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  1. but dont forget to put your sunblock ya
  2. i'm going 2 celebrate my anniversary wif my bf soon....dun noe wat shud i gve him..aiihhhh<_<
  3. [quote name='spme' date='09 August 2010 - 06:16 PM' timestamp='1281349003' post='587399'] Do you prefer to wear sexy Lingerie or Costume (Role-Play eg Nurse, French Maid) to spice up your bedroom activity with your man!?!?! If you like Costume, what would you prefer to be? i myself, love both. For Lingerie, love those with Garter and Stockings.... looks dam sexy. There are also lingerie which are comfy and sexy, like chemise, that also a good choice. can wear to sleep and also seduce the man. (2 in 1) hehehe.... For Costume, it is very ironic, once you tried it, u are addicted to it .... is so cool, sexy and seductive... not only your man love it, you cant stop looking at yourself in the mirror... you actually enjoy it with you man togather.... My List : Sailor outfit, Police and Nurse babes, do share your opinion ..... [url=""][img][/img][/url] [color="#ff8c00"][i]Lingerie and Costume Boudior[/i][/color] [/quote] my bf told me he likes me wearing lingerie..he said i'm so sexy ..hehehehehe ^_______________^
  4. as 4 me..i'm still keeping his gift.but, not all of them.something which i think still usefull 4 me. ex: teddy bear - use it 2 hug n as a pillow..hehe
  5. bought their concealer.dun really like it as it dont do an excellent job in covering my dark circle n scar. but i heard their eyeliner is pretty good.very dark n dun smudge.
  6. triumph hv new range of minimiser now...but it comes wif paddings... i ask the girl there y they put it(i mean d pad), then she said, somehow that thing will make it smaller?
  7. do they hv branch in kelantan?
  8. wish i can go there. unfortunately...i can' sad
  9. QUOTE (beautyguruguru @ Sep 4 2009, 10:04 PM) According to the sales assistant of b-liv, the content is exactly the same as those labelled "cellnique", just that the packaging is different. So i asked why do they wanna do different packaging, the sales assistant answered saying b-liv is to target sales in retail pharmacy/shops e.g. sasa, whereas 'cellnique' is to target sales only in beauty saloons. hmm... some kind of marketing strategy? the sales assistant wasn't sure too.. mm..gonna try it soon.thanks dear..
  10. QUOTE (beautyguruguru @ Sep 2 2009, 03:24 PM) Maybe you could try out CELLNIQUE SKIN ACTION SEBUM GEL, it works to remove "heads", both blackheads or whiteheads plus sebum control. Hence it's good for those who already have black/whiteheads, and also to prevent further black/whiteheads. You can buy them from Cellnique beauty parlors, or alternatively, you can buy from retail pharmacy e.g. Guardian or even Sasa for this product, but marketed as a different name "b-liv" (b-liv is also under Cellnique company). Last week i saw there's 30% off this item in Sasa, now dunno whether the promotion still on anot.... can try your luck by calling them up ic..but i guess d result is not good as cellnique,isn't it?
  11. QUOTE (sai @ Sep 1 2009, 08:37 AM) Hi Sally_124! Where to buy this? Can use on sensitive n acne prone skin? well..i'm acne-prone skin 2 n this product doesn't cause any breakout 4 me. i bought after read it's review from one blog.she said the result is same as smashbox makeup base. so, i tried 2 google it in youtube n found many gud review 'bout this product. i bought it in trough spree.mayb u can try it. if u wanna try it, i can gv it for u 2 try.juz pay me d post only n i'll send 2 u
  13. how do we invest in stock market? any tips?
  14. QUOTE (d3vil doll @ Aug 29 2009, 03:01 AM) Dark spots to a 30 year old refered to pigmentation while for an 18 years old dark spots means pimple scars ic..anyway..thanks
  15. hi...juz want 2 ask.. when we sais 'dark spots'..actually we refer this to pigmentation or scars?