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  1. hi, you are welcome here in this forum. More over you post is remarkable . So your entry with a awesome post. enjoy.!!
  2. hiiiiiii... yeah beach party will be good one for the childrens!!!!
  3. nice information
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  6. Yes, it works. I lost 2 stone in 3 months taken it. I do not know how well it will work for you, but i guess it worth a try.
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  13. if bath only... without washing hair, 15 mins... if got wash hair... 30mins if makeup... usually 15 min to 30 mins lo... hehe~ i take a long time... Gud Luck!!!!!
  14. what white part are you talking about the mirror just clean it with a towel and water and then dry it with a towel .it dosent do any damage and same for front i have done this to mine just try not to have the towel soaking wet .
  15. You are going in the good way i think your Sujection is good and useful for me...! thank's Yeast Infection