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  1. i'll be going to aus in a few weeks time and it's winter time now..the weather will be very cold and dry there and the eyes will be sort of dry right? and may be uncomfortable to the eyes to wear contacts..should i purchase contact lenses that retains more moisture in it? currently im using acuvue2..what are you views on this? is it ok to wear contacts during winter or will it be better to wear my specs instead?
  2. voted capricorn..my ex was a romantic..very loyal, ambitious and hardworking..and makes me feel very secure as well..
  3. i would only hold hands with that special someone..not with friends coz i would feel a lil awkward..but nw that i think of it i have held hands and cling on my guy friend before in the past..jz once with a close guy friend coz i was freezing and with a guy coz both of us had feelings for each other but we were not together at that time..there was once i went for a trip with friends and i was shocked to see all of them pairing up and holding each other's hands and arms..i thought they were all together already but they were juz close friends..to them it's perfectly fine coz they were open minded..it's nothing to them..1 even share the same bed coz they were pretty good friends..
  4. he's still in coll...thats why can msg a lot lor...and actually i tot of breaking up...but the thought of it hurts me a lot...and it felt painful...coz i love him and we have lots of sweet moments together...but at the same time...when i stay on he's freaking me out...so thats why i dunno wat to do...
  5. i just got into a relationship, and it's my first relationship with my bf. after dating a few weeks with him, i dont know why but i begin to get afraid of him at times. we always have sweet moments together whenever we r out together, but i feel that he loves me too much that he's kinda freaking me out. he gives me morning calls, msgs me in the afternoon and at night, and also gives me a call before i sleep. and everyday he'll tell me that he loves me a few times a day. yes it seems like he's a caring bf to most girls, but i feel that he's possessive and it's like im the most important thing in his life and im so so precious to him. i told him that i feel he's a little possessive, and he told me he would give me some space. but he still messages me the whole day. and in his messages, he would always say so many touching things all the time that makes me cry most of the time, it's not like 1 touching msg but he would continuously say more touching stuff in the next few msgs that shows how much he loves me. it's not that i dont like it when he writes those stuff, but i feel sometimes it's a little too overwhelming for me that it actually freaked me out. i dont know if u guys understand what i mean but that's just how i feel. and in his messages he's like telling me that he would never ever let me go and he'll love me and rmb everything till his last breath. and sometimes i even thought of breaking up with him because i'm afraid of him. but when i think of it, i feel it's dumb to break off with him just bcoz he loves me too much. and because he loves me too much, sometimes i feel it's a bit hard to 'free' myself from him. i dont know why i feel that his excess love is kinda freaking me out, when most girls wants their bf to love them n care for them. do any of u girls feel this way? and how i should handle him?
  6. hey babes..i dyed my hair brownish redish...like autumn colour...but not very red unless im under the sun then it'll look like berbara lol...is that colour suitable for chinese i wonder?coz ever since i dyed my hair,a lot of ppl..mainly passers-by r looking lor...n frens r quite shocked when they saw me..sometimes feel uncomfortable because of these glances..i wonder if this colour is a little bit to wild for college..or if i actually look odd in this colour..coz mostly asians dye their hair brown...
  7. smileygurl

    Bio Oil

    seems like a really good product!can heal so fast...eager to try it soon a lot of ppl who have used mederma said that it's not making any difference...expensive and not really effective
  8. smileygurl

    Bio Oil

    hi babes..recently i discovered pimple scars on my face...red ones and some of them berlubang summore...but it's not very visible unless u see upclose..i have very itchy hands and i always pinch n squeeze my pimples and now there's a few scars left behind...feel so sakit hati...i thought of trying bio-oil to remove the scars...has any1 tried this product?is it good?how much is it?
  9. Kiara- ipoh parade is green town area...ipoh garden is the hosp fatimah area
  10. where exactly is elite?cant seem to find it...issit the same row as pizza hut?or near novelhouse?dunno where is kuku nail spa oso..hehe
  11. Everything!rebonding+cut+treatment+colour...hehe..usually i go to hair point to have my hair cut...but rebonding a bit too exp to do there ler...i pk oredi...hehe..so looking for a cheaper bargain plus good quality...
  12. LittlePrincess: oh there's also hair port at jusco right?hmmm...not doin australian programme...so not goin there for further studies...hehe.. cherriegirl: how much is rebonding and cut at elite? and the name of the hairstylist? heard that phillippe sum at ipoh garden south is not too bad too...
  13. yeah..im from ipoh..not working yet,still a student=) there are good salons in town?but too bad it's too far from my house...dont know where else to go to because i dun get a good haircut from any salons here!=( how bout ipoh parade?any good salons there with reasonable prices?preferbly below 40...
  14. relax straigtening wont make ur hair look so papan...it looks more natural...but not as lasting as rebonding....
  15. hi all.are there any good salons to recommend in ipoh?preferbly around the ipoh garden area..with reasonable prices as well...thanks
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