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  1. Hi there, there's a guide on how to post image at the top of the thread, or just go here How to post pictures on MYB?
  2. Elyssa, nice haul there <3 Thanks for sharing!
  3. Ronan Keating's When You Say Nothing At All. No special moment or anything like that but that was the first song that I find great and listen to over and over again, lol ; BTW, what's with MYB not letting me type without erasing what I typed?
  4. Elianto eye patch user, please tell me how you store your masks? My common sense tell me to put in fridge.. but back of the packet says to avoid putting in high/low temperature. And I worry about the essence drying if put in fridge lol. ADD: I just started using Elianto Pearl Eye Cream recently. It kinda irritates my eyes, they got teary, I'm guessing it's the fragrance in it. ;
  5. Yep, just read your review. Great blog, keep it up
  6. Actually, what is eye bag and eye puffyness? Eye bag is the one under your eyes when you smile, while eye puffyness is like a pouch under eyes? I am now using Loreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Eye Protector SPF15 and I have Elianto Pearl Eye Cream on its way to me, ordered from a Lowyat seller since it's cheaper and I'm not urgently in need of it. Teff, thanks for the Avon rave, it's cheap and I will try it in the future But I dont really have eye puffy issue, more like dark circle, that's why I go for products that deals with that more heh Puffy eyes is cause by water retention something, isnt it? It's like theres fluid underneath eyes. If anything, I have dry under eyes. Have plenty of fine lines. Doesnt help that I have a habit of rubbing eyes when it gets itchy. ;
  7. Only when going out during weekends. Still in high school so not allowed to put on mu.
  8. Atomic

    Eye cream

    dorlisa - lol thats a cute answer there Tr@cey - If you still cant find any Avon outlet, try this yea. She's Avon dealer and I just subscribe with her to get catalogs for free
  9. Ah lol! No la, my point is how she handle her problem lol She is very healthy for someone her age, like reallllly healthy ; Arthritis I dont think you can cure fully, not sure.. but it's not fatal. Just painful I think. But to battle Arthritis is to always exercise and not let pain stop you. So, I think you're doing great. IF it is indeed Arthritis. My mum has Arthritis, but due to pain, she stop training. So her health deteriorate.
  10. Hi, do you know arthritis? Can you look that up to see if you have any other symptoms? Arthritis is pretty common among women. And I actually just heard the exact same thing recently about "ur feet the toes is abit curled in, but when I get the cramp, the middle 3 toes will be straightened" coming from my 90+ years old grandma. She says she massages them until it's not stiff anymore. So, try that? Still, better get it check professionally soon, prevention is better than cure. Get well soon!
  11. Wouldnt using anti-aging products too earlier cause the skin to be immune to them thus needing stronger products in the future?
  12. I see, thanks for letting me know =) I was wrong bout Angelfit price lol, more like RM30 ^^; But I like the consistency, very liquid, unfortunately pretty oily so skipped that. I bout the new Silkygirl lf in the end, quite nice =)
  13. Angelfit LF is really cheap yes, it was the same price with the new Silkygirl LF! I *almost* gave up to temptation lol, but really, anyone here tried it and review please? Another LF I'd like to hear about is the new Silkygirl LF and Maybelline Aqua Gel? And maybe Elianto ones? Which one is okay/best in lasting power, oil control and coverage? Note that I said okay, not great. Cos for the price, I cant ask too much. =) I've been using MMU all these while. But my prom is coming up so wanna use LF. =) Please help? TIA!
  14. Atomic

    Mineral Makeup

    I usually cant tell I over applied until its too late so.. lol! But anyway, there was once when I first tested Olive Fair, upon application, I was SO fair I freaked out cos I was late and not really able to take it off and reapply. I ran a towel in warm water and sorta press my face. To make it oxidies or something, I didnt have a spritzer lol! I'm not sure if that helps in the end. Okay that wasnt helpful lol, cant help ya!
  15. Hi! I just read this somewhere recently. You can try putting powder on your scalp. It would absorb oil but make sure to blend the powder so it doesnt look whitish on hair. I actually think that makes sense and might work lol, but havent tried that myself =)
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