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  1. any blogshop selling bikini with shorts/shortkini?
  2. galx

    Studded Heels

    does she sell that pair of sandals?
  3. galx

    Studded Heels

    anyone know where can i get these? and how much is the price for Balmain's Studded Heels?
  4. Heys, i just went for KO Skin Clinic & did laser removal for underarm, but i realize some of the hair still grows back, is it normal?
  5. I am planning to undergo laser hair removal, i read through this thread and saw a lot of good feedback for this Ko Skin. Maybe i know where this clinic is located in Klang? anyone done hair removal at Ko Skin? how much is the range of price? QUOTE (mini CC @ Jun 30 2009, 09:45 PM) Dear Cassie, sorry to hear your comment here, but my bro had a very bad acne problem last few months mayb cause of hormone changes, so he went and see Dr Ko- Ko skin & Laser Centre, his skin is much better after taking the medication and he is using their clinicare products, it help him to gain back his confidence since his skin improve alot and he is very happy with their products. I heard from him that the Dr giving student price to him which is much cheaper from other clinics, he will go back to do chemical peeling to improve his skin texture next week, another feedback is he likes the Dr in Ko Skin bcoz they are friendly and they offer student price for students. They really offer student price for students?
  6. galx

    Make up removal

    Hey, which is best make up remover for eye-makeup? cos i only do a very little makeup on my eyes, like mascara and eyeliner.
  7. i was wondering if any of you can suggest a good laser hair removal clinic around KL? any contacts or websites.. pm me please . cos i urgently need to get hair removal done thank you~
  8. galx

    laser hair removal

    erm, any idea of clinics around KL for laser hair removal? any contacts? please pm me ty
  9. QUOTE (jocall123 @ Aug 6 2008, 01:53 PM) I just went back from Redang last month. Thanks to the Sunplay SPF 130 and also Nivea After Sun Lotion, no sunburn Where can i get the Nivea After Sun Lotion? can i find it in Guardian or Watson? btw, any other recommendation for After Sun Moisturizer?
  10. galx

    Prom Night Dress!!

    QUOTE (d3vil doll @ Apr 5 2009, 02:44 PM) the frist pix dress i know can get from Sg wang the second px is acyually not a dress.its a two pieces.its a ruffle top and high waisted skirt i think u can further improve the second pixs look.instead of ruffle top,wear a lace satin black corset pair with a high waisted skirt like above.u can throw on a piece of leather jacket for the instant glam factor.and pair this combo with fishnet stokings and 4 inches stilettios hey do you remember which shop sells the baby doll dress in sg. wang ?
  11. galx

    Prom Night Dress!!

    i went to somerset, but they didn't have my size. too small sized le
  12. galx

    Prom Night Dress!!

    ya, something like baby doll dress like this, but absolutely not that color and pattern . haha this looks ok to me too
  13. galx

    Prom Night Dress!!

    i would like to ask, there are mini dresses with short sleeves rite? are they appropriate for prom? where can i get them?
  14. galx

    Prom Night Dress!!

    i was planning to go to One U soon.
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