dermatologist is from UK, he is a chinese. I suppose they also provide the Botox injection. Their service was professional, and i really satisfied with the result. I'm not sure if they have moved, but they also have another branch in Klang.
  7. tudou.com is basically for the Chinese people to watch the international movies (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, English etc). You can definitely find the Korean movies with Chinese subtitle, or Mandarin voice-over. It's not very slow to load the movie, just have to wait a while. The best time to watch is at night as the speed is faster. Another alternative is crunchyroll.com, loading is super fast but the quality is very low.
  8. You can go to www.tudou.com You can watch online as well as download (install their software for downloading)... if you have firefox browser, then you can install the add-on Download Helper.
  9. 巴黎恋人 - Lovers In Paris!!! Love it love it love it! I collect the OST too!
  10. Taking picture...? Doesn't really help Any score (intermediate or high level) other than below: Clair De Lune Arabesque Dance Bohemienn La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin The Little Sheperd
  11. Hi shan shan, I've got Michael Nyman's "The Heart Asks Pleasure First:The Promise / The Sacrifice". This is a very beautiful piece to play
  12. Yeah there are lots of delicious foods, i especially like the cakes and cookies!! Darn yummy! They like cheese so much but i am not the cheese type so my favourite food are without cheese.
  13. I have the original version of 'Canon in D' and also 'Variation of the Canon' improvised by George Winston, which is in C Major and more challenging. You have any of Claude Debussy's?
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