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  1. I couldnt agree more ! I like it very much too. Just my suggestion, if you mix it with some foundation, it is even nicer la :thumbsup: I usually practise that i need to put on make up that day.
  2. If for normal usage, my advice is not not go for sunplay...it is too heavy. SPF20-30 is enough.
  3. kaykong

    Good toner?

    [quote name='mellee' timestamp='1320137207' post='601212'] I m using Clara Rose Toner now. It is nice! [/quote] Just give this a try but dunno why, skin has more pimples...
  4. [quote name='athenayyy' timestamp='1310996122' post='597825'] Is Clarins sunblock good? [/quote] I tried last time, but remember it is quite sticky for me..
  5. Monrose Gold Eye Gel just works the way I need it to. I love it. I have very sensitive eyes and I've had no reactions. It even helped the milia on my eyelids.
  6. kaykong

    Eyelash Tonic

    is there any eyelash which meant for sensitive skin use? because my eyes get itch with it sometimes..
  7. same here..anyone wanna let go hydro boost, pls let me know..
  8. I did not see any in watson or guardian so far lo..guess u can only buy online..
  9. I hv never try B liv before..But i m using Monrose sebum lotion. I have a very oily t-zone that constantly wears through my makeup and worse still is my chin which tends to break out in bad cystic acne once in a blue moon. After using the blackhead reducing lotion from Monrose, I've noticed that in a matter of weeks my face change in terms of smoothness and clarity. My t-zone has been less oily and the best is that I've had less acne breakouts and the ones that do occur have been eliminated quickly by the acne products. U can try it..
  10. kaykong

    Green Tea

    I have been drinking green tea for many years. I feel great.
  11. kaykong

    Flat Tummy

    So hard. tried all method..only work for a while, later will get back to normal one
  12. no choice lo...if he is really busy with work..i will choose to watch tv or sleep at home...i enjoy doing this:)
  13. no choice lo...if he is really busy with work..i will choose to watch tv or sleep at home...i enjoy doing this:)
  14. MonaVie juice has very high contents of Acai berry. I ordered from www.mymonrose.com last time.
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