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Our father, who art be a pirate
Filesharing be thy name,
From edonkey it'll come,
Or bittorrent its from,
On computers as it is on trackers.
Give us this day our daily copy
And forgive us, our leeches
As we forgive those who leech against us.
And lead us not into court
But deliver us from the mpaa
For thine is the backup
For ever and ever

Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realise that you have no right to let them live...
~In Exterminatus Extremis

What is the strongest weapon of mankind? The god-machines of the Adeptus Mechanics? No! The Astartes Legions? No! The tank? The lasgun? The fist? No to all! Courage, and courage alone stands above them all!
~Lord Solar Macharius

Oomans are pink and soft, not green and tough like da Boyz. They'z all the same size, too - No big'uns or little'uns, so they'z always arguing about who's in charge, 'cos there's no way of telling 'cept for badges an' ooniforms and fings. Annuver fing - when they do sumfing, they try to make it look like somfink else to confuse everybody. When one of 'em wants to lord it over the uvvers, 'e says "I'm very speshul so'z you gotta worship me" or "I know summink wot you lot don't know, so yer better lissen good". Da funny fing is, 'arf of 'em believe it and da over 'arf don't, so 'e 'as to hit 'em all anyway or run fer it. Wot a lot of mukkin about if yer asks me. An' while they'z all argyin' wiw each other over who's da Boss, da Orks can sneak up an' clobber da lot.
~Anonymous Ork, on Humans

RIAA: Really Insensitive Abundance of Assholes

I love you!
You love me!
Find a dead raccoon that's been lying in the road
Stick it in and blow your load!
~Buford the Sex Offending Dinosaur (from the song "Let's not Tell The Feds")

AOL is more like rape. It starts violently, your computer trying to force the abomination away from it's happy places, but AOL beats your computer until she gives up, as AOL has it's way with it, eventually making your computer psychologically traumatized and unable to do tasks with it's original effieceny. Haunting the poor girl, as it can't concentrate on even the simplest of tasks. Even if you go through the hassle of getting rid it, your computer will always have that scar.

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting random keys on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will create a release of Vista.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates
1. Pillage, then burn.
2. If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it. 
3. Mockery and derision have their place. Usually, it's on the far side of the airlock.
4. Never turn your back on an enemy.
5. A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head.
6. Do unto others.
7. Your name is in the mouth of others: be sure it has teeth.
8. Don't be afraid to be the first to resort to violence.
9. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. No more. No less.
10. A little trust goes a long way. The less you use, the further you'll go. 
11. Only cheaters prosper.
12. If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun.
13. That which does not kill you has made a tactical error.
14. When the going gets tough, the tough call for close air support.
15. There is no "overkill". There is only "open fire" and "I need to reload."
16. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Take his fish away and tell him he's lucky just to be alive, and he'll figure out how to catch another one for you to take tomorrow.
17. Just because it's easy for you doesn't mean it can't be hard on your clients.

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