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  1. i've alredy checked out dorga and closet... i dont think their tracksuits are fake bt they look like they'r second hands...coz they look pretty worn out and they dont have the original tags anymore.. and the other juicy items they sell like the bags and the slippers look like they've alredy been used as well...so i guess that's the reason y they'r selling it so cheap...
  2. young_princess

    Evisu jeans

    im really liking this brand..can any1 tell me where to buy them in s'pore? i saw in the other thread that its sold there...tnx!
  3. young_princess

    Evisu jeans

    where can u buy evisu jeans in s'pore?
  4. hmmm...could be...i think im gona check it out tomorw...am quite curious if they are real or fake hehe... coz if they are real and the reason is bcoz they are from past seasons then its fine..i dont really mind... what floor is it located?
  5. kassie, i was jst wondering, the juicy tracksuits in dorga nd closet, do they have seperate price tags attached? or only one price tag for the set? coz i jst came from the states, bought myself the pink tranksuit and jst the jacket cost me USD$110. and i bought it in a juicy couture store in LA... Im jst wondering how can they sell it so cheap? and for both the top and the trackpants for only RM300+??? could they be real? and do they sell other juicy stuff or jst the tracksuits? and was also wondering bout the pricing of the seven jeans... normally they'r almost USD200? nd they'r selling it for 300 somthing too?
  6. i dont really know where to put this but its related to the speech that i needed to do.. im thinking of doing a speech about the religion called wicca..and i was just wondering if any of u know a shop which sells books or things used in the practice of wicca... i would really appreciate it if someone can tell me where i can find these coz i need it for my presentation.. tnx!
  7. 30 mins..nd that's the fastest I can go.. I dont know y...I can never go less than 30 mins.. it sucks coz I have to wake up early!
  8. the one they sell in guardian I think...has any1 tried this? does it work?
  9. any of u get back acne? i used to hav them bt now am jst left with the scars/marks...do u know how to remove it? I rily2 hate it...
  10. kassie, I also wana do this... the personal make up course thing... does ur academy offer this? wats the name of ur academy? nd wer is it?tnx!
  11. young_princess


    u can get it in isetan KLCC...in their lowest floor... in the imported jeans section..bt the designs w/c they sell their r quite old...its bout RM800-RM900+
  12. young_princess


    yah heard of it...I like citizen of humanity jeans beter though...
  13. I mean those institutions where they to teach u how to do make up nd style ur hair nd stuff like that...any1 no a good place? nd the phone # too..tnx!
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