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  1. that write up definitely give us a different perspective to why some people are willing to go through abortion. definitely eye opening.
  2. yum yum! i should have about 60-70 pairs by now.
  3. tIcKLeMe

    huge shoes

    try pedal works/khas/shuz at isetan. sizes up to size 13 and really pretty stuffs they have. good luck!
  4. i like ho ho steamboat in sri petaling. really dislike all those buffet steamboats. i rather get charged per portion and have em fresh!
  5. tIcKLeMe

    Forever 21.

    the forever 21 in one utama is such a HUGE turn off. it looks like it's some warehouse for rejected clothes. everything is so messy and cheap looking but the price says otherwise. i seriously think they should reshuffle their clothes accordingly.
  6. tIcKLeMe


    fasta pasta closed down a long time ago. pasta zanmai is awesome. i love their egg pizza!
  7. off topic: nicole westwood? are you related to andrew westwood and the sibert family?
  8. ming yang, i will personally guide you. CALL ME!!! you've only got until tomorrow. but a rough guide on how to get there. if you're coming from seremban highway, go straight all the way. pass by desa waterpark and head towards kl town. after old airport, go straight and you will see a volkswagen showroom on your right. nichii is right beside it. however, you cannot immediately turn in so go straight ahead (and under the flyover). on your left, there will be a school and a road sign that says 'jalan loss' or something like that. keep left, u-turn at roundabout and nichii will be on your left further down the road.
  10. i went crazy yesterday when i was there. almost bought 12 tops. however, i realised their prices have increased ridiculously compared to how cheap it was when i first went there (about 7 years ago or more?). but i don't blame them since they are getting increasingly popular now. awesome bright colored clothes, definite must go!
  11. haha my whole office is crazy about airsoft now but my bf and friends are crazy over paintball.
  12. i know a few people who are into airsoft. spend up to thousands of ringgits just for them. tsk! but i'm really interested in it too. it's illegal here though, i think!
  13. hahaha so near my house! sp, you actually look like rapper leh. nice.
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