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  1. The relationship will become very boring if you only want to lead and he obey whatever you say...we build the love together so, value it together.
  2. Haha...it seem that not only his bro were there as hero but also her maternal paternal uncles...they kept on forcing him to marry their sis/niece by this month! They also act as their wedding planner...have jot down a long list of which hotels for their wedding reception and which printer to print the invitation cards...aiyo yo.... and the poor guy has shed some weight too due to this stress...he still telling everything to my friend like a good friend and my friend don't mind to hear and give her opinion...i think this is really a true love?
  3. Good one, Crash! Yeah, who knows how many times he did it with the girl or girlssss...anyway, my fren has moved back to her parent home now and trying to remain as a fren instead of enemy. Hopefully she will be strong and will not soft-hearted towards him again.
  4. My 2 buddies get their braces done when they started working. Yes, no doubt that they get teased sometimes by their boss/colleagues/friends/family during the 2 years period but they told me it's worth once the 'ugly' process end and can flash their pearly white to everyone!...
  5. hhmm but his wife is actually a doctor cum GM of the hospital at oversea la...she don't need to depend on her husband's money, she is getting higher paid than him...but they have a daughter. Maybe because of that, she has to be ignorant....
  6. Haha...you know what? when i found out that my ex is actually yet to divorce his wife and still can cheat behind me with my ex-colleague OR cheating his wife whom not in KL...I decided to call up his wife and report to her that her husband did all these wrong doings! and guess what did his wife replied back to me...first word from her mouth saying..."I LOVE MY HUSBAND ALOT and I BELIEVE HIM"...after her replied, I told her "OK, don't worry...don't think that I need to explain to you any further on this as you are such an IGNORANT!" and hang up. Of course this was just my experience, however, if you are a girl and really found out that he is a married man and want to report to his wife....thing would not be the same as my case here...maybe his wife will believe you...
  7. Yeah...it is very risky to date with married man but if you still want to go with them....don't say I didn't warn you! There are alot of bachelor out there for us to 'fish'...why fish a married one? Maybe you don't need to have a bf too if you have everything with you...sometime is great to be single!
  8. hhmm...I will say NO to date with a married man. I have experience in dating with one. During the courtship, he told me that he love me alot and want to marry me soon...I was shocked as he told me this on the first date itself! Then he told me that he and his wife already divorced...I asked him why he divorced her and he told me that he caught his wife cheating behind him so, he couldn't take it anymore and divorce her. I believed him that time...after few days of dating, he told me that he has a daughter too...and is already in her teen age! I wanted to end the relationship that time but he assured me that she is big enough to take care of herself. And, I'm still so stupid, believe in him again. Then after few months of dating with him, all of his lies started to show...It turn out that he didnt divorce his wife at all...still calling and SMS each other every day as his wife is not staying in KL. Needless to say anymore, I couldn't take it with all his empty promises and lies so, I call it an end.
  9. Yeah..thing has become really messy now...my fren wanna leave him but scare he will do sumthing stupid too. So, at the moment she is still with him. When the moment needs her to leave...i think she will leave? I also unsure...It is a very hard decision to make for them now.
  10. LOL! you guys are really funny..
  11. Well we thought of this too that the gal's child might not belong to my fren's fiance but it seem that this gal is not a prostitute and is working with a HIGH position in a reputable company in PJ. They have sex only on one night and kena lottery...Moreover, the doctor has calculated how old is the baby now - is 6 weeks now and it is EXACTLY from the date they did it. He can't wait until she gives birth and do the DNA test also as the gal's family insists him to marry her now....so, let say they got married now and then the baby comes and the DNA test comes out NOT his child...can he divorce with her so easily at that time??!! How is he going to ignore her now? She is carrying his child by risking her life too as the doctor said its very risky for her due to her age and uterus problem! She can't abort it nor carry it and doctor wants them to keep on coming back for check up twice a week! (That's how bad is the condition)...any way also bad for my fren's fiance. On the other hand, this gal's brother also threating him if anything goes wrong with his sister....he will take action on him!
  12. As for me...i dont think so i can date a younger guy...hehe anyway, i never have the experience before that younger boy trying to woo or want to be my boyfren...all much older than me...but I look young for my age too as I'm very petite, still NO LUCK attracting younger boy to me wohhh!...
  13. Yes...I also admired that he has the gut to tell my fren eventhough he is afraid that she will be hurt or end the relationship...he told my fren that he really did it ONLY ONCE with the gal and strike lottery...obviously the gal has set this trap up on him and YES, you are absolutely that he is rich...he is successful in business, has BIG car, stay in a luxury condo and good looking...always look clean and smart. So, you tell me which gal won't fall for him? And I also think this gal is desperate to find a partner in life since she is oredi 36. Well, he told my fren that he actually had a talk with the doc in private who examined that gal. He asked the doc whether she can abort or not but the doctor said it will be very risky to that gal as she is not young and something wrong with her uterus....sigh! Thanks for sharing the quote...I have forwarded the quote to my fren and she too feel better.
  14. ShinShin, Don't just focus on this guy only la...i'm bet there are alot guys outside and choose your Mr Right carefully...don't rush.
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