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  1. hi,i've came across a doc in Kuchai Lama today, Mediviron Clinic. They are charging rm400/session and my skin need at least 6 sessions. They recommended 2 types of laser, one is starting with the alphabet Q and another is PL or smtg like dat (sorry, couldn't rmb well on the full name)...Can i know that what is the diff between all these lasers?
  2. even for sensitive skin? i was thinking to do double cleansing by using shu's makeup remover or dermalogica prod...dunno wil it works o not..
  3. i do facial every mth, n after joining dance class every weekday, my face started to pop up with lots of blackheads and some pimples which is getting more n more serious...any solution to overcome? any gal experienced b4 here?
  4. anybody went for the workshop? it was quite nice..the freebies r simply "gorgeous"!!
  5. i think cellnique is good. i've been to the cellnique salon in bandar puteri puchong, those r diff from others cellnique agent as they r the main facial salon for cellnique, they offered me rm 1300 for 12 times, n free one travelling kit worth rm160. quite worth it.but my budget is limited, still thinking to reg or not..
  6. how bout renaissance buffet at temps? izzit nice n expensive??
  7. Hi galz, anybody been there b4? izzit nice? what's da min n max price? i feel like going but dunno the location and the contact no..any help?
  8. anyway,anyone knows where is city image in cheras?any landmark?
  9. yup,they are newly opened,but the skill r not bad...
  10. maybe u guys can hv a look at this http://www.friendster.com/viewphotos.php?u...pid=293194040#1 the times square one called 2046 at the Miko hair studio level rite?
  11. yaya.heard dat too..my fren told me better buy in salon...Sasa one r different.....i've been using the sample for 1 month n the result was simply amazing...now i'm thinking to buy the cleanser n mask...
  12. how come i cant login after signing up?
  13. i'm interested too,can i hv more details? Jo
  14. erm,my bf will not pay 4 me.he thinks dat shopping is a waste of money and think i alwiz spend on shopping.but the truth is,i seldom shop..aih..dunno shud be happy or sad,he really good in saving money,he'll be those type dat even now v wanna marry also he can take out money easily..well,he's only 23 this yr.but the bad thing is,bcoz he think of too much saving,a.k.a giam siap...so he nv buy me anything himself,oo,except when he 1st knew me..maybe once a yr only he'll buy me things...so envy of u'll,galz..
  15. this brand has outlet in quite a number of shopping mall,i'm doing its facial mask now,kiwi flavour,it feels like SK2 mask...a lot of water...but it says its for acne skin..coz i'm acne skin type...wat do u guys think?
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