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    6 piercings in total. Jz had my naval pierced last week. darn, it's painful! But i'm happy with my bling-bling now
  2. Firstly, I find it a must to groom your eyebrows if you haven't have it done. Go to any random hair salons for a cheaper price. Prepare your face with moisturizer and a suitable foundation color. If you want better coverage, first apply liquid foundation and then softly dab on face powder. Or else, just smoothen your complexion with a good face powder. Items 1. Black eye liner 2. Brown eye liner 3. Eye lash curler (get the steel type) 4. Volume mascara 5. Pastel color eye shadow (optional) 6. Lip color 7. Face foundation Eyeliners and mascara open up your peepers. You may want to put some soft pink shadow at the crease of your eyes and then get a black liner to draw a thin line over your upper lid. Get another brown pencil to softly underline 2/3 of your lower lids. Next, curl your lashes and then apply 2 coats of mascara. A simple make-up look will be complete with a sheer lip color or slightly tinted balm. Sasa offers a variety of Make-up brands with affordable price or you can take a look at Skinfood. Oh yea i skip the blusher as i'm not really fond of it =)
  3. guang dong and philippino. only speak cantonese, mandarin, bahasa and english. know the very basic of hokkien; wa...lu...bo...
  4. This reason is good enough to lock your focus on your current partner. 2 months is not long but it means alot to him who may have experience wonderful moments with you. Hence, don't let curiosity jeopardize the building blocks of a beautiful relationship. Yeap, you may be young and thus have the tendency to look for choices (that's why your heart is restless), but bear in mind though, before searching for alternatives, give in your best in all current choices so that if things really fail, you fail without regret. It is then that you will be more affirm of your next choice. Mistakes happen all the time in life, but lets make sure it is not a silly one
  5. Hmm...babies are nice to see and nice to hold. Every chuckle from them will make you bursting with joy. However, by the end of the day, babies equal liabilities. I'm not prepared to consider about it. Hence, NIL for me ;p
  6. Yeap. Gosh i can't imagine me saying "i'm engaged" and then show off my ring. Haha erine pink, congrats!
  7. The poll has all the common tit-bits layed on the table during CNY. Can't wait to savour kueh kapit and fattening bakkwa Yummy~~
  8. Very constructive comment from A-Z Yup, you should focus on building your folks' trust and confidence on you. Share with them your social circle. Evaluate your own character. Perhaps they see you as being the weaker daughter in terms of being street wise(you said you're a 'penakut'). If something should happen, they're worry you might not know how to handle and hence they see a need to protect you strongly. They may have gone overboard by limiting your social activities to such an extend, however, do try to understand and find out the reason why and start working your corrections from there. Until now i still enjoy having late drinks till 3am. But putting heavy considerations on the security level in the city plus the worry of a mother whose daughter haven lie in bed, i limit myself to such hour extensions. Moreover, i can manage to get my beauty sleep. Haha
  9. Hmm...i suggest you let her deal finish with her divorce first. She's in a state of confusion now and hence her poured feelings can't be taken as 100% genuine. Marriage matters most to the majority of us women. Our husband is our next of kin, the man who makes us complete. Therefore, getting a divorce from this man will be a devastating turn of life. She'll be branded with the term 'divorce' until her next marriage. It ain't a light issue. Your ex here needs a handful of support from people who care and love her. Why not suggest to her to leave out all reconciliation possibilities at the mean time. Be a supporting companion to rebuild her courage and life. After that, issues between you and her can be discussed without additional dilemmas. The rightness of decisions made then will be far better.
  10. Don't hate. Turn on your ignorant mode. Next target.
  11. I don't like. Although with bumpers, body still looks classy. But tyre looks way too aggresive. Clash.
  12. My girlfriends and I did some catch-ups a few days back and a friend made a random comment which i feel is worth sharing. Do comprehend this phrase carefully: 他失去的是一个爱他的女人。。而你失去的只不过是一个不再爱你的男人。 (he lost a girl who loves him, whereas you only lost a guy who no longer loves you) To all the lonely hearts out there who're still living in the shadow of a broken r/s, realize your worthiness and uncaptivate yourself. Although it ain't a happy ending, but bear in mind that this could've been by far the best that has happened in your life. The lost is greater for one who loses someone who loves him/her. You're indeed on the better path. Happy Valentine in advance. Enjoy the day with people whom you love and who love you. Cheers, xoxo.
  13. Just believe that you've settled with the best. It's this faith which will affect your action, which reflects your love. Your commitment is the best you can give. Every now and then, do share a hearty laugh with him he'll feels oh-so-lucky!
  14. Not granted. I only fall right into Charming's arms while on my 3 inches stiletto heels. I wish that physical scars never happen on human's skin.
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