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  1. [color="#344E52"][font="Verdana, Helvetica"]Medium room for rent, available on 1st Jan 2011. Rental - RM360(for singles onli) excluding water and electricity (couple sharing is ok, but the rental will be RM 400). [/font][/color] [color="#344E52"][font="Verdana, Helvetica"] Streamyx available but not included in the rental. House facilities - ceiling fan, water heater, washing machine, refridgerator. Cooking is allowed Friendly housemates. Apartment facilities - Swimming pool, Gym room, laundry, saloon, BBQ pit, sauna and so on. preferly single chinese working female and male Easy accessibility to LDP, Sprint highway, Tropicana(just across the tunnel), and NKVE(within minutes, is really near damansara toll). If interested, please contact Christine (012-5613630)[/font][/color] [color="#344E52"][font="Verdana, Helvetica"] [/font][/color] [color="#344E52"][font="Verdana, Helvetica"] [/font][/color] [color="#344E52"][font="Verdana, Helvetica"]* pls directly sms or call the above phone number as i am helping my fren to post onli.[/font][/color]
  2. LuYi

    weekend job

    here it goes i am a female age 23, working as a IT profesional. OK.. times are bad and my expenses are quite high ~.~ .. and i do wish to earn extra income.. So i am willingly to work during weekend. Only weekend, saturday and sunday onli.. not onli those IT freelance job... jobs such as tuition teachers, kindergarden teachers, home tutor, sales / promoter... all is OK.. as long as WILL pay me the salary i deserve I am willingly to learn if i do not have the skills... such as stylist/make up artist..i do not have this skills.. but if there is this opportunity to learn i will Is there any 1.. with any idea of any weekend job.. do reply Thanks is advance ya...
  3. i know this is a long long ago thread.. but i am not sure where should i post at .. sorry ya if i post the wrong place.. I am a working as a IT profesional.. but in the mean time i need some additional income. So i am willingly to for during weekends... is there any weekend job? erm.. i mean not necessary those IT free lance job, jobs such as home tutor, or tuition center teacher, sales / promoter during weekend.... all is ok.. as long as they can guarantee.. they WILL pay me my salary... times are bad... so.. even working as a profesional.. i still need some additional income
  4. i was kinda hairy oso.. i try all kinds of method.. wax myself, shave, epilator, use veet, use "magic sponge" the 1 show in nv ren wo zui da... and.. lastly.. i come to a point tat.. every month i go beauty salon to wax it.. wax will enentually make it grow less.. if u know how to wax correctly.. if u don u might end up creating a mess and hurting urself.. i go back my hometown wax.. lower leg was like RM 35 .. if not mistakken.. quite few months din go back d.. end up i buy veet cold wax and wax myself.. result is satisfyin.. but.. haih ~.~ it was quite messy..
  5. i tried the cucumber mask b4.. is really good.. i use it almost everyday during shower time... 1st i wash hair.. apply conditioner.. wash face.. apply the cucumber mask.. then when everything is ok,.... onli i wash off my conditioner and the mask.. it work perfectly for my.. dehydration prob.. but.. erm.. tat's for my case... u can try and see if u wish to
  6. .. my comment in BM : CARI PASAL .. my comment in chinese which i literally translate to english : EAT TOO FULL NOTHIN BETTER TO DO .. thus CARI PASAL juga ~ .. my comment in my rojak english : U R DIGGING A GRAVE FOR URSELF ~ in the 1st place.. u know u will be in deep sh*t... u should not have give ur number out.. since u r attach, married or not married.. if u SO darn love ur husband... ok .. good fine.. anyway.. u got urself in deep shit if u r sick of ur so called husband brief.. tat boxer is nicer... good lo.. u find a boxer guy d ~.~ which i think is ridiculous.. u wan ur husband/sex partner/lover/ bf wear boxer or watever u prefer is easy... jz buy and give him.. and tell him u wish him to wear it and let u see ~.~ u sendiri cari punya pasal.. sendiri settle-kan lah ~~ u find the guy urself, u give out the number urself, u have sex wif him willingly.. meaning.. u don actually need us to suggest wat u gonna do.. or wat u wanna do.. logical thinkin... u get urself in this sh*t, and seem like u enjoy-ing it .. u need to bear the consequences... any consequences.. oso is not a good ending la
  7. is on top.. i mean for upper lash.. is above the upper lash.. if is meant for lower lash.. is below the lower lash.. if u put vice versa ~~ is really gonna hurt ur eye when u blink
  8. LuYi

    bad hair

    i almost everyday is a bad hair day for me ~.~ when i really cannot stand.. i go for rebonding.. can tahan for few months la.. no matter how i straighten it.. it won be straight.. but rebonding at least make it friss-free...
  9. eh.. i am taking vit C + gluthatione injection... is really darn fast.. u can take 1 week once la ~ if really u wan fast.. tat's the maximum limit u could go.. but u really need to find a trustable doctor.. and get the injection.. don simply.. find cheap and donno from where punya product.. u donno wat r they injecting to ur body >.< is a into - the -vein injection.. wat intravein injection or wat.. i am not sure.. the injection is straight into ur vein.. so.. u might experience blue black at the part u inject ~.~ other side effect ~ erm.. so far.. i donno yet.. but if u scared.. better don take lo.. i take the injection to cure my scar..
  10. LuYi

    Drastic job changes

    go for a holiday.. go for some place to relax 1st.. then .. think carefully.. if u really tat sick of graphic design.. how will u stick to it for 7 years in the 1st place? every 1 get bored.. if we got routine job.. but who's job is not routine? teacher everyday teach, sales person everyday do sales.. technical guy.. everyday face technical stuff... when we feel bored.. of sick.. and no longer got the pasion to work.. jz relax ourself 1st.. is like meditate .. relax.. find back ur energy ~
  11. receive the goods d.. thanks ya.. haven use it still hahaha... but it look great and good..
  12. janbo sri petaling not yet close down.. but erm ~ ... ~.... the food..for me is not say normal.. is worst than normal.. i cannot differentiate the diff off their dim sum.. all their dim sum taste alike.... they got a lot pattern.. but all roughly same taste.. very easy feel "jelak".... i prefer goin to another dim sum place at sri petaling where it is ala carte.. got 1 famous "ji wo pao" there.. forgot wat's the name of the place d... but is not buffet style la ~
  13. LuYi

    Xenri Buffet

    i got a discount voucher for it... i got it when i have my dinner at Xenri at old klang road.. i forgot how much i ate d.. but the food was superb nice ~!!! the damage to my purse is oso great ~.~ the dinner i have at xenri old klang road is ala carte 1.. so i am not sure bout the buffet ~.~ but if is the same standard.. really worth to try lo ~ the damage done to my purse if not mistaken is around RM 300.. for 3 ppl ~.~
  14. ok.. here is the options u gave OPTIONS a. Will you forgive and continue the relationship with him eventhough he said it was a MISTAKE and dont love the gal at all? And for the courage of telling the truth to my fren? OR b. He is a JERK! Better leave him no matter what! i choose the B !!! JUST DUMP la ~!!! fiance .. and yet .. he donno how serious this could be.. if did not dump.. bcom husband and wife d.. got kids d.. suddenly out of the blue got "some other" kids claim to be his children also ... i could not stand guys tat act like this... 1st if u wanna have sex... fine.. u can have wif ur girl fren/fiance... 2nd.... IF u so darn wanna have sex wif OTHERS .. prostitution is a lot !!! so jz get a darn clean aids free pros tat could cost u few K is better than u jz simply 1 nite stand and have these kind of stupid mess created....
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