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  1. i tot love suppose to be the main criteria in a relationship?
  2. my ex suggested me to get another girl for a 3some, and this happen years ago. but i still can remember the whole scene in details. i was young, and filled with energy by then...so it helps, alot. at least i manage to please both of them..the only regret was i didnt come. i still keep in touch with both of them, and they become good frens now. both married..
  3. 29 months now...she's coming to see me next thursday. we are getting married next year.
  4. the last time nothing better to do reply.
  5. another nothing better to do reply.
  6. cos i got nothing better to do
  7. kacau bilau pasal ahmad, cina kena kanan dan kiri, tolak ansur pun ada had, masih mengharapkan badawi?
  8. are we talking about those 'high class swearing' like 'shoot', 'fu*k' 'basket' or my type of ahbeng-ness swearing such as ' lei ma c*** ** ***' , 't*u le* *** **** **** ***' kinda swearing?
  9. burp or farting out loud works fine for me
  10. i like them no matter what size they are, as long as the girl feel confident with their own size, it'll look just fine for me..
  11. the fastest and easiest way to get all the malay unite together is when they come out to fight the chinese. dun care la u r from PAS ke, Umno ke, as long as hantam Cina, they will unite cos we challange them and push them to the wall ma....but, that was last time la. now most of the malays also know wat ever they do, it will only benefit umno-putra, not bumi-putra...
  12. kiss me if i'm wrong, are u amanda? u will get ur kiss if her name is not amanda.
  13. did anybody force u to wait for 3 hours? u urself waited for 3 hours cos u were trying to get into her pants...and now u come and worries about news? young man, all men are stupid when come to deal wit girls, unless u got the experience, so learn more..
  14. u called her bitch just becos she let u wait for 3 hours?
  15. u didnt waste 8 years, u used 8 years to see that he's not worth a cent...
  16. epi..its true. i heard they have some kind of special applications or software to do so...
  17. eh eh, takkan jantan je gersang, pompuan tak gersang ke?
  18. this is the most i can help, click the link for picture. http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/edb720f828.jpg
  19. i wonder wat is in his mind when he go and tell u the truth...mayb new tactic to ask for break-up?
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