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  1. Hey trixie, I bet this must be your first love right? First love is always hard to let go. You are still young and still alot to learn. Don't be sad. Stay strong and just learn from it. You will find a much better bf in the future. If you don't let go of the old one, how is the new one comes to your life? So, I say just forget about him and move on to a better one.
  2. Sushi


    Totally agree with Catty. I had mine done 2+ years ago. I don't regret doing it. It gives me the freedom not having to wear glasses or contact lens. I also save money too. My vision at night time is not that great. It's still bareable.
  3. Try hairspray conditioner and hair creme. Apply these 2 after you washed your hair. Make sure your hair is still a bit damp before applying. Then you can either blow dry or leave it dry on its own. I flat iron my hair almost everyday. I use these 2 products to keep my hair hydrates.
  4. LOL That is hilarious but interesting.
  5. I hate it when a guy says "i'm not sure what i want now.." Run as far as possible if someone said that to ya. Being wishy washy is not good. It's wasting your time and energy.
  6. Sushi

    Estee Lauder

    Try it fast and let me know the result!
  7. Sushi

    Hair extensions

    Wow, I haven't visit here for awhile. Jue: No, I don't have pictures to share. It's not painful when she glued the wax to my hair. After a day, my scalp feels itchy tho cos of the extra weight. Compare the price here, it's so cheap to have the extension done in Malaysia. If I go there someday, I'm going to have it done! Not only you have to use alot of conditioner, you have to brush the hair a bit more often than usual. You have to tie your hair when you go to sleep so your hair won't be too messy and harder to brush. Lois Lane: haha.. calm down! It's cheaper if you want the shorter length. Find a reputable salon and go in for a consultation. They will let you know how much it will cost and how they will do to your hair etc.
  8. Sushi

    Laser treatment

    I had 3 treatments of Fraxel (Laser Resurfacing treatment). So far, I can see my skin tone is a little bit better. I wanted to treat acne scars, skin tone and pores. I have 2 more treatments to go. If you google Fraxel, you will know how it is done. To see the result will take some time since the recovery is very long. It does hurt a little when it zaps on my skin. For 3 days, my face looks very tan. After 5 days, my skin goes back to normal but can still notice a little bit of redness which is normal cos the skin is still healing. It is quite expensive here. I hope I see good result after my last treatment is over.
  9. Sushi

    Estee Lauder

    I wanted to ask about the new idealist pore refiner. I guess nobody tries it yet? I'm thinking of purchasing it.
  10. Sushi

    is garnier okay?

    I purchased the toner for oily type. The toner is pretty good. It's alcohol free and good for sensitive skin. I only purchase it when it is on sale.
  11. Why do you guys like your skin to look fairer? A little bit of tan is not good meh?
  12. What happened to your relationship?
  13. I say Once a Cheater, always a Cheater.
  14. Exactly!! I haven't reply yet. I'm still thinking how to write a "nice" email to him. Also might give him some tips how to chase a gal. LOL
  15. Haha... thanks for all the advice guys! Now I know it's not just me. I agree with all of you. I will write back to him and say SAYONARA!
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