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  1. wow... sounds interesting ??? wat is the activities there ??? chit chat ??? is all members allowed to join ???
  2. j33h@u

    Make up academy

    Hi, not sure whether is this the right place to ask, but i need this information.... is there any make up academy around kl and cheras area ??? how much normally it will be in order to complete a course ???? thank you....
  3. it is normal, i have my first kiss on the second date in the garden.....
  4. why not give a try ????? she / he is ur best fren..... lucky not she / he is your partner best fren ........
  5. how come this can happen ???? u stay together wit ur bf mother, time will cool down the anger, no worries....
  6. are you mok jee hau??

  7. you can only trust ur bf in this moment, then let the gal get lost by her ownself, the more you do on the trick, the more tricly she will be, since your bf also noe wat is happening, i believe if ur bf did not think negatively and give a chance to tat gal, then you are safe. everything is depends on ur bf, you cant do anything.
  8. Don only worried and do nothing, there must be away out of this, get it prove that u r pregnant and then only plan wat u wan to do, sitting there worried all the time is not a good move...... get some test kit and test....
  9. i agree with sam, try not to push her too hard, maybe sometimes you are not there for there, she will miss you, then you have the chance, let her notice that she will miss you when you are not around, if she wont miss you, it mean she still don have the feeling towards you. test on her....but always remember, not to push too hard.
  10. just started a new relationship, this is wat always happened to everyone, but i can bet u that, after this sweet moment, all things will be different, he will not tat caring anymore, but why he so loves you and he didnt did anythink wrong, because of this small mater you said you wan to break up, don you think tat is very unfair to him ??? a couple is not easy to get together, appreciate a guy who really loves you, try to talk to him how you feel and wat u need him to do or to be. don because a little small issue then break up. such a waste gurl..... good luck n all the best
  11. just wait la my fren, gals is like tat, she still lost her confident in love, try to convience her by your sincere.... good luck
  12. take it easy, this is not all the time, you will be free later on, every parents have this kind of attitude, bcoz you are the youngest. later on, there wont even care you also, wat u have to do is make them confident with you so that they noe you are mature enough to think and do wat u wan to do.
  13. It is very very true, no point keeping a person who no longer loves you....
  14. marriage is not a game, since she decided, then she should deserve, unless she really love u and u really love her, then her husband treat her so bad, she might step out from her husband by her own, then only u get her beside u, but now if u suddenly campur tangan, is too bad, wat if the gal tell u different story, better mind your own business b4 u get trouble....
  15. never heard of seafood can help, strange man.....
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