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  1. [color=#ff8c00][b]I think, must make sure the first thing you read in a potential moisturizer is “oil-free”. Also, look for key words such as “non-comedogenic”. I have tried a lot of skin care, Monrose skin products is not bad, quite suitable for combo skin sisters, haahaa! it[/b][/color] [color=#ff8c00][b]give a soft yet matte finish, which minimizes shine. Product such as, cleansing milk, sebum controller n rebalancing day cream is my favourite. [/b][/color]
  2. [color="#FF8C00"][b]for sport shoes, RM200++....for normal outing one, less than RM60.. [/b][/color]
  3. [quote name='Miss Aida' timestamp='1302459688' post='594918'] I've tried B-Liv, it really does feel good on my blackheads - I use a combination of B-Liv and silver powder, and if I'm really anal, I top it off with a pore pack. The Monrose sounds interesting though - where can I get it? [/quote] [font="Verdana"][color="#ff8c00"][b]U can get Monrose products online..[/b][/color][/font]
  4. [quote name='foong' timestamp='1300516367' post='594179'] [size="3"][color="#9932cc"]heyyy. i am a monrose users as well. i have use this products for almost two years. hmmm. what can i say. at first(before i use monrose product) my face got pimples due to i use wrong products from the market. then my face start to develop pimples. and sad case i use alot of the products which available form market and i even went to see the skin specialist yet my pimples still coming out. at first i went to see skin specialist then got show good result but i have stop visiting the specialist because too expensive. then pimples start develop again.=( after i found out monrose and i do alot of research about it. it seems to get many good review. as i am still a student now i cant afford all the products cause abit pricey for me. so i am using the gel cleanser, toner, hydroboost and purifying lotion. i think i will switch my toner to the brand Simple toner and others i will maintain from monrose. what can i say. monrose do help alot for everyone. but my pimples still pop out and left red marks there. carrier ask me to use night repair as well but i dont have much money to purchase that. anyone have the same problems like me? can i get some sharing here?=)[/color][/size] [/quote] [b][font="Georgia"][size="2"][color="#ff8c00"][font="Verdana"]Just wanna share that Monrose Ad Night Cream is smooth, emollient but not oily. 1 pump is more than enough for single application. I personally find it has more whitening ingredients, and it does not as moisture as Hydro Boost .No doubt, it has shrunk my pores, improved discolorations from old acne scars and skin tone is much brightened. It takes a while to see results but if you bear with it you should see results within a month.[/font][/color][/size][/font][/b]
  5. [quote name='❤ MeL_B ❤' timestamp='1299564626' post='593813'] B'liv is also from Cellnique. You might want to read [url=""]this[/url]. [/quote] [color="#ff8c00"][b]Oo, there r the same kaa..then why there have 2 types of sebum gel huh.[/b][/color]..
  6. [color="#ff8c00"][b]i love ' nien gao'..sweet sweet....[/b][/color]
  7. [quote name='Bell86' date='18 September 2010 - 02:28 PM' timestamp='1284791312' post='588699'] im using hada labo whitening lotion together with lancome whitening series. im tempted to buy the Estee Lauder cyber white lotion, has anyone tries? [/quote] Hada labo lotion is a toner or serum? Thanks!
  8. [b][color="#ff8c00"]Ya, i think if u hv budget, just go for those light treatment. it helps..[/color][/b]
  9. [quote name='fuji apple' date='30 August 2010 - 12:21 PM' timestamp='1283142100' post='588273'] If i compare the Bliv one with the cellnique saloon one, i think Cellnique saloon one is more effective in reducing blakcheads. But i dun find it closing my pores. If u r looking for one product which can tackle 2 problems, then i will recommend Monrose Sebum controller. I can't say enough about this lotion. I m on 3rd bottle of it already and I LOVE IT. :wub:It cleared most of my blackheads on face and the best part is it is REALLLLLLLY GOOD to shrink my pore size! seriously, my pores got minimized in just few days. [/quote] [color="#ff8c00"][b]I agreed with fuji apple! Using the Monrose sebum lotion helps my skin to be less oily. My blackheads r lighter, less stubborn and disappearing...[/b][/color]
  10. [color="#ff8c00"][b]i m planning to go for this surgery....but still searching high and low to get a good place to do hard to decide...[/b][/color]
  11. [color="#ff8c00"][b]I personally saw the Monrose acne lotion which used by my sis has delivered immediate result for her very serious cystic acne face. She loves it a lot and swear by it... highly recommend cox it is Amazing.[/b][/color]
  12. [color="#ff8c00"][b]A glass of warm milk definitely ease me to sleep every night.[/b][/color]
  13. [quote name='Pingping' date='17 June 2010 - 01:47 PM' timestamp='1276753662' post='585095'] Maybe you should try Purifying Lotion from Monrose , it works well on my face I'm considering whether wan to buy their night cream, any babes try it before ? Do share your experience here [/quote] [b][color="#ff8c00"]I also find purifying lotion fr monrose is good. My boy friend recently has an oily skin and is prone to more acne than me after changing his job. I guess he is very stress I bought this the last month and in just few days, all his pimples were gone! I know it is very effective but still what happened to him is so hard for me to believe ..ehehe.. Me, sis and mum are using the night cream. I find it ok for me..but for my mum she loves it a lot. We can see that our skin is more radiant with slight rosy-ness..but for mum, her fine lines were visibly reduced.[/color][/b]
  14. [b][color="#ff8c00"]Nice! I love earring , cos i find it made every girls look much prettier even with casual wear..[/color][/b]
  15. [b][color="#ff8c00"]I m alright with the MLM products, but depends on the attitude of the distributor lo..sometimes they r may be a bit 'over concern' [/color][/b]