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  1. Hello girls,   If anyone of you are looking to try this amazing product.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQctv7B0knw   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYkV_BCCQpg     Product info: http://sophieyong.jeunesseglobal.com/products.aspx?p=INSTANTLY_AGELESS   Do contact me for samples.   Reviews are welcome!     Regards, Caridee
  2. caridee


    I've been consuming Reserve from Jeunesse for the 5th week. It shows tremendous result, all my acne and whiteheads are subsided.   It is also help thousand of people around the world like people who is suffering from cancer, diabetes, HBP, parkinson, scars and allergic.     Anyone using this? Might to share your journey here in the thread?
  3. This problem has been bothering me for few mths, and I've been consuming Reserve for the 4th week and it cures my acne problems. :wink3:
  4. i met my ex in irc too when i was form5..he was attracted by my nick i think...then we exchange hp num... my school was running recycling campaign competition btw classess...i was too excited to collect all the old newspaper n stuff from my frenz n neighbour...so i smsed him too...i get the newspaper from him and was the 1st time i met him... we chatted in irc n in the phone for around a month...and he confessed to me...n i accepted him... i love him so much...but in the end i m juz a spare tyre to him because he cant forget his ex and i didn't know that he had a break up not long ago before we started to pak tuo... he dumped me after 3 months...i was reali reali sad...i m juz love him so much....i tried my best to get back wif him... but but but...he was fooling me and we broke up non stop around 3 years... in the 3rd year...he was two timing wif another new gal...i did try my best to show my love and "compete" wif tat gal...but... til last year feb...i decided to leave him...(its kinda late rite?i m so stupid)...now he still calling me...n i juz ignore him... i hav learnt a lot from the past r/ship and i cant reali trust a guy anymore except my dad larr... haha... i m still a happy me and hoping my true love is approaching me soon...hehehehe... p/s: oops..my story is different from ur all...cuz its a sad case...hope u all dun mind
  5. ohh...is it? i thought i bought the wrong product ler...but i was told by the dermalogical consultant tat if have stinging feeling means skin got problems like tat wor...since i used monronse, i dun have stinging feeling each time i do dermalogical facial ady...
  6. i love wedges, high heel, platform shoes too.. but my leg and toe is pain whenever i wear those shoes whole day... is it those leather shoes wont bring this problems?
  7. hey...i juz bought dermalogical's gentle cream exfoliant which recommended from carrie. i found that texture of the cream is waterly...not reali creamy... when i apply it...i dun feel any mild stinging on my face.. i wonder is it i bought the correct product or the product is expired? anyone?
  8. i have been through tis kinda relationship before... when we get back together...our love is full of "ragu-ragu"...its making us unhappy... u know...its very difficult to go back to those happy moment... those kind of memories of mine are still fresh too...i choose to let go of him...now my life is better... if someone loves you...he or she will never betray and hurt you... balance your life well...focus on whats important...cheers
  9. Daphsta, is it u have nothing better to do? why r u trying to create havoc here? ppl have their own privacy and rights whether to post their before and after pic in this forum. there is few pic there, visit www.mymonrose.com and check it out. so whats the proof of those users are fake? just because of their posts are less than 10? ridiculous... maybe there is a fake user here...maybe there is not...if there is increasingly new users here, it show the products is working well...and maybe is their sales strategy. oh well...does all this bring any harms to you? since you so free, call up the center or pay a visit to the center ya..
  10. u mean isetan wont have any sales promotion?
  11. caridee

    writing memo

    anyone out there knows how to write memo? i m currently have a business idea and wish to present to my boss by writing a memo.. as i m a new staff... i need help in writing a memo and business idea which can receive responds quickly. anyone? my business idea is regarding a safety airbag...
  12. juz wanna share wif u all.. most of my frenz so surprise that i have become much fairer than b4...thx to monrose night cream...been use it for 1 month i have eaten so many oily n fried food for past few days...now there are some whiteheads coming back to me now.. ...luckily i still have p.lotion ...and gotta watch out on my daily meals now onwards... hey peeps out there..dun hestitate to get monrose product...its really worth and it is working well... i m still saving money to get rebalancing day cream and dermalogical masks...weeeeee!!
  13. he even hide his hp...do u think i shud check his phone? anyway he is my ex...
  14. i hav returned all the gifts to him once we broke up...and vice versa... i dun keep it although there's a valuable gift...
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